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Fiction Friendship

"Hello miss Sherley, I am Denise and I want to read a book, I tried few books but they were not interesting can you guide me through the book?" says Denise. "oh Denise, I know you almost whole college know you because you always top the examinations. I am having a book which will motivate you for the life." says Miss Sherley. Miss Sherley gets up from her place and moves toward one of the corner of the library and took out a thin book from the closet there. She brings the book toward Denise and gives her the book.

Denise was happy to get a book which will motivate her to become more better. she sat herself in one of the corner of the library where no one can disturb her when she is reading. She suddenly saw Kimberly, Kimberly was an average student who always wanted to become good like Denise in her studies. Denise called her by shouting her name. when Denise shouted Kimberly's name Miss Sherley too arrived there. Denise looked at Miss Sherley and Miss Sherley asked her to be quite in the library and told her that shouting is not allowed in the library, people come to study there and so she need to be quite.

Denise saw Kimberly going away. She asked Miss Sherley is she can take the book with her, and assured Miss Sherley that book will be returned to the Library the next day. Miss Sherley grant the permission for this. Denise ran out to search for Kimberly. Denise was able to find Kimberly in the garden. Denise went there and sat next to her and asked her if she want to read a book. Kimberly was quite surprised by the offer but asked her about the book. Denise told her that this book had changed her life. Kimberly was not sure what that means but agreed to read the book.

"oh, Denise where did you get this book from?" asked Kimberly. "From the library Kim, I wanted to be your friend so I asked Miss Shirley for a book to help you." says Denise. Denise was sure that after reading the book Kimberly will be able to perform better in her next exam and then from average she will become above average student.

Denise started to move away but was stopped by Kimberly and then Kimberly said "Denise, we should go to library and read this book together. I never knew that college's most intelligent student wanted me to be her friend and hoped for helping me." Denise agreed and they both went in the library together.

Miss Sherley saw them coming, she stopped them and told them 'no talking in the library' is allowed. Denise and Kimberly nodded their head.

They both started to read the book and then Kimberly said "I always wanted to excel the exams and for them I use to continuously read the chapters and study them but then also I get average marks, now I realised my mistake now I will study with concentration with breaks" "That's great Kim then we both will top the exam together. If you don't get good marks this time then no problem next time you will excel them." says Denise.

When Denise finished her sentence she noticed Miss Shirley was looking at her. "Didn't I informed you about the rule of the library, this was not expected by you Denise." says Miss Shirley. "Oh, Miss Shirley, I am Sorry we were just deciding who will go to return the book to you as we had finished reading it." says Denise. "yes Miss Shirley we had completed all 53 pages of the book including the Forewords and Acknowledgement too" says Kimberly. "Then you both should do one thing, you both are having great expectations regarding you upcoming exams and your career, I will give you a great book which contains 327 pages of texts" says Miss Shirley.

"Sorry Miss Shirley we will never repeat this mistake" says Denise. Miss Shirley brought the book and gave them to read. Both of them sat down to read. It was now the time to close the library. "Hope so you both have learnt your lesson and will not talk in library, it's the time to close the library return the book and go back to your hostel rooms." says Miss Shirley.

Denise and Kimberly went to their respective rooms. Next day when the lectures were over they both again decided to go in the library and complete the book they were reading. Denise and Kimberly asked Miss Shirley for the book, went to the corner to read the book. they were continuously reading the book. This day also time came for the library to be closed.

Next day they got to know that from the next week they will be having the term test so they have to prepare for it. They both didn't go to library till the exams were going on. After the exams they had completely forgot about the book they were reading.

It was a month passed now and now they both didn't remember anything about the library and the book and on top of that about the friendship they had. One day a teacher arrived with a project Kimberly and Denise became partner for that, project was to write a blog for their college magazine about the part they like most in their college. The one with the best write-up will get prize and his/her write-up will be published in the blog.

Both Denise and Kimberly were excited and then they remembers the moments they had spent in the library. They both started to write about the library. They wrote about the Library, the book they read, the story of their friendship.

After the completion they both again started to visit their favorite place in the college campus, the library. They both read many books together and now they both were excellent student of their college. Library gave birth their friendship and they both took the friendship further.

it was now their schedule to come to the library and read books on various topic. Till their last year they had almost finished all the books present in the library. Miss Shirley was very impressed by them.

April 29, 2021 06:35

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19:29 Sep 13, 2021

Hi! Nice story, I love it. There are sliggggggggggggggggggght (notice I said slight) grammar mistakes but overall, the story was nice! Hopefully you can check out my stories! ~Love from the Masked Writer


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