An Adventure at Cherryville

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Charlie and his friends were very excited about their adventure trip. They couldn't wait until Friday. Charlie, Jenny, Alex, and Alice were best friends and they decided to go on a trip to have some adventures.

Everyone suggested so many destinations. Sarah wanted to go to the beach. Jenny was a fan of jungle safaris. Alex wanted to try sky diving. Charlie was not suggesting anything because he was a little afraid of such trips. He was quiet. Nobody was able to decide where to go. And they didn't want to waste their vacations. At a point, they started to argue which made their parents interfere.

With all the parents' choice, they decided to go on a hill.

"Really? You kidding us?" Alex was grumpy.

"We need an adventure on an adventure trip, right?" Sarah said.

"It is better not to go and sleep all day than to go on a hill.!" Jenny was unhappy.

The happiest amongst them all was Charlie. He was so relieved.

And so the day came. Everyone was ready with their backpacks. Charlie's dad picked them and left them to the station. They had to pick up a train for Cherry hill.

At 10 a.m. they reached the Cherry hill station. They headed for hiking. The hill was so big and loaded with greenery. After going some distance Alex said,

"Guys, I am hungry."

"Really Alex? We haven't reached half distance yet," Jenny said.

But she was hungry too. They left their houses at 6 a.m. and now it was 12 a.m. The kids were hungry. There was no crowd at that time so they decided to eat there. Charlie found a big tree of maple. Alice put a mattress down and everyone sat. Jenny brought varieties of sandwiches and marmalade. Charlie brought cold drinks and cup noodles. Alice brought donuts and salad with some biscuits and energy bars. And Alex? He had a sack full of food items. In addition to that, he plucked some fruits from nearby trees.

"You don't need to pluck the fruits. We had too much food." Charlie said.

"Oh, I know. We can eat those in our troubled time."

"Trouble time? Here? Are you kidding?"

They all ate and cleaned the area. After some rest, they started hiking again. Cherry hill had lots of cherry trees. That's why it was called Cherry hills. Alex was the first, then Jenny, Alice, and Charlie were the last. They were unhappy to come here but the fresh air turned their mood. They were all going singing songs unaware of the adventure they were going to face.

The hill seemed easy to climb but at some point, it started getting rough and big rocks started to come in the way. It was rained a day before so it was slippery and the grass was less compared to the down part. Alex slipped and so the Jenny as she was holding his shoulder. Everyone laughed. Alice and Charlie helped to get up and clean the clothes. They started again. Charlie suggested to stop and take some rest but Alex refused. They reached the top of the hill. They were seeing beyond the hill for the first time. Slowly the wind started blowing faster. It seemed that it will rain at any time. The dark clouds gathered in the sky.

The rain started pouring heavily. All friends ran to find shelter. Alex and Jenny were running ahead but Charlie slipped and fell down. Alice grabbed his hand and Jenny and Alex came back running to help him. The land was mushy and slippery and it was raining hard. Charlie kept slipping and he went rolling down. Everyone else ran after him to grab him. Charlie saw a tree in his way and he grabbed it instantly.

“Oh my god, Charlie are you okay?” Alice ran to him.

“At least you stopped. We were afraid.” Jenny said.

Alex and Alice helped him get up. Charlie was injured. Jenny brought some medicines but they were not enough.

“We need to find a dry place. I don’t think Charlie could walk.” Alex said.

“I am alright. Let’s go” Charlie said.

“Look who is talking bravely. You really need to rest Charlie.” Jenny teased him.

“She is right. I think there is a village there. I can see the lights.” Alice said and everybody saw it there. It was a town.

“Bad idea. I am not coming.” Charlie said.

“You have no choice,” Alex said and lifted him in his hands.

“Hello, is anyone here?” Jenny ranged the bell of a house.

An old lady opened the door.

“Yes, how can I help you? Is that boy ok? Come inside.”

Kids told everything to the lady. She asked Alice to opened her cupboard and bring a medicine kit. She applied it to Charlie’s injuries. She allowed everyone to take a shower. She forced them to spend a night with her. Everyone was so tired and they were hungry and sleepy too, so they accepted her offer. The town was Cherryville. That lady made a very delicious dinner for them.

“Don’t be shy. I am a master of cooking. Eat!”

“Granny, are you living alone here?” Jenny asked.

“Yeah, Jack, my husband died 5 years ago. Since then I am alone. No children, no one to help. I thought there will be many persons like me who are alone and need help in troubled times. So I decided to help everyone.”

“You are doing good deeds, granny Mary,” Charlie said.

“Come on, we will help you to do the dishes,” Alice said and everyone agreed, but granny told Charlie to take rest.

“We can go to see our small town if you agree,” Granny said and they all cheered.

The next morning, Charlie was feeling better. Everyone get ready. Granny told how the town fought for justice and it got its name from the Cherry hills. Granny knew everything. They were talking and walking. Suddenly, a thief came running from behind and snatched her purse. Granny fell down but Alice grabbed her. Alex, Charlie, and Jenny ran to catch the thief. But he disappears behind the rocks. So they returned to Granny and Alice.

“Don’t worry. That thief always snatched people’s things and ran away.”

“Its wrong granny. We are going to catch him for sure.” Alex was so angry.

At night, they all sat in the living room to make a plan to catch the thief. Jenny called her mom and told everything and before mom says anything she cut the phone. Alex said,

“We are going to catch him red-handed. I know where he ahead.”

Everyone took lanterns and torches and went in the search of the thief. They came to the place where they saw that thief last.

“Shh-shh, I am hearing something,” Charlie said.

It was that thief going to hide his stolen things. They all chased him. At a place where there was a big house, that thief stopped and went inside. Kids also went inside. Jenny had a plan to pretend to ghost and frighten him. They wore white clothes and Alice played mysterious music on her phone. That thief started running but could not see the furniture and he fell down. Alex jumped and grabbed him. Charlie hit his head and he fell down. When he opened his eyes he saw the police and went mad. Police thanked the kids and appreciated their bravery. People in the town got their precious things back. Granny was so happy. She was so proud.

The next morning, kids headed to the home again. They promised granny that they will visit again definitely. They were all excited to went home. After all, they wanted to tell about their unexpected adventure in the small town!

September 25, 2019 14:57

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