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the secret ingredient is always love.

...." love, it will not betray you,

dismay or enslave you.

It will set you free,

I feel the magic of love,

Love is magical it can Heal anything!

I felt happy,



Consist by what we have....

When I am eating food with my mom.

because, there is a magic in my mom's cooking food. Every son or daughter feels that essence of loving breaking bread vitava mothers.

  Sunny getting ready to go to office, his days are going very happy with his mummy, daddy and brother.

   He is elder one in the house, he was straight forward guy, looks very strong and handsome person. he Feels his everyday was good, because he have good job, house, everything with loving parents.

   if sunny got sickness, his mother knows what to give, how to cure his problem.

because she is good enough mother..

"Good enough mother.... 

Use loving words, 

She laugh with us, 

She fully present with us,

She connect always with us, 

She shows love and affection to us, 

She makes us strong and beautiful, 

She teach us how to get rid of problems, 

She cherish all the time with us,

She pray with us, 

She seek knowledge more & more for us,

She opens her mouth with wisdom for us,

She teach how to be kind & thankful to others, 

She is trustworthy.... 

She is a woman of strength and mighty valor, 

She feel us, the fruit of the womb, a reward. 

We can experience gods love in our mothers love, 


She is good enough mother.


you are enough to my life mom... "

he wrote this poem and gave to his mother as a gift...that much he loved his mother...

  but, days are passing away, sunny got married and then they shifted to far more distance to his parents. 

  when they were newly married, the enjoyed their married life happily. Sharing both their views and opinions all is going well.

    but something is missing in his life. he felt that he lost something. But he can't get what it is...... He's thinking but not getting what it is.

  his wife also taking care of him very well, but days are going fast Sunny is not good. He felt I lost something, maybe I missed my parents attention to see. so, one day they went to meet his parents.

  he was very happy and enjoyed a lot with his parents and brother. Later they returned to home. After some days she was thinking again I missed something. I can feel I lost something but what it is?.

  then he shared his feeling to his wife, she felt may be i am doing anything wrong, am i doing good to him.

  then, what he lost, why he feeling something missed. is he missing parents? no, we are going to their home and they also coming and going.

  "then what"?

She was also in dilemma..

Days are passing away, Sunny also going worst he lost his self esteem. he is not behaving correct in home as well as in office work also. And also he is suffering with frequent health problems.

His wife still thinking,,, he needs something but what it is, 

"i showed plenty of love on him,

I am doing house work also good,

We both love each other,

But something is missing in his life,

What it is.....".

"i loved him heartfully...".

Then she shared her problem with her mother-in-law .

After speaking with her mother in law, she smiled and got the point what to do..

Sunny was on bed and sick. Then, she came near to him and watching him like a baby boy. gave one loving kiss. she gave one juice. have it your mother, told how to prepare. sunny had that juice and he felt happy and soon he came out from sickness.

  now he was ok, later she prepared lunch, he had that very nicely and enjoyed himself. he felt he got the answer.

then he Shared his feeling to his wife, she smiled and felt happy about his satisfaction.

 "so why sunny was happy?"

Reason Is "Magic", mother in law shared her "magic ingredients" to sunny's wife. That magic ingredients was "mothers love" to "wife's love". How to prepare food and giving food like same what she does from his childhood onwards.

Food portion is ok but mixing love is the essence of every homemade food.

In every home, mother cook food and we addicted to that. If you like anything your body and mind needs the same thing. 

Sunny's wife, prepared food how mother in law told, but she can't prepared exactly how is his mother prepared.

Then what she did, when she is giving food to her husband. she throw a word, I prepared like your mom told. I got to know before eating lunch, you like to eat Barfi and next lunch or dinner. 

Sunny was happy, he came back from his negative mood.

And both enjoyed their life happily.....

"Reason Is Magic ingredient....

That is love,

Portion and spell ingredients..

Used in magic ingredients.

But giving/ sharing/ preparing food

With love

Is the best secret ingredient.....

We can't see,

But we can feel the essence of love..."

Sunny realised i need to maintain good relationship with my wife, she knows how to make me happy and how to take care of me like my mother's, and cherishing as loving wife...

so he deeply dip down in love with his wife and enjoyed their selves...

soon he showed his love by writing a poem..


"To my adorable wife.... 

A bundle of kisses to you all the time.., 

Where ever you are... 

Because you are my God's gift:

You & me are in tight bondage.., 

That we can't come out... 

Your hug feels like heaven to me,. 

Where I can get peace, joy & cherishes, 

My eyes are always on you... 


I'm in need of your love, 

I can feel your touch, 

I can feel your emotions, 

I can feel your desires on me,. 

I can feel your kisses also... 

I loved you with all my heart.. 

That is why I'm happy... 

That is why I'm strong... 

That is why I'm beautiful.. 

That is why I'm yours alone.....".

after reading this Sunny's wife was so happy, and next she thanked her mother in law...without Sunny's mother help i can't get like this nature from sunny...so greeted her mother in-law, for helping their problem in their relationship.

After marriage of your son, every mother in law need to share her views and opinions to daughter in law, then your son life will be happy. If your son is good, then you also happy.

If you are a loving mother, you need to share every point to your daughter in law about your son.

"Essence of love ... We can feel in ...




In every home..

Mother and wife they can share their plenty of love...

By cooking food....

And taking care of us...

So love is the magic or secret ingredient in home made food.

Enjoy the love in living life....".

June 29, 2021 02:00

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Rustys Logic
03:52 Jul 10, 2021

I liked the poems within the story.


Hima Bindu
01:21 Jul 11, 2021

Thank you, I like to write poetry


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Pranav N
12:57 Jul 06, 2021

There is no better ingredient in life than the magic of love. Beautifully penned it. We have both written on the same theme in a way! 🤭


Hima Bindu
14:05 Jul 06, 2021

Thank you


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