Contemporary Inspirational Adventure

“There are many reasons someone can be late early in the morning: your alarm clock turned against you and died in the middle of the night. Or it was effective as always, but you stayed up until 4 am, watching horror movies, and when the moment to get your ass out of the bed came, you knocked the alarm clock against the wall. Or even worse, you did this to your expensive phone. Chances are you are late because your love interest kept you hot and time became an abstract notion for both of you. Love can mess with our brains. Right now, I am trying to defend people who happen to be late at their workplace once in a while. It is not out of this world,right?

But now I will find excuses for my community, those who are always late. Almost always. Not only at work, we often do our groceries ten minutes before the supermarket closes. My biggest sin is to order food when all the personnel at the restaurant delude themselves no one is crazy enough to eat or drink that late in the night so they can finally go home. When I broke up with my boyfriend, I went to Sephora to buy a new lipstick. A lipstick that would make me feel glamourous and free, a red one, of course. Ten to eleven and I was still trapped there, trying to find the perfect match for my unkissed lips. I forgot to tell you, I was already there at 10’o clock. I wasn’t late when I arrived, I was pretty late when I came out of the store. Only when the shop assistant started to look at me suggestively, my common sense would resurrect. Probably by now, you must think I am a selfish, irresponsible human being, to say at least. The truth is I don't do most of the upsetting things on purpose.

My name is Amelia and I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was fifteen. The diagnose was a relief itself, the struggles I’ve always had are real. My math teacher was talking about Pitagora’s theory and my mind was wandering through the pyramides of Egipt. I am ashamed to admit it, but I also wanted to kick him off because he was so boring and my condition doesn't allow me to get bored, I need permanent entertainment. A dopamine boost is always welcome. Sometimes, I find myself doing the laundry when I was supposed to clean the dishes. However, today’s topic is related to poor time management skills.ADHD is not an excuse, is the answer most of the time.”

“Amelia, who you are talking to? I don't see none of your friends on the screen”, my grandma shrieks into my ear.

”I am doing a video for Youtube about ADHD. I want to help people by sharing advice about how they can improve their lives and let them know they are not alone.”

“That's very inspiring, Amelia”, she shrieks into my ear again. “You have to spread the fact that people with ADHD can often be highly intelligent, not just lazy, frenzy, impulsive, and disorganized, as most of us see you.”

“Thank you for being such an open-minded boomer.”

“I am glad I am welcome to the millennial community”, she chuckles. “Honey, can you do me a favor and go to the pharmacy, please? You know I can sleep without medication. The bed feels too big without your grandpa in. So many years together and he left me alone...

“Grandma, she didn't leave you alone. You have me and Andie. What are we, an ugly painting hanging on the wall? You took care of me and my brother. And I can't imagine how difficult it was for both of you. Now it’s our turn to protect you.”

“The only good thing your mother did in her life was giving birth to you and to Andie... At least she was rational enough to let us raise you. Both of you blessed this house with joy.”

“Don’t make me cry. You know how sensitive I am, don’t you?”

“It's okay, honey”, she says while she is gently clearing away my tears.

“I am going to the pharmacy now. Watch something on Netflix. I showed you how to use it. It can cheer you up.”

“Don't forget about the prescription.”

“Thank God you remember”, we laugh together.

The pharmacy is twenty minutes away from home, so I decided to stretch my legs and go for a walk. My phone is ringing, it takes a while to figure out is actually mine, I forgot I changed the ringtone. The previous one was already annoying.

“Hey, Amy, how are you? Do you think we can have a drink? I feel hopeless again, I need my old, good friend.”

“See you in an hour, at our place. An hour and a half, better. It's fine? I have to hang up now.”

As I am waiting for my turn to get the medication, I make sure I bring enough money with me. Nothing is for free, right? Wallet checked, everything under control. My ID is also there, nothing to be worried about. Wait? Where is the prescription? I am going to have a heart attack. I delve into my pockets, my purse...nothing.But why do I remember me taking it? Damn, a flashback. I took it and put it in my other jacket. I don't know why I even carry around a purse. I run so fast that I sense I could defeat Usain Bolt, enter the house more cautious than a spy, I don't want anyone to hear me. Take the prescription and, as soon as I get out, start to run again. Faster and faster. People are staring at me. I am not sure they are scared someone is willing to cut my throat, or they are scared I robbed someone and now I am running away. I am relieved no one called the police. Oh, Lord, my heart is racing out of my chest. Five minutes later, and my grandma would stay awake all night. It would have taken a long time to forgive myself. But see, the key to not having the door slammed into your face is to grasp the threads of time and possess it. Run, run, get your things done!

December 17, 2021 23:27

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Dustin Gillham
01:38 Jan 01, 2022

Fantastic first submission, Nemira.


Nemira Alexis
14:59 Jan 01, 2022

Thank you,Dustin!


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