Bella Visit to The Barber Shop

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It was a lovely sunny day in the little town of Maples when Anna and her dog went for a walk into the woods to do some bird watching. There is water flowing in the brook not that far away and Anna can smell the fir trees in the air and Bella, with her hair so soft and golden, decided to go exploring in the woods to look for something to fetch for her owner. How the sun shined on her hair and then she started barking at something in the trees. Anna went over to see what she was barking at and it was a squirrel gathering some nuts to eat. Bella chased the squirrel up the tree and landed in a patched of burdocks. She had burdocks all over her fur and all through her face. “Oh no Bella! What are we going to do now? You are such a silly girl.” said Anna. It was then time to go and Anna hooked her leash and dug out the burdocks that she could. Anna then walked backed to the house with Bella trotting beside her and she put the dog in the car and went inside to call the Barber Shop in town, where her friend Megan works. Anna takes Bella there often to get pampered. Bella gets along with Megan because she has known Bella since she was a pup. Bella came from a litter of pups that Megan had owned and gave Anna one. Anna and Megan became great friends and Bella loves to go and see Megan for a visit. Bella and Anna pulled into the Barber Shop and went inside to see Megan. She was at the sink washing a white poodle as the aroma of shampoo filled the air. There was a German shepherd that was sitting on a rug on the table, getting his fur blow dried from his bath and in the corner there was an electric fire place glowing as the friendly companions get warm from their baths and enjoying a tasty treat from their groomer. Megan and her helpers looked up when Anna walked in to the shop with Bella beside her. One of the helper’s was brushing a ginger cat hair and clipping her claws. She looked up at Anna and greeted her as she walked over to see her. She looked down at Bella and saw all the burdocks all through her hair. Bella sniffed the ginger cat and put up her paw to greet her. Megan told her friend Anna that this cats name was Buttercup and had just finished grooming her and would be with her in a minute and put the ginger cat in her cage. Megan then called the cat owner and told them their cat was ready to be picked up. She gave the cat a treat as she called Bella over to look her over as Anna lifted her on to the table. Megan grabbed her scissors and began cutting the burdocks away from the dogs face as Anna patted her on the head to keep her still. Anna talked to Megan friend as she watched her groom her dog and Bella waited patiently for her groomer to be done cutting her fur. She than looked at Anna and licked her hand while she waited for a treat. She could smell the bacon treats in the air and was getting very impatient as she waited for Megan to finish cutting her hair. While she waited, Bella wagged her tail as Anna continued to pat her on the head. Then Bella saw the groomer dig something out of her pocket and laid it on the table for Bella to sniff. It was the bacon treat she was smelling in the air and she ate the treat up that her friend gave her. Anna thanked her friend for her help and offered to buy her a coffee while they sat and chatted about the walk in the woods while Bella and went over to the doggie play pen and played with the rest of the animals as they wait for their owners to pick them up from the shop. Bella had a wonderful visit at the Barber shop with Megan and her new dog friends. 

After a while Bella and Anna finished their visit with the Barber shop and went home to relax by the television and watched the Paw Patrol cartoon about a dog salon. It was bella favorite show to watched and Anna favorite espoide to watched. She likes watching the T.V show with her friend Bella and while they was watching the show, there was a rustle outside. Bella heard the noise with her ears perked up. She could hear something rustling outside. So she jumped off the couch and went to see what the noise was.

It was a squirrel on the deck and he was gathering some seeds from the bird feeder that Anna hung outside for the birds to eat and the squirrel went backed to his home with his cheeks fulled of seeds and stored them in his house in the tree where his burrow is. Bella jumped at the screen door barking at the squirrel that was on the deck again gathering bread for his home too. Than Anna opened the screen door for Bella to go out and played with the squirrel that was on the deck gathering food to stored in his home for the Winter.

A while later Bella came backed to the house with her paws fulled of burdocks again and Anna called the dog inside and picked out the burdocks that was in her paws and went to run a warm bath for Bella. After she called her friend Megan and told her about Bella who landed in a burdocks again chasing a squirrel up a tree. So she hung up the phone with her friend Megan and went to dried the dog off from her bath and she brushed the dog hair and comb out the rest of the burdocks from her fur.

March 18, 2020 23:41

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Tina Laing
16:54 Mar 24, 2020

While I was a little girl,I always wanted a golden retevier puppy. I loved the movie Air Bud and his puppies. So I have a good friend whose named is Megan and thought about throwing her named in story and write about a Dog visit to the Barber shop,doggie salon. I have never been to a doggie salon. So I just through a story together. Thanks so much!


Tina Laing
17:00 Mar 24, 2020

Enjoy! Just let me know what I need to do. For iam just learning to write and I have no degree on my writing, I am just practiceing and reading different writing app and books,on what I can do to improve my writing skills and dreamed about writing a book of stories some day for my son. Thanks Everyone.


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