Adventure Bedtime Sad

Legend creates the scene of something great

Or something bad.

However you should not bait,

You should always stay clear,and be glad

It is rumored his teeth are rigid

And his claws are sharp enough to tear.

He only appears when times are frigid

So enter if you dare…

A boy lived close,close to his ground

He wandered aimlessly and carefree.

However he will eventually be found,

By the creature many think may be.

He emerges from the empty dark

Covering each one of his tracks

However his territory is marked

By the surrounding trees,front and back

One cold winter,the boy was sent for wood

So he ran,quickly into the dark night

But soon after,the beast stood

Ready to give the boy a fright

He was behind the little boy as he cut the tree

With his daddy’s wooden ax

This beast smelled of wet fur,and dried leaves

As the boy,with his eyes,followed the nearby tracks

The night darkened as the child realized

Just what the shadow may be

His blood ran cold,as he was paralyzed

With the fear from the thing behind a nearby tree…

He turned slowly,taking each breath

Quickly realizing the bloodshot eyes

He was facing death

While it was in a brown fur disguise 

The beast’s breath was rigid and drawn out

And his build was heavily strong

The boy started to pout

And knew he did not have very long…

Time froze as his heart stopped

He was staring straight into the night

Suddenly his heart dropped 

As his future did not seem so bright

It’s fur trickled with the wind

And his eyes lit up,hungry and bright

His eyes fixated to sin

With his crimson delight

Rapidly the boy ran,creating sound

As he panted,running down the hill

The beast moved like a hound

Craving his next kill

The little boy tripped,rolling down fast

As he closed his eyes tight

He hoped the bear would not last

As he crossed his arms,and held on with might

Soon enough he was alone once more

With his thoughts and his fear

He had never seen the bear before,

He started to breakdown and tear

His head rushed and he began to stress

Then his heart began to pound

He decided to retreat from the quest

Before he heard another sound

“Dad! Dad! I saw the beast!” The child said

But of course dad never heeded the boy’s word

“Little man,off to bed”

The boy was of course seen,but never heard…

He would just sit in bed,worried about the beast

As he tried to shut his eyes

All he could think was being deceased

By the killer in disguise

He snuggled up in his little blue bed

As he tried to fall asleep

However in his head

Something started to creep

He stared out the window

Only spotting empty air

But now he spotted a crow

Who was suddenly sitting there

On a window post,just a few feet aside

Nestled up on the post in the cold window air

On top of the rotted fence he continued to reside.

Even with the nearby bear

His feathers were black

As the boy continued to look

He decided to grab his nearby sac

To get out his music,and pocket book

He put earbuds in after he picked a calm,quiet tune

Then he settle down to draw in his book

Not long after,pretty soon

The boy no longer thought of anything as he looked

Seeing the crow yet again,meant a well sign

That is was once more safe,for now

He pulled over the sheets to his mind

And thought about the outside prowl

Many out there,the fighting and the dead

As the child continues to think

Across the halls he decides to tread

After a while,his heart began to sink

Silence echoed loudly as he walked

Only a few minutes before he reached the door

Shortly after,a loud noise began to talk

As he thought what seemed like forever,and more

The cold air hit,like a cold wall

As he quickly stumbled back

He steadied his feet,and stood tall

Suddenly he noticed a rope with slack…

He turned around

And the door opened wide

He heard only a single sound

As the bear welcomed himself inside..

Daddy came down the hall

Not long before destruction hit

He grabbed his shotgun,ready to flip the ball

Before his child got bit…

The fear crept and lunged as the beast took his chance

Roaring in anger,as well as pain

The boy watched his daddy,and the bear dance

As a new wound was gained

A boy,only ten years of age,

As he watched like before

Why would this bear intrude,and engage

Then his conscious started to soar

The bear was in the center of the room

Raging like hell,as he ran past

He hoped it was right to zoom

Even if daddy would kick his ass…

He searched once he was within the snow

Looking for what he hoped was right

He then spotted a lighter brown glow

As it refuses to bite

A cub,not even a few months old

As its mom fought the boy’s dad

And because both parties were bold

This made the boy really sad

He thought for a moment,what should he do

As he stared at the little brown baby

The boy named the creature “Blue”

Knowing his idea was crazy

He looked back to the cabin in despair

As he picked up Blue

He was brave enough to enter,and dare

Now it was time to lose his crew

He held Blue tight as he walked away

Leaving all thoughts behind

He hated leaving his father astray

As he thought of the human’s design…

Sometimes its hard to let someone go

As you realize death got his way

This is why many should not tie the bow

And choose to go astray…

Accidents as such,happen,when it is too late

Usually when nothing can be done

However this is another good reason not to bait

Just back down and start to run...

November 06, 2023 12:08

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Vicente Batista
01:15 Nov 07, 2023

I found it very creative, being able to feel the action and suspense 😳 in my head this would make a great video game haha


12:02 Nov 08, 2023

thank you ;D


12:10 Nov 08, 2023

Also my boy left me a poem. “Just the Two of us, We can make it if we try, Just the two of us, Building castles in the sky, Just the two of us, You and I, We looks for love, No time for tears, and it don't make no flowers grow, We gotta wait for all we know” :3 its sweet,almost cheesy


Vicente Batista
12:40 Nov 08, 2023

Damn, that's really cute, he's so in love with you


13:27 Nov 08, 2023

lmao,told you,he is not "Cute" in the face,but i dont really give a damn about looks,as long as he is not an ass.


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