A message popped up and she stared at the mobile screen for some time and fell into a deep thought. She opened the message once again, looked at it as if she is seeing it for the first time, took a deep breath and pretended that she never saw that message. She continued to fold her clothes lying in the bed and neatly arranged in the shelf. She looked like she was lost in the message, which clearly showed as she misplaced her things and cursed herself for being not focused.

She startled when her phone rang. She took the phone, it said “Hubby Calling”. She cleared her mind, took a deep breath, and answered the phone as if nothing happened.

“Hello!” the voice on the other end said

“Hello” she said

With a concern “Is there something wrong? Why is your voice have no energy?”  

“I am working, when you are leaving the office?” she tried to change the topic

“It’s the boss again, he wanted to come to our house”

“How many times I have told you to not to bring anyone to our house?”

“Don’t get upset about it, he won’t come. Why do you sound tensed? Anything wrong?”

She lied “Nothing” she was not in the mood to talk about it, but she didn’t expected that her hubby got that message too.

“It’s the message isn’t it?”

 There was a deep silence for few seconds, she replied after a long pause “Yes!”

“Isn’t it fun? After so many years, we are going to meet them all”

She was engrossed in her own thoughts was it fun? She was disturbed by a Hello from the other end, she replied “It was Fun? After everything happening on the farewell day? I lost everything on that day”

“But you got me!”

“I did, you are the best thing happened to me, but… ” There was long silence …

5 years ago…

Julie came down the stairs with Dexter. Julie’s face was tensed, it clearly said something was going on between Dexter and Julie. Julie and Dexter was so called the best pair in their high school. Everyone knows about them, boys were jealous about it. Girls were jealous too as she picked up the hottest guy in high school. Julie, daughter of a big shot, enjoyed her high school life better than anyone else.

Julie’s hand was held tightly as she came down the stairs. It was a farewell day everyone was busy, people moved here and there. Julie, was barely noticed by people that passed her and no one bothered about why her face was red and tensed. As soon she came down, Dexter pulled her by her hair and moved into an empty class room and locked the door. Julie, tried to escape. Dexter held her next tightly, and tried to kiss her but she fought to refuse him do such act.

Dexter yelled at her “What’s your problem?”

Julie folded her arms and looked at him “I have no problem Dexter, I had respect in you, all of a sudden, what this is all about kissing and cuddling? I don’t understand, I need time to take our relationship next level, I feel you are too fast”

Dexter feeling disappointed and angry at the same time questioned “Is this fast? For the past 1 year you were roaming with me? Then what is this all about? Walk in and walk out like a couple? I spend all money on you and you never pay back, all that pictures on Instagram? I doubt now, are we really a couple? Or just acting like one?”

Julie shows a disgusting face “Done talking? That’s it. Let’s break up!”

Dexter surprised and laughed mockingly “Well, well, well that is a best joke of the year, FYI, we were not even dating! You were running behind me for my money”

Julie retorted “For your money? Here take this!” she opened her purse and threw some dollars on his face and she rolled her eyes.

Dexter got furious and slapped her, and held her neck and pinned on the board and tried to molest her. Someone jumped inside the class through the window and dressed up like a ninja hit Dexter on his balls. Dexter fell down, held his crotch, groaned in pain. The person dressed as Ninja removed the mask, Julie felt so relaxed and commented “That was you? What are you wearing on a farewell day? This is not even a Halloween!”

Jessy slicked her short hair back with her hand and removed the extra additions from her costume, commented “I am not a Ninja dummy, that is my dress for the day”

Julie folded her arms “Kinda looked like a traditional Ninja wear, hey! Can you answer me why were you following me?”

Jessy with a small smile at the corner of her lips stared at Julie and walked close to her and whispered “How will I let you go alone?”

Julie stared at her face and breathed heavily as they both stood there close, she said “What is this all about? You were following me like for years and don’t even come and talk to me”

Jessy replied “How can I? when you are always busy with your rich friends? Tell me why do you always stare at me like you going to eat me?”

Julie maintained a silence they both had a connection at that moment an unknown spark Julie ever felt in her body, Julie gulped and took a deep breath slowly staring at her eyes.

Jessy broke the silence and hit Dexter on his back and stared at Julie and walked out without saying anything. Julie brought herself back to the moment and watched Dexter with an arrogance look and walked out slowly.

After the farewell evening, Jessy joined with Julie again while she walked out from the stadium. Julie questioned “where were you all day?”

Jessy replied “don’t even talk about it, nobody likes me. If I stay with you during the program, you would have seen a fight for sure”

 Julie giggled “I know that will happen, plus I have seen you fight lot of times, what is your problem with boys anyway?”

Jessy shook her head and not commented about it.

Julie and Jessy walked out of the school, she waved a bye and Julie started to walk to the parking.

Julie started her car and Jessy suddenly entered the car. Julie stared at her in shock “You shocked me, want me to drop you?”

Jessy stopped Julie and there was a silence inside the car, Julie stared at her eyes with the same look she always does.

After few moments, Dexter was outside adjusted his camera and howled “that was awesome!”

Jessy murmured “Dexter fool” she came out and chased Dexter out of the parking she yelled “stop messing with me!”, Jessy tried to catch but before she could, Dexter jumped in one of their car and shouted “Watch your phone bitch!”

Jessy got a notification on her phone, it was him posted their video together kissing, Jessy watched it and exclaimed “oh Shit!” Jessy ran back to the parking and found Julie disappeared. Jessy grunted her teeth and walked out with regret, it was her that took the first step, Julie didn’t even reacted to what she did.

The video became viral in social media, they even got published on a local news channel. Felt humiliated, Jessy moved out of her house. Julie was not allowed anywhere, she was in house arrest for almost a month.

Unable to contact Julie, Jessy kept thinking about her and fell into depression, when one day she broke into her house, Julie was about to end her life by hanging in a rope. Luckily Jessy rescued her and took her back.


She broke the silence on the phone “What you think Jessy?”

The voice on the other end (Jessy) replied “We must go, and show them how we turned their stones into beautiful flowers, we got married, Legally. No one can do anything about it”

Julie replied “I don’t want to face any of them again, who came for us when we were stranded on this earth? No one was there!”

Jessy said “I was there, and I will be till the end. Live as we desire, not how the world wanted to be”

Julie with a smile “I know you will be there. I need a distraction, bring your boss to our house, Let us start from him. It’s been a while I have shown my face to the world.”

Jessy smiled “I am coming home!” she hung up the call. Julie walked to the hall and arranged the pictures of them both and stared at them proudly, sighed, Julie smiled when she heard the horn.

Julie opened the door and opened her mouth in shock “Is that you?”

It was Dexter from the high school, it was a surprise for Julie, Julie was so much angry on him after the incident. Julie stared at Jessy and asked “Your boss?”

Jessy nodded her head. Julie brining back herself to the moment and with grunted teeth, she welcomed him “How rude of me? Please come in” she welcomed him.

Dexter kept his bag aside and sat at the hall. After a short silence Jessy began “So Julie how is our Dexter looking now?”

Julie replied with a smile “Well, he changed a lot, got fat and lost hair, what is that scar?”

Dexter with a short smile “You should ask Jessy what she did late”

She looked at Jessy “What did you do to him?”

Jessy shrugged her shoulders “I hit him with a rock, his dad filed a case on me. But he took it back and offered me a job” After she heard this, Julie’s face changed from an arrogant look to pitiful face, she said “I am sorry Dexter, I was so angry on you”

Dexter replied “I know, Jessy use to tell me all about you. I… I am sorry for everything. I never thought things will turn into a huge mess”

Julie and Jessy laughed “Yeah! We felt it too. But thanks” Jessy said.

Dexter asked “Still planning to avoid reunion? You both have a surprise there, let’s celebrate your anniversary over there at reunion. Don’t tell anyone that I broke this surprise, my guys are going to kill me for this”

Julie and Jessy looked at each other with a growing smile, Jessy replied “We will be there”

The End!

September 27, 2020 07:26

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