In month of May, Sarah Mayweather a beautiful ,single parent and African descendant woman, was driving in her car emigrating from her country. She along with her 6 month old infant daughter name Emily; stripped in her car seat at the back of the car moving away because after her grandmother's name Joyann Mayweather passed away. She had inherited a white coloured painted two storey and wooden house.

In a small,non technologically advance,rural area ,beautiful but deadly town named Roberttown. Sarah was happy for the opportunity to emigrate because ever since her husband deceased,she was struggling emotionally and has to be strong for her daughter. She had hopes and intentions to start a new life. Also being away from the busy and crime filled city was happiness and pleasure to her,cause she thought countryside life is better than city life.

When Sarah arrived at Roberttown ,the sight was picture perfect with boys and girls children playing different games such as ; hop scotch,toys,clapping, running,skipping ropes,riding bicycles ,blowing bubbles ,dancing and laughter of children filled the air. Sarah unpacked and carried only her suitcases into her new home ,because the house was was already furnished .

On May 3rd ,Sarah new neighbours named Diana and collin Thompson came over to her house introduce themselves. Diana said," Welcome to Roberttown,this my husband ,John and our daughter name Daisy" and Collin said ,"I hope you enjoy your time here". Sarah said,"Nice to meet you I am Sarah and this is my daughter Emily" and Collin asked "What about your husband"?. She said ,"he died in a car accident" and Collin said ,"We are so sorry for her lost"and Sarah said its okay ,I am trying ",then they leave.

On May the 4th ,Sarah and her daughter drove to town square. Town square is the main part of the town; which consists of small stores, a dinner named Zappy ,a supermarket named Sharky ,a gas station named Bobby and the police station.

They went to the Zappy dinner and ate some toast bread with warm milk. And she over heard the waitress named Sharon and an animal hunter named Steve discussing about infants bodies being removed from there casket in the Roberttown cemetery and taken . Sharon said ,"What kind of person thieves dead babies bodies?, if you ask me they are an animal"and Steve said," If you ask me sounds like somebody practising witch craft and when I found them, I will burn that witch for taking my son's body".

On May 5th, Sarah along with Emily was exploring the neighbourhood. Then Sarah saw and decided to go talk to an old,widow and blind woman name Mavis sitting outside on her porch. Sarah said , "Hello ,I am Sarah and this is my daughter Emily" and Mavis said, "I am blind I cant see ". Sarah asked, "what cause your blindness"?and Mavis said ,"It was late night I was outside taking the garbage out ,then I saw this red smoke and these hideous faces witches, I could remember her green hideous face and those green cursed eyes staring at me then I became blind". Sarah was scared and leave;while leaving ,Marvis got up,shouted and said "I warn this town about those witches,now they have taken those dead babies from the cemetery , I am not a crazy old woman like they saying ".

On May 6th ,Sarah was playing with Emily at home. Diana had came over to gave her cookies ,which she had personally baked.Then Diana and Sarah were having a conversation ,Sarah asked, "Do you know any job vacancy"? and Diana said," Yes, at my work place the Zappy supermarket and I can help you get the cashier job there ". Sarah said ,"Thank you because since my husband died ,I have been struggling" and Diana said ,"I am here for you if you need anything ", then she leave.

On May 7th,Sarah and her daughter drove to town square to buy some fruits .In the Zappy supermarket which Diana worked in,she met her.Diana said "I got the job for you ,as assistant cashier".

Sarah was happy because she really needed a financial income to survive because her dead husband use to provide for her .Sarah said,"Thank you I owe you and Diana ask Sarah,"Who was going to keep Emily ,when she is at work "?and Sarah said "I will find a day care "then Diana said,"Well,there is day care name JennyWalkers ,its only daycare in town; its free and all the babies in Roberttown go there including my daughter". Then Sarah leave and went home.

On May 8th, In early morning Sarah had taken Diana advice of the daycare and she went to the JennyWalkers Daycare to enrolled her daughter. The daycare is owned by three sisters name Hershala she has blue eyes as the sky and blue coloured hair, Mary has green eyes and green coloured hair and Elizabeth has red coloured hair. The sisters were all beautiful,young and attractive.

The name of the daycare JennyWalkers is there surname and they had lived there and kept the daycare there also. The house is red and white painted ,two storey and wooden. The daycare was kept at the bottom of the house ;inside the day care it had 10 wooden cradles and the wall had colourful drawings with lollipop candy, yellow sunflowers and infants sucking baby bottles. While Sarah was there she asked ,"Why do you,girls do this for free"?. Mary with lollipop in her mouth sucking said,"We just love taking baby candies away"and laughed. Elizabeth said "My silly sister,We just love helping people" .Then Sarah enrolled Emily in the daycare and went home.

On May 9th, Sarah started her new job ,she dropped her daughter at the daycare. Mary collected her and said "babies smell so good,like you just want to taste there sweet smelling blood" and she laughed. Then Sarah went to work and Diana showed her the work procedures and rules .After work ended she went to the daycare to collect her daughter and she saw the sisters singing songs to the babies,as they were in there cradles. Sarah thought to herself Emily was safe in prefect little daycare ,she collected and carried her home.

On May 10th, In the night after Sarah had finished working and collected Emily from the daycare,She couldn't sleep because of having bad nightmares of her dead husband and was looking through the window. Suddenly a strange and never before seen red smoke appeared accompanied by three black cats;which are the JennyWalkers sisters in disguised was in her neighbour the Thompson yard. But she didn't suspected anything wrong .Then she went to bed cuddling and sleeping with her daughter.

The JennyWalkers sisters are secret witches that have powers to transfer into cats, disappear and if you star in there eyes ;you got curse to be blind or mad. They sacrifice babies to live forever ;drink their blood and eat them to look beautiful and young. The sisters in witch form had hideous and coloured faces. Mary face is green with green eyes and green coloured hair ,Elizabeth face is blue with blue eyes and blue coloured hair and Hershala face is red and has red eyes.

On May 10th,Midnight the sisters were sitting at there dining table in there witch form and the dinning table was set with plates,spoons,baby diapers with faeces and baby bottles with baby blood. The sisters cooked Daisy like soup and ate her body parts. Mary said,"Her eyes just like chicken,tender and soft"and Hershala said,"Dead babies know our names and dead babies scream our name". Elizabeth said ,"They say keep our children in safe hands but we keep them in our mouth" and Hershala ate a baby diaper with faeces inside. Then they laughed wickedly ,loud and toasting there baby bottles with baby blood.

On May 11th,Sarah and her daughter had awaken. Then Sarah heard the sound of screaming. She looked through her window and saw police officers and Diana was screaming. Sarah and her daughter went over to find out what was wrong then she learnt about Daisy disappearance. Collin said,"This is like magic all the door were still locked when we got up"and Diana said "Are you a magician,did you give me the magic sperms". Then she started to cry while Sarah and her husband try to comfort her.

On May 12th, Diana was still grieving and sad because of her daughter disappearance. After Sarah and Diana finished working; she was helping her put up missing flyers to help find Daisy. Diana said ,"George and I saw scratches on Daisy hands then I enquiry about it to those sisters and none them knew anything ,that is strange ,I had threatening the sisters and removed Daisy from the daycare while George stayed home and look after her" and Sarah said," I don't believe those sisters would do that they look so nice ". Then Diana said, "Looks are deceiving, I never told you that place has history of 12 babies dying there but claiming naturally,some die while choking on feeds and suffocating on pillows". Sarah was shocked and nervous; immediately she went to the daycare,not feeling safe for her child.

When Sarah arrived at the daycare, she saw police officers and learnt that her daughter was missing. Her heart skip beats ,as she cried bitterly and screamed. Sarah said ,"How does babies go missing when you sisters are suppose to be watching them " and Hershala said, "We were upstairs cleaning and we left all the babies down stairs", then Sarah said," Is that what you did to all those dead babies"and she angrily pulled Hershala hair. The police stopped her and took her to the police station.

In the night on May 12th, After coming from the police station. Sarah was crying and sad. She had decided to walk to the sisters house and find out more.When Sarah had arrived the sisters were not home. Then she had heard her daughter voice crying ,the sound was coming from the back yard. Sarah shouted,"Mommy coming keep crying"! and she realised her daughter was in an underground secret passage,where the witches would sacrifice babies.

When she found a small wooden door on the ground surface. She climbed down the wooden ladder; she saw small black spiders crawling on the wall, cob web all over , dead babies skeleton bones covering the floor and her daughter in a circle dawn; was preparing to be sacrifice by the witches. Then suddenly Mary alone came home and caught Sarah in the secret passageway. As result there was scuffle between them .

While Mary was sitting over Sarah and choking her. Mary said," Look into my eyes and see the dead babies screaming" but Sarah didn't because she remember the story of Mavis looking in her eyes and becoming blind. Mary was forcing Sarah to look in her eyes but Sarah resisted.

The police officer name Lance had came to enquiry about Daisy being scratched after Diana had reported it. Officer Lance heard the screaming and he discovered the women, then he shouted "Stop choking her or I will shoot you"!. Hershala used her magic power, disappeared in a red smoke and escaped. Officer Lance was shocked and speechless, he had witnessed somebody disappeared. Then he escorted Sarah and her daughter.

Other police officers were informed ;came and searched the entire house. They found in dark and cobweb basement dirty baby diapers with faeces inside,baby bloody clothes; shoes,hats ,pants and coats. In kitchen baby bottles with there blood and baby body parts like hearts,livers ,kidneys, toes,fingers,ears,hands and penis were found in pots .These are the body parts of the missing dead babies from the Roberttown cemetery.

The sheriff name Wilson said "This place is suppose to be filled with joy ,love ,smiles and laughter, not babies being eaten" and Officer Lance said," What kind of person eats babies poops" ;while he vomited in disgust. The police were shocked at the horrible discovery in JennyWalkers daycare.

Angry residents after hearing came and burned down the house. Sarah and her daughter moved back to the city. The JennyWalkers witches and sisters made the most gruesome murder in Roberttown history, leaving the town to always remember there names.

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