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Melanie stood with her shoulders high, staring blatantly at the clock as it ticked.

"I can't miss this for anything."

"tell mum I'll be home by 8."She said.

Tom watched her incessantly as she picked up her bag racing to the door. She stopped, just in time to utter her last word.

"don't sell me out. I really hope you don't." said Melanie 

Tom nodded hesitantly. He wasn't much of a talker but he'd always do the right things at the right time. He grabbed the remote control, flipping channels.

"Aha! Mr bean." He exclaimed in delight.

He watched closely with focused eyes glued to the TV screen. He would laugh at every scene with vigor. He fell asleep shortly, only to wake up hours later to a bang on the door. He jumped out of the couch, startled. 

"Hey Tommy." said his mum as he opened the door. 

"where have you been?." 

"sorry mum, didn't know when I fell asleep." 

She rubbed his head firmly. 

"it's past 8 and it's getting late." 

"by the way, where's Mel." she asked. 

Tom stared at her confusingly. He didn't want Mel to get into trouble with mum, but he had to tell the truth. 

"she's out." 

"Out? Ohh Melanie." She sighed and pressed her hands to her curly brown hair.

 Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.  

"ohh that'll be Melanie." He said. 

Tom was surprised when he heard a knock on the door. Melanie never knocks. She'd always come in forcefully and then blame tom for not hearing her knock. She walked in slowly, staring at her mum with no words to tell. 

"where are you coming from?." 

"don't tell me you went to that party Mel!." Mrs Oki yelled. 

"I did mum, I had to." 

"ohh child, do you ever listen." she rubbed her eyes and forehead. Melanie made her ache. 

"be like Tommy. Will you?." Mrs oki said softly. 

"what?." She waved a hand. "I'm out of here." 

Melanie stormed out of the living room. With a high pace, she went into her bedroom with a frown on her face. 

Mrs oki fell into the nearby couch. Tom followed Mel silently. When she turned around, Tom was standing in the doorway. 

"what do you want?." she said. 

"just to talk." 

"you have to take it easy." 

"she Dosen't want you living that wayward life." Tom said calmly.. 

"Well, am grown." 

"and am not?." 

She got up from the bed and walked boldly towards Tom. 

"you're my younger brother Tom. Don't tell me what to do".

Tom watched her fume. He wasn't sure what else to tell her. She obviously had no interest in what tom was yakking about. Truth be told, she didn't want to listen. But she wasn't going to tell him to be quiet, and he kept talking. 

"you always do this." she said. 

"do what?."

"can you for once just don't tell her anything, or maybe cover up for me?" 

"I can't. Just impossible!" Tom shrugged. 

"oh- The good man right?" 

"just because I always tell the truth. Doesn't make me perfect. It just makes me a better person." He said. 

She got up with a groan and walked towards Tom. 

"I need to go to bed now." 

Tom didn't hesitate to leave. Mel slammed the door as soon as Tom left. 


The next morning was foggy and wet. Everyone was asleep except for Tom. He laid on his bed reminiscing his undeniable character. He thought about his old friend Blake. 

Tell no one!. Were his last words before he disappeared. 

Tom knew that Blake fled. But he didn't tell anyone because Blake begged him earnestly not to. Two weeks later, his body was found at the edge of the Totson River. 

Tom was torn with grief and swore that no matter what, he'd always be true to himself and the people around him. 

Tears rolled down his cheeks slowly, resting on his pillow. He forced himself out of bed, walking lifelessly to the kitchen. 

He shoved the box into the microwave and hit some buttons and after the ding went off the steak was all rubbery. He gazed at the meal. It wasn't pleasant. 

His mum approached him as he was pouring a cup of coffee. 

"Hey, are you OK?."  

"yea, just a bit messed up." He gestured to the cup. 

"and your sister?" 

"in bed - probably." 

She smiled. They both sat over the table laughing and smiling as they conversed. Tom made a joke about the steak and how messed up it is. Laughter filled the room. 

"I'll go check on Melanie." He said 

He gulped his coffee hastily and hurried down to Melanie's room. 

"Mel, he knocked. Melanie!" 

"don't tell me you're still upset." 

He paused, waiting for a reply from Melanie. But the atmosphere felt empty and deserted. He opened the door surveying the room with his eyes. Melanie wasn't there. 

"Mum!" he screamed. 

She ran immediately she heard Tom scream. 

"what's going on?" she said. 

"Mel's gone." 

"gone? To study group?." She asked naively. 

"You do not empty your wardrobe to a study group, mum!." 

She paused in confusion. 

"ohh no! She shouldn't be anywhere close to him. He's a psychopath." 

"my thoughts exactly!." Tom said. 

They had to get to Melanie before she gets to her dad. There was nothing good to tell about him. With great effort, they hurried down the stairs. There was a back exit that led out to Miller Street, Tom pushed the heavy metal door and stepped outside. 

Down West Street, he found a taxi on the corner. He leaned back and closed his eyes. 

"where to?" the driver asked 

"JFK Airport." He said. 

Less than an hour, he arrived at the airport. He took out his cell from his pocket and placed a call to Mel, but she didn't pick up. 

He was confused and exhausted as he stood, watching as people came in and out. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of Melanie's red curly hair. He didn't think twice. It was her. 

"Mel!" he screamed 

Tom took to his heels, meeting her where she stood. 

He panted as he spoke. 

"Mel, come on! Don't do this." 

"I have to go Tom!" 

"Please! What about mum? She cares about you." 

"this is not about mum, Tom. It's about you." her voice quivered. 

" You always make me look bad, just because you want to tell the truth." 

"Mel I... 

" No!" Melanie interrupted. 

She fell to the ground and tears flowed down her puffy cheeks. Tom sat beside her, holding her hands as they both gazed into the atmosphere. 

Some would say that Tom was extreme with his values. But sometimes, being who you are supposed to be is better than being who everyone wants you to be. Either way, they must see the good in you. 

January 12, 2021 19:13

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