~Chapter 1~

“Zoey! Guess what?! You got accepted into Harvard University!” Mom said, waving a paper in her hand, when I came back from Coffee House. “Really?” I asked. “This is not a hidden camera prank right?” I said, excitedly. Mom gave me a long envelope. My hands trembled as I opened it. “Go ahead and read it in your room.” Mom said. 

“Dear Zoey Climat, congratulations! You have been accepted into Harvard University! This college will help with your job and knowledge. You will be sharing a dorm with 2 other people. The date for you to arrive is September 13th 2o2o Please arrive with lots of masks. Stay safe!” I read. “I can’t believe I’m going to college!” I squealed. “Wait. There's a back.” I said. I flipped the paper over and saw this awful thing:

Public Two-Year College (in-district students)


Public Four-Year College (in-state students)


Public Four-Year College (out-of-state students)


Private Four-Year College


I groaned. I forgot about the paying things. “MOOOOM!!!” I screamed. Mom came running to my room. “What is it?” She asked. “How am I supposed to pay all this?!” I moaned. “Oh, sweetie. You can do it!” Mom soothed. “Wait. Does that mean I have to quit Coffee House?” I asked. “Well...not now..” Mom said. “But I suggest you get multiple part-time jobs.” Mom said. “Alright.” I agreed. Mom left. I searched up Part-time jobs on my computer. I gasped. This is it. 

~Chapter 2~

The Next Day…

“Mom! I'm going to the Coffee House!” I shouted up the stairs. “Okay honey! Stay safe!” Mom shouted from her bedroom. I put on my work uniform and (Custom Made) matching mask. When I got there, I went to tell Gillian what happened. “ OH MY GOSH YOU GOT INTO HARVARD!!!!” Gillian shouted. “Yeah, but it's really expensive. I did find this hotel that needs a sign-in front desk and something called Reedsy Prompts. Reedsy prompts let’s you earn $50 dollars every time you win.” I said. “That’s sweet!” Gillian said. “I know right?”

“Ahem.” My boss cleared his throat. “Sorry.” I said. I went back to wiping tables. “Just out of curiosity...when are you um leaving?” He asked. “August 13.” I answered.

When the cafe wasn’t busy, I made this little chart:

Coffee House: 8:00 a.m-9:30 a.m: Pay: Tips Only 

Hyatt Hotel: 11:30 a.m.- 6:30 p.m. Pay: $20/hr

Days of Work: 

Coffee House: Mon-Thurs

Hyatt Hotel: Mon-Sat

“That’s a good check.” Gillion said. “Well, better than just tips at least.”

I jumped. “Sorry.” Gillian said. “I came here because the boss wants to know your work schedule.” She said. “Ah.”

I went over to the boss and gave him the sheet of paper. “Mhmm.” He said. “Alright take it back already.” Boss said. I stuffed it in my bag, and a customer walked in. “Hello! Welcome to coffee House!” I welcomed. “Oh! It’s Alayina! Americondo?” I asked. She nodded. Alayina was our everyday customer. She loves our Americondo. “Whip Cream added though.” Alayina said. I looked at her in surprise. “You never have Whip Cream though.” I said, filling the top with Whipped Cream. “I wanna try something new.” She answered. I smiled as I gave her the tall cup. She gave me the same usual money, sat at the same usual table, and drank from the same colored usual straw. Gillian walked over to where Alayina was sitting and whispered something in her ear. Alyina glanced at me and said to me, “let no one sit at my table. I’ll be right back.” 

I blinked. “What’s going on? What did you tell her?” I asked. Gillian smiled at me. “Don’t worry. It’s nothing bad.”

“I’m back!” Alaynia sang. “Alaynia! Just what did Gillian say to you?!” I asked, rushing up to her. Alsynia held up a small bag. “She told me that you’re going to college soon.” She said. “Wait what?”

“Take it. It’s your goodbye present.” She said. I was speechless. I only managed to utter, “T-thanks.” 

Alaynia finished up her drink and walked out the door. I finally came around to open the present. It was a matching rose gold necklace and bracelet with my name on it. “I’m so jealous!” Gillian squealed. I didn’t say anything. I was too speechless. “I can’t take this.” I finally said. “WHAT?! ZOEY!” Gillian wailed. “You do know that this is so expensive right?” I asked. “Oh, please! Alaynia is so rich! That’s nothing to her!” She said. “You're probably right.” I said, putting the necklace and the bracelet on. (With the help of Gillian). “There’s a card!” Gillian exclaimed. “How did she manage this?” I asked. “I dunno.”

I pulled out a golden glittery card. I opened it up. “Dear Zoey, I can’t believe you’re going to college already! I mean...it was a blast for me! I hope it is for you too! Love, Alayina.” I read. “Aw. She’s so sweet!” Gillian said. Gillian cleared her throat. “We have something to give you too.”

Boss looked at her. “We were going to give this to you when-”

Another worker nudged her. “Sorry.” Gillian whispered. “What? What's going on?” I asked. “Basically, we were going to give this to you on the last day of your work, but we were too impatient.” The worker who nudged Gillian said. Gillian gave me a shopping bag. I looked inside, and the first thing I saw was a shoebox. I pulled it out and opened the box. I gasped. “It’s the high heels I wanted!”

“I picked out that one.” Gillian said, proud of herself. I put on the heels. “It fits!” I cried. “Look at mine! Look at mine!” Everyone shouted. “Ok, ok.” I giggled. I pulled out a small purse. My jaw dropped to the floor. “Is this...the...newest….” I couldn't even finish my sentence. “Yup!” Cassidy said. It was the newest Gucci purse. The next gift was from the manager, Olive. It was a coffee cup that said “Employee of the Year”. There were other gifts, but one stood out from them all. It was from another daily customer, Jacob. It had a necklace with my birthstone-a diamond in the middle. “He couldn’t come today because he's sick.” Cassidy explained. “Well tell him that I said thank you.” I said. A customer came in. It was Jacob. “Jacob! I thought you were sick!” I said, springing up. “What? Gillian! I said that my brother was sick, not me!”

“Oh.” Gillian said. “Can I just have some coffee?” Jacob asked. “Sure.” I said, touching this shoulder. I quickly made some coffee and handed it to him. “Thanks.” He said. Instead of going to a table, he sat at the chairs in front of the side counter-where I am. “I told you they're meant-to-be.” Gillian said to Cassidy. She nodded. 

“Heard you’re going to Harvard University.” Jacob said. I smiled. “Yeah.”

“That’s pretty good!” 


There was an awkward silence. 

“So, um. It’s September 13 right?” He asked. I blinked. “How did you know that?”

“Gillian told me.” Jacob answered. I fake smiled. “Well, I’d like to stay longer, but I have to go to work. My break is almost done.” He said, giving me some money. “Yeah, ok.”

“Gillian, we need to talk.” I said, grabbing Gillian’s arm. There were no customers anyways. “What is it?” Gillian asked. I took a deep breath. “Gillian, I know you're doing this because you’re happy for me, but can you not tell everyone that I’m going to college?”

Gillian looked at me. “No.” 

“What?!” I asked. “No! Can I help if I'm proud that my friend is going to Harvard?” Gillian said. I was silent. “Whatever. I’m going back in. If you don’t want me to tell people, then I won’t.” She said, as she walked into Coffee House. I wanted to follow Gillian, but I couldn’t. Because it’s time for me to go to the Hyatt Hotel. 

~Chapter 3~

“Uh, Hello?” I asked as I walked in. “ Hi, how may I help you?” A woman said “Uh, I am new here and I was told that my first shift started at 11:30.” I told her. “ OH! You must be Zoey, right? I’m Selena, and I take the morning shift as Receptionist. Here are some guidelines to help you on your first day.” She handed me a little pamphlet that said “Guidelines to help new recruits: Receptionist Edition” “Okay! Thank you Selena!” I told her as she walked out the door. I sat down behind the desk and started reading the Guidelines to make sure that I’m caught up and know what to do. “Before you do anything, wear this.” Selena said thrusting a fancy navy blue matching blouse and pants. There were gold buttons on them. My name clip was on my top right. “Wow!” I breathed. Selena nodded to the bathrooms. “You can dress up there.” 

I quickly dressed up and sat at the desk and read the Pamphlet. A couple minutes later, somebody walked in. “Hello, and welcome to Hyatt Hotel, how may I help you?” I asked the person. It was a woman in her mid 30’s with a 10-year-old child. “We booked a room under the name ‘Martin’ the woman said. On the computer I searched up Martin. “Are you Alexandra Martin?” I asked her “ Yes, that's me!” Alexandra said. “Okay, here are your keys, and your room is on the 4th floor, number 4o7. Have a nice stay at Hyatt Hotel!” I told her as she walked to the elevators. “You're a natural!” Selena complimented . “Thanks, but I already say this type of stuff at the Cafe I work in.” I explained. “Really? Where do you work?” Selena asked. “It’s called Coffee House.” I answered. “I’ve been there a lot!” She said. “Really?” I asked, in surprise. “I love the Frappuccino there.” 

“Hello, and welcome to Hyatt Hotel, how may I help you?” I asked as an old couple walked in. “Hello miss, we booked a room under the name Anderson.” The man said. I looked up their name. “Well, Mr and Mrs. Anderson, here are your keys, and your room is on the 2nd floor, room 228. Have a nice stay at Hyatt Hotel!” 

“I think you’re gonna be one of the best workers here.” Selena said. I laughed. “Are you kidding? I can’t stay here!” 

Selena frowned. “Why not?” 

“I have to go to college.” I explained. Then I realized that I was no different from Gillian. I was going to tell everyone anyways. I just sat there, glumly. “Aw. that’s too bad.” Selena said. I looked at the floor for like….5 minutes. “Helloooo? Zoey!” Selena shouted. I bolted up. “Huh?! What?!” 

Selena was pointing to a woman. “Oh! Sorry!” I said, embarrassed. “Can I have an empty room?” She asked. “Oh. ok.” I searched up empty rooms, and handed her a key. “Your room is the 3rd floor, room 300.” 


“Have a safe stay!” I said as she walked into an elevator. 

So that happened over and over again. My voice started to get hoars. “Alright! It’s finally time to go home.” I said. “Not so fast,” Selena said, with a wicked grin. “What?!” I asked. “The boss said that we were having a team welcome dinner.” 

People gathered around the desk. “Why, hello, Zoey.” A man said. “That’s the boss.” Selena whispered to me. “Uh..hello, sir,” I said. He smiled. “We’re going to have a team dinner.” He said. “That’s ok. I’m going to coll-”

“Now, now, we always do team dinners!” Boss said. “Um…Sure.” I agreed. 

“We’re...going...here?” I asked. We were in front of a karaoke bar. “Why not?” Selena asked. “Well, i’ve never been here all my life.” I explained. Selena smiled. “Don’t worry.”

“Selena handed me a drink. I stared at it and said, “Yeah..no thanks.” 

She shrugged. “Your loss.”

After that all happened, everyone was dizzy, and stumbling around-except me. I sighed. Now I have to take them all home. I started with Selena. “Selena! Where do you live?” I asked. “In my house.” She answered. “Where is your house?” I asked, losing my patience. “Next to my neighbors house.” Selena said, almost falling. I sighed. I took out her phone and pressed Selena’s finger on her home button. It unlocked. I went on the call app and pressed, ‘mom’. “Hello? Selena?” Someone asked. “Hello! Are you Selena’s mom?” I asked. “Yes..” She answered. “Um Selena is a little… drunk.” I said. “Oh, dear.”

“Could you tell me where she lives?” I asked. “The first house on the slipper street!” Selena’s mom said. “Thank you.”

I dragged Selena to a taxi, and said to the driver, “First house on the slipper street.”

I did that with all the workers. Finally, I was able to go home. 

~Chapter 4~

3 weeks later...

“I can’t believe you’re going to college tomorrow!” Mom squealed. “Me neither! I’m surprised that I can afford the public 4 year option!” I responded, excited “How about I take you shopping so you can choose a new outfit for your first day??” Mom asked. “Moooom. This isn’t middle school anymore, but yes.” And we went to the mall. I found a mint green crop top and denim shorts, along with a leather belt and black high-heeled boots. This was going to be a great year, I could already tell.



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