Walkin' And Stalkin'

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Funny Fiction

I dropped my heavy backpack down on the new wooden floors.

“How was school?” Mom asked.

“It was ok.”

“Did you learn anything new?”

“Same old same old.”

I walked upstairs.

Past my brother's room, was mine.

I stared at my messy room.


“Hey,don’t forget you're the one who made it dirty.” My brother yelled.

I walked back to his room.

“Are you going to give me that look?”

I did give him that look.

That look said: Wow, I wish I could punch you right about now.

I walked back to my room.

I just stood there, and stared.

The bed was made even though I didn’t make it in the morning before school.

Must have been mom.

I fell onto my fresh bed.

My head leaned against my baby Yoda squishmallow.

I grabbed my phone off of the desk.

I clicked on the photos icon.

Scrolled through the photos.

There were photos from Hawaii.

There we slow-mos of my brother slapping my face.

There were saved Tik Tok videos.

Then, I saw something.

It was a picture of me sleeping.

I checked what time it was taken at.

It said it was taken at 3 A.M.

Nobody in my family was awake at that time.

Well maybe my mom.

Or my brother.

Sometimes they wake up to pee.

But I never told anybody in my family my passcode to my phone.

Considering that my brothers is literally one two three four.

Who was it?

Was it a hacker?

But they don’t know my address.

Unless they got into my messages and saw it.

Why did you need my address, Kayli?!

I still never got that letter.

I looked closer at the photo.

I kept a mirror on my nightstand so I got a small glimpse.

I edited it so that it was brighter, and I saw something.


There was a glow in their eyes.

Like a fiery red hot sauce.

I stared at the photo.

I was shook.

My face felt drenched and my soul empty.

Who took the photo?

“Kellsey! Liam! Dinner! I heard mom yell from downstairs.

It scared me so bad I dropped my phone.

It was about to fall off the edge of the bed.

Then, the worst thing possible happened.

The phone fell.

Please people, let's give a moment of silence for the phone.

It just cracked, so please let's take a moment of silence.

After thirty seconds I heard mom yell again.

“Hey!When are you going to get down here!?”

“Coming mom! Sorry I was giving my phone a moment of silence!” I screamed back downstairs.

“Who in the world gives their phone a moment of silence?” I heard mom say downstairs.

I slowly picked up my gold cased phone and flipped it over.

It was cracked.

I cried.

Still crying.

Kept on crying.

Until mom came.

“Honey? Are you alright?” 

“Yeah mom. I just dropped my phone.”

“Oh no! Want me to buy you a new one?”

“Yes. Can you?” I asked.

“Of course! It's not too much trouble.”

“Ugh but not like this old one. I hate it.”

“ I love you too sweetheart.”

“Really, Thank you so much!”

“Now come downstairs for dinner.”

“What did you make?”

“You'll see.” She said, a slight grin growing on her face.

When I got downstairs I was in awe.

There was mashed potatoes.


Mississippi roast.

And my personal favorite, baby carrots.

I sat down at the table.

I placed on a big heaping spoon of mashed potatoes.

Some gravy in a pit of mashed potatoes.

The roast.

And some baby carrots.

As I scraped the last bit of mash, I felt very unsatisfied.

“That was not a good meal. It was very soggy.



“When I got home I was scrolling through my photos and…

“And…” Mom said.

“ I saw a photo.”

“Well what was it?”

“It was a photo of me sleeping.”

"Yeah right! That's just that junk stuff from the internet."

"No it isn't!" I yelled back at him, hearing my voice crack the slightest bit.

"Then I want proof." Dad said.

"I can't. Earlier my phone cracked and its broken."

"No way! That's just a lie!"

"Honey, that's a little harsh. Just a little." I heard mom utter under her breath.

"Anyways..." I explained

“Did any of you guys take a photo of me?”

“No. None of us know your password.” Mom explained.

“Well then who took it?”

Maybe it was your Uncle Jerry. You know how he is with his sleepwalking.”

“Yeah. So do you guys know of anyone who might have taken the photo of me?”

“No. We have no idea. What time was it taken at?” Mom asked.

“It was taken at exactly three seventeen in the morning.”

“Well none of us were awake at that time.” Mom said, standing up to gather all of our plates.

“Ok.” I muttered.

I got up.

Washed all of the dishes.

Went upstairs.


Got dressed into my pajamas.

Brushed my teeth.

Crawled in bed.

Grabbed my phone to watch tiktok.

Then I remembered it was cracked.

I put it back down.

Turned off the light.

Got comfortable.

Then, I went to bed.

“Rise and shine! First day of school!” I heard mom yell.

“What time is it?” I asked her, yawning while I said it.

“School time, baby!” I heard my brother chime in.

I got dressed.

Brushed teeth.

Got dressed.

Went downstairs for breakfast.

Poured myself a bowl of fruit loops.

Got some water.

Packed my backpack.

Got on the bus.

Sat down in seat thirteen.

Talked to friends on the way to school.

The bus stopped.

Rain poured down.



Looked like a hurricane.

But there was no hurricane.

A crazy storm.

There was hail.

Damage to the bus.

We waited.

And waited.

“When are we going to get there? It's so boring!”

The storm finally passed.

We left.

Arrived at school.

Got off the bus.

Walked in the hall.

Looked for my class.

Found it!

Walked in.

“Hello Avery!”

“Hey Ms. Gothel.” I said to my new seventh grade teacher.

“Take a seat.”


“Where shall I sit?”

“You are not princess Avery.”

“Let that sink in.”

“Let it sink in very deep.”

“Down to your stomach.”

“Okay...so where do I sit?!”

“Oh! Sorry. Wherever you like.”

I went over to a random chair in the corner.

I placed my backpack down on the shag carpet.



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Dhwani Jain
07:13 Aug 20, 2021

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Dhwani Jain
07:19 Aug 14, 2021

Two new forms!!! Three new Quizzes!!!


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Palak Shah
15:14 Aug 08, 2021

This is a great story and I loved reading it. You used the prompt very well and it was very enjoyable Could you please read my latest story if possible? :))


Palak Shah
16:32 Aug 08, 2021

Thanks :)))


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Dhwani Jain
10:07 Aug 08, 2021

I am going to be taking a break from Reedsy...check my bio for more.


Ok. How long?


Dhwani Jain
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Check my bio for the details.


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Dhwani Jain
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Keya Jadav
07:01 Aug 07, 2021

Lol. It was pretty straightforward and that's why I liked it the most. I don't know why but I just couldn't stop reading, it was just unconsciously hooking me up. But...what happened to the photo. Who took it? And of whom were those fiery eyes?


And gosh, I wish it didn't cost FIVE DOLLARS to post it if you want it to have chances of winning or getting approved! I hate that it updated like that. I thought it was going to be a fun update. Not an update where you have to pay FIVE whole dollars too get it approved. Its crazy!


Keya Jadav
11:14 Aug 07, 2021

Exactly! It's not at all fair. The new policy suppresses the skills of talented writers that don't agree with the update.


I know right! Its really annoying but they need the money if the prize if you win is going to be $250


Keya Jadav
11:22 Aug 07, 2021

Yes, the mail said, the judges are not able to check so many stories, so they have limited to those who are ready to pay.


Ohh. I rarely ever check my email so thats why I didn't know.


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Who had the fiery eyes will always be a mystery. Since her phone cracked, she couldn't have proof that a person took a photo.


Keya Jadav
11:12 Aug 07, 2021

Thinking of second part? Please!


I might. I don't know.


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And now I am competing against my mom if I can submit it.


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