“Ima go check the mail Jake, be back in a minute!” I heard an okay from the shower, grabbed the keys and went downstairs. I headed to our mailbox and flipped through the mail. Newspapers, fliers, some coupons making me want to drag Jake on another date. We don’t go out as much now that we live together. The last item I pulled out of the box before locking the mailbox back up was something I wasn’t expecting. A hand written letter to Jake? Who was writing him letters. I flipped the letter over to see a fancy red wax seal, from a place I didn’t know. The envelope was an off white cream color. On the back it had Jake’s name, our address, and a short note. “This should help you with your little problem.” There was no return address. We were close enough, I’, sure he wouldn’t mind if I opened up his mail, I couldn’t help myself. I flipped the letter around and carefully got started on the wax seal. “Wait babe!” I stopped and turned around. I shoved the letter onto the bottom of the pile and smiled at Jake as he hugged me from behind kissing my cheek. One hand was around me, and the other was slowly prying the mail out of my hands. “I didn’t get a kiss goodbye,” I eventually let go of the mail as I turned to face him. His hair was still dripping as if he just ran out of the shower. He wore shorts and a bomber jacket, as if he left in too much of a hurry to put on a shirt. He was attempting to hide the fact that he was trying to catch his breath. I rolled my eyes, stood on my toes and planted a quick kiss on his lips. “I was going to be up in a minute, silly.” He took my hand and we walked to the elevator and back to our apartment. ”We should take the day off vlogging, yea?” I slipped the keys back on top of the shoe rack and made a turn for the living room. “Sure. I have to do a little work, but later we should go out, I think I saw some good deals in those coupons.”  He put the mail on the kitchen counter. “Definitely, let me get ready.” he walked into our room as I grabbed my laptop and flopped down on the couch. I looked back at the door, and quietly got up again and made a move for the mail. I sorted out the mail until I saw the letter again and slowly worked on the seal again. What problem did Jake have? I was about half way done when the door opened again. I shoved the envelope under the pile again and opened the cupboard. “Can you pass me a bar? I’m getting snacky.” I tossed him a bar and took one myself so it would look like I was just getting a snack. He leaned over and took the mail. He raised it up to me, “I’ll find a place to eat and then we’ll leave, yea?” I nodded, heading back to the couch. I emailed my boss like I was supposed too and then waited for Jake to come out so we could leave. 

“Burgers and fries is good?” He asked, putting on his jacket. I got up and opened the front door. “Sure,” I turned at my heel, “actually let me just grab a hoodie.” I walked into the bedroom and my eyes went straight to search for that letter. I spotted it and ran towards it, it was open now, the letter was sitting on top of the envelope. I quickly reached for it and skimmed through it. I folded it back up and left it right where I found it, taking Jake’s red school hoodie. I slipped it on trying to not look back at the letter. What did I just read? I pulled my hair from inside the hoodie and walked out of the apartment, Jake locked the door and we walked down the street to the diner at the edge of the street. The things I saw in the letter were lingering in my mind, but I couldn’t find myself to say a word about it. Jake was happy, I didn’t want to drag him down too, not until I find out what the letter actually means. I ate quietly, Jake went on and on, but I just nodded along muttering a few words here and there, just enough to keep the conversation going. He said something about doing groceries, but I told him I didn’t feel well. He went to the store after we ate, I turned to go home and went straight to bed. Maybe I could sleep off the odd feeling. I was only in bed for a few minutes when I decided I had to read the letter again. I read it again, over and over again. I heard a knock on the door, assuming it was Jake, I put the letter back and went to answer the door. It was a lady. “Comeon, let me in Honey.” I looked through the peephole again and saw her smile at me, she looked right through the door and her eyes pierced right into mine. “I know you’re there.” I started to back away. “Don’t run away, I’m here to solve all your problems.” She tried the handle, and for a moment I wasn’t sure if I had locked the door, but let out a breath of relief when the door didn’t open. I looked through the peephole again and saw her take out a knife from her boot. “Comeon girly,” she waved the knife around a few times before reaching into her pocket. “If you don’t let me in, it’s fine, I’ll just let myself in.” she smiled as she walked towards the apartment door and turned the lock. I let out an ear piercing scream as I heard her laugh. I backed up as she walked into the house. The back of my knees hit the edge of the couch and I scrambled up then backwards until I hit the window. The lady had turned to lock the door then held up the knife at me. She was grinning from ear to ear. “You read the letter, didn’t you. You must've known I was on my way. I work fast, that’s why I have such good ratings.” She took a step closer, I thought she was going to keep walking but instead, she put the knife back in her boot and sat down on the couch. She patted the seat beside her, “Come sit. I won’t do anything just yet. I find people like to have one last chance before the deed is done.”  My eyes started to sting, was I about to cry? I felt like blinking back tears. Jake wanted me dead? “Jake should be back any minute now, he’ll be happy to see I'm here early.” Still backed up to the window, I inched over to the side, trying to shyly spot something I could defend myself with. Nothing. Today was the only day we decided on cleaning. Of course. Was this why? The lady patted the spot beside her again. “Come sit, I won’t hurt you. I see why Jake hired me, You’re a very pretty girl. Smart too it seems.” I made a break for it. I ran into the guest bedroom, and just as I was about to slam the door shut, her hand stopped me. She reached for my arm, her perfectly manicured hand curling around my wrist. The other hand pushed the door open. “There,there now, just talk to me. Do you love him?” I nodded. “Yes, yes, I love him so much, I’ve never done anything to hurt him, we moved in together, I thought we were happy.” I whisper shouted. I couldn’t speak up, my throat felt like it was closing up. “Come with me girly. Jake wants to see you now.” She pulled on my wrist, and I let her drag me out of the apartment. I found my phone in my pocket and tried dialing 9-1-1. “Where are you taking me? Let me go!” I yelled. “Your Jakey-poo wants to see you. Now move it, we’re going to see him!” she tugged on my wrist a little harder as she led me out of the building down the street past the grocery store where Jake said he would be. “Help!” I yelled again. “Shut up, Jake is somewhere around here.” She loosened her grip, her hand falling in mine, making us look like two people walking down the street hand in hand, like everything was perfectly normal. “Jake said he was getting us food.” “Well he’s not anymore.” The lady pulled on my hand to get me to walk faster as we walked into a park. It wasn’t just any park, it was the park that held every special moment in our relationship. He wanted me to die here too? Jake slowly appeared in view from behind the slide. The lady finally let go of me, giving me a nudge in his direction. I stumbled and slowly started walking towards him. The tears in my eyes were evident but I wouldn’t let him fall. I turned back to the lady, she stood there with a grin, she just stood there, like a statue. “Jake what is this?” He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small box. He was on one knee now. “Baby, I’ve loved you for so long, you make me so happy, no words could explain it. You made me a better person, I always smile when I think of you, and I just want to spend the rest of my life with you. We’ve been through so much. Remember, three years ago today. I was running and you were here, sitting on the swings sobbing. I crossed the road and took the swing beside you, you were sad, mid panic attack, and I got you to open up to me. That was our beginning. I want to be the only one who helps you through your panic attacks, I want to be the one that makes you smile, I want a future with you. I spent every moment trying to figure out how to do this but this was the only way that felt right.”

 He opened the box to the prettiest ring I had ever seen. I was at a loss of words. What was happening? “We met on halloween eve, at this park, and we love to prank each other, almost as much as we love each other.” He let out a laugh. “Marry me.” He said at last. I broke out the biggest smile, took his arm and stood him up. “Yes, yes, yes!” He took the emerald and silver ring and slipped it on my finger. I reached my arms around him and pulled him into a hug as he whispered in my ear. “This whole thing is on camera too, scary lady to propose.” My eyes widened as I turned to the lady, she waved her hand at me and flashed me a sweet smile. “A little pre halloween scare.” He pulled me in for a kiss when I turned around to face him once more. “I love you so much.” I said back. 

June 26, 2020 23:19

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Your writing packs a pretty punch. I enjoyed reading the story. That's a great prank :)


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