A second to live again

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It's been twenty years since I founded 'Second Chances'. She was there with me when I started it. We were inquisitive to find where it goes. The journey today is coming to a beautiful end. Nostalgia giggles my nose when those memories of an eighteen-year-old nothing finds a second chance to bring a show called 'a second chance'. She told me that it will go well and it did. God bless the TC Productions that it had the courage to take this unpredictable show.


It started when we met the first ghost. His name was Anthony. He died in a car accident which according to him was murder. A journalist killed 9 years ago, who was alleged to have made some clandestine mistakes of a big company giant called 'amazon' under the shade of the government. According to him, he did not remember anything except the car accident.


Now that I am experienced, I can suggest a posteriori, which I presumed to be true after meeting the second case on the show, that all the ghosts of souls without bodies or bodies that have no sources, didn't remember anything except the last scene of their life. When asked the reason from one of our cases, who was a psychologist when alive, suggested that the deadly world was a new beginning to a life we have left and death that is coming in its way. I didn't get it before but when I actually tried to understand, it was that death came to them every day, and worlds began for them after each death. Then which world did they go to after each of those deaths? Well maybe to another world. The psychologist added that each world was different and every world took us away from the life that you are having. One of our cases, who was an Indian philosopher when alive, said the life we are living is one of those dead worlds and coming ahead is something beyond nature, which leaves your soul in different worlds and stabilizes this world's population to another one. Though we are not enough to a warned enough by United Nations worldwide, we are still keeping that not enough in this world.


So where were we? Oh yeah! Anthony and the car accident. So how we met Anthony was through his camera since we always picked the dearest thing to serve as a medium to bring back the soul to his/her earlier life. His camera, which was under the Investigation Agency, was cracked. Its glass was badly crushed. When we tried the Black Magic Machine to get Anthony, we failed. The black magic machine, as the name suggests was the machine where we kept that dearest thing to connect to the soul, and the spells of the Bible helped us achieve it. It was an idea, with no reason and just the spells were a reason that we tried it. There was nothing just stupidity there.


We tried and tried but we failed. Then tried again and again but we could not. It was just the existence we came back to again and again. As days passed, each day made us tedious to do the same thing again and again. The production lost hope and everyone went back. Someone took the machine in the crew, held it up, and thrashed it as hard as he could. It was a feeling in itself, like the one you get when you sneeze all you have into the handkerchief. Ok, that's yuck! or the one you get when you end the nature's call. Again! but I don't have any other example. Ok, let me try another one when you get water after days of a quest. The feeling of a homeless finding home or a student getting his A+ after billions of light-years went by studying for it. Did that make you laugh? No. I just wanted to add humor to the story. Well, maybe it did.

Ok! taking a mediocre one for those who didn't like it. Really? You didn't.


When you have chocolate after years of craving. Hahaha.


So, after that, we didn't turn back. Never. What about production? It had invested, right? So, we still continued with the bogus characters of spirits given second chances to live back and enjoy their last wishes. The stories were amazing. The fact that all ghosts were normal, happy, and cheery didn't make it haunting. It just gave a message to live life so that when death comes near you, you don't have a regret to get back or live or do something you WANTED TO. It all went well. TRP was great, investors were happy, sponsors got big bucks and the production hid stories in their fake pockets.




I actually met Anthony in my dream for the first time. He gave me a weird code in a weird sign language. TC Productions 112 Amazon.gov.in. Suddenly my hands moved on the paper and I wrote the code. Terrific! Right?


When I went back to the office, as expected, everybody thought it was a Buffon talking on another gibberish bogus idea to win more views. The production gave a word that sounded right in their situation "Sorry" and my close friend called Sara said "Poor guy! Dreams are our unconscious memories and feelings, it is just to get the stress out of you by replacing it with relaxed good sleep. Maybe you were thinking too much in the day that your dream screened it in a beautiful love story"


"A love story?" said I, baffled and reluctant to even ask if she was listening.


I started researching about Anthony. I found my Amazon.gov.in hint when I saw what Anthony did. How? I was shocked when I saw the picture of Anthony with the same face I saw in my dream. Galvanized, I shut the computer. I had never heard of this guy, seeing him and remembering what I saw is so unexpected from someone whose nickname is "Alziemer's fugue".


After days of this, I started researching again. Promised I will have the courage to face anything to show something bold, I opened my laptop and started researching.


Anthony Harrari

The journalist who was killed in a car accident, to whose name, even Alexa is muffled, is purported to have reports of unfavorable data piracy to the U.S government.


Going back to the Team, I tried to show them and begged for a Second Chance. I was an eighteen-year-old working in the creative team of production by my name called TC (Tejas Chandna) Productions of my dad. Having belief in an experienced team of white-haired men with no clue what they are doing. Except for numbers 112, I had all my research on all the hints that the code could offer. It was the company ‘Amazon’ and the ‘gov’ was ‘government’ and why TC Productions was there is to get it out. But what was that 112 in the code? The team gave me a Second Chance.


When we interrogated various suspects and witnesses, we found that 112 was the name of the camera and as hurriedly as I could, like a hungry devil after years of no food to get myself satiated, I went looking for the camera. When I went there with my team, took the crushed camera and opened it, there it was: Normal Anthony with just brutal heavy injuries of his accident on the screen. As normal as he could, like us, he replied and told the whole story of his murder. Sara, my friend and the founder of the show, the one referred 'she' at the beginning of the story, was badly shocked.


We talked to him and he insisted on putting the recording from our cell phones to report it as the camera never records, it only tells.


Telling about the secrecy, we gave him a second chance to come out of the camera he was confined for years, to come out and get his second chance on our show. He agreed but the production did not. So as the events went by, with hundreds of amazon employees committing suicides and disappearing like owls in the day, we were enthralled that it worked. We shared a story of a second chance and as fictitious it was like any other, though real, it came as a great theory to mysterious suicides and murders that went by. No one among us knew where Anthony was, but we were happy to imagine he would be happy taking his revenge.


Suddenly, my respect in the company came like I was never a Buffon or an idea giver or forgiven guy with a story to be sorry or like any other human being with a dream that he believed to be a hand of an unconscious movie maker putting great cinematography and stories to a screen called imagination in a movie hall called Brain.


Well, dreams didn't hint me again after that to hit all other million cases the show revealed and reported for the last twenty years, becoming the most viewed show on the television preaching on just one concept "Life in a second chance".


We gave a soldier a life to see his family once again, a girl with faded revenge to kill her rapist who was a priest, 9/11 victims to see their family and not their killers, a father to say sorry to his orphan kids of protecting them in the Paris Attack, World War mysteries to come back from the voice of the soldiers, Pearl Harbour attack to be heard from an American soldier who saw the name of U.S Army on the helicopters that bombed them, Jews to tell the Israelis that faith that forgot them is playing with you, religion to see their spurious maps of wonder it never expected in future when it started, Sara to kill my dad for harassing her in the office and god to see the world he left years ago on our sins that have never stopped.


From Religious text writers to poverty-stricken people, we saw just one thing in that second chance and that was Satisfaction in their eyes when they left. It was like they were looking for it for years and could not get to other worlds because they were not satisfied. They did not remember anything about being alive but the feeling of despondency reflected in their stories when told to them. The memory was remembered but the feeling had always stayed even after they were dead. Clueless, they got their answers to all the questions. The pain of the feeling evolved back and some cried when we told them. I wanted to show this world that the fake stories they were watching were true to the fact of dejection we give when people leave us. 


Mysteries came alive, haunting the ones who were alive and happy, after all, they had done, to fulfill those Second Chances. Second Chances that wanted to get out to a show and second chances that showed mysteries heard to be thought as one of the tricks of a clown’s circus.


Memories have now come to an end. Second chances have given me peace and utter satisfaction that I expected when I began. To this beautiful show coming to an end, here is the last story.


Tejas Chandna

The owner of TC productions, who started the show called "Second Chances" taking revenge on his murder when he told the humanity that his stories were true.

How Happy I was as a clown!

August 11, 2020 14:22

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Keerththan 😀
07:42 Aug 20, 2020

Wonderful ending. Well written. Keep writing. Would you mind reading my new story "Secrets don't remain buried?"


Tejas Chandna
11:22 Aug 20, 2020

Thank you So much! Yeah, I will read it.


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Tejas Chandna
09:10 Aug 12, 2020

Good Ending. Well done.


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Tejas Chandna
09:09 Aug 12, 2020

It did not seem a horror story! It was something beyond that! Loved it.


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Kritika Chandna
09:07 Aug 12, 2020

The story is dark and the ending is shocking! I loved it! God bless you and all the best.


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Tejas Chandna
16:04 Aug 11, 2020



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