Yin and Yang unbalanced towards the light

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Sav crawls lightly on the thick branch and rubs his eyes in the sunlight. He belongs to an ancient snake tribe. Their head has the size of turtle. Sav is very proud of its considerable length and of the insinuating ripples of his body. The big snake knows that he can swallow anything, with a wide and flexible smile, without chewing the prey, whole and ready for slow devouring. Sav is an expert to use the snake-gaze to hypnotize the naïve ones, ready to strangle to death. He would like to poison them with hidden venom, but maybe it’s better to not reveal his strength. Wrapping is a laborious but more effective tactic.

At sunrise, the sun seems to play with the world. Why is the Big RA so shy today? He reveals only a slice like a sickle with a belly. More reddish than usual, the horizon is disturbing Sav. What does this bloody sunrise bring? He looks around.

 A swallow soars in the sky like an arrow. She is in a great hurry to know the ephemerality of her life as a fast-flying being. Suddenly she stops on the branch to the right of Sav and looks at that slice of sunshine.

Where is the moon? The wonder makes the tiny creature with a tail reminiscent of Queen Victoria’s name look around anxiously. A state of uneasiness envelops her when she realizes the Moon is the one that hides the disk of the sun. Behind, this one sparkles in reddish lights scattered like a corolla lit in the morning sky.

Will this eclipse bring me trouble? No, it’s too beautiful for not having a hidden good meaning. The little swallow wants no more suffering. She feels already exhausted by feeding her chicks in the nest hidden by the eaves of a hut. It was getting harder and harder to find food for the little ones.

 From the shade of a tree, he rises, shaking his mane. It’s Leo, the King, strong and domineering. Another morning, a new fight, another prey!!! Leo’s thought of gratitude breaks into little pieces of sadness because not finding in the sky the red disk that warms his body with generosity since the morning buds. He looks up at the sky and wonders: Did the werewolves eat the sun? Or is the Sun thinking of playing hide and seek with us? King Lion makes a strong long sound that seems to express the secret laugh at his own thoughts.

           Squirrel Chip gently shakes her little sister, Dale, her paw resting on the zebra of her fur:

Girl, look at the sky. What is this? Where did the sun go from, leaving only the liar moon to the east?

Are you crazy, sister? Don’t you see? The moon isn’t that piece of the sickle. This time the moon is round, big, and dark. It passes with immense pride in front of the sun so that it can show him she can also shade it!

Dale chuckles with satisfaction as Chip rubs his distrustful, confused fur.

The Cinnabun bunny comes out of his bed with sleepy eyes. What’s so fussy about these beings with wings? They don’t sleep? A nightingale throws her trills in the morning’s cool. From somewhere in the valley, the village resounds with roosters announcing the morning. They sound more promising than before. Angry, Cinnabun raises his ears to what is happening and sees in amazement the dark round of the moon mercilessly covering the bloody red of the sun burning in the eyelashes of the dawn.

Under the blue vault, with red iridescence on the east eyelash, for a short time on the solstice, there are Sav, the little swallow, Leo the king, Chip and Dale join the fearful Cinnabun. The joy of waiting for the day of glory of the Great RA when the light becomes queen over the darkness keeps them united at the same time. This happens no matter if it is only an ephemeral moment, a blink among three hundred sixty-five other flashes because it is one that gives hope, energy.

Some distance away, the city is bustling with life. It is making its way to the day.

Sal got out of bed after a sleepless night. His nostrils are quivering with impatience. He is practicing the dance that would display him in front of the boss, with wavy movements. He will have either to persuade him to promote him or strangle the boss with his own nets, gathered by Sal for so long, with care and perfidy. An evil smile spreads across his face with fixed, hypnotic eyes, hidden under smoky glasses. The glasses accomplish their work; they hide the poison of Sal’s eyes. His eyes stopped on the sun, hidden as if shy behind the moon. They are lifeless but threatening.

Ha, if the fire giant trembles because of a poor moon, I have no reason to give back in front of a pygmy who thinks he is the sun. Sal grins and closes the window with his innate caution, not before glancing once more at the victory of the Moon in front of the Sun.

Maia has already prepared her things for work. Even though she went to bed late, after the little ones fell asleep and after finishing the last pages of homework papers, it wasn’t hard for him to burst out of bed at the first light of morning. He can’t afford to be lazy. Her little ones sleep in cots. The grandma will be happy to accompany them during the day until she returns home. She leaves the block of flats and the beauty of the shy sunrise, of the sun like a New Philanderer, forgotten in the sky, stops her for a moment from her motherhood’s invincible flight. She smiles with a ray of sunshine in her eyes. The beautiful, in any form, does not leave Maia cold.

In his penthouse on the forty-second floor, Leo, the CEO of the most important economic mammoth in the area, wakes up, only to go back to bed for at least another two hours. He runs his hand through his hair like a lion’s mane. The image of the sky slipping through the blinds catches his eyes. Something strange draws him like a magnet to the window. Above the ocean, somewhere beyond the green come gushing from the water, the sun raises red with anger, its cheek covered by a disk of shadow, with a strange red fire in its free eye almost closed. And the entire sky, edged with clouds that have borrowed the color of the sun’s anger, seems to tell Leo to take care today; you will have a hard confrontation. Leo raises his head proudly. He remembers the impending meeting with which he will begin his morning at work, and, after overcoming a passing thrill, he feels charged with his usual pride. A thousand moons crowding in eclipses will not bring me down. He laughs with a slight dull certainty, like the old shoes of the doorman who greeted him late last night when he came home. Leo looked at that shoe with disgust, but now he prefers not to look in the mirror at his face at all. Anyway, what he feels, his power is important, not the eclipses of fear passing, anyway.

In the lobby, Leo passes by Dina and Dona, the two cleaning girls. Dina has her eyes on the big window. Let’s go up and see why the sky is so bloody!

 Do you think it’s a bad sign? - Dona teases her.

But she’s chasing her friend to the elevator. They reached a floor where the sunrise could be seen as in the palm of their hands, stopping with wide eyes and a full soul.

Wow, do you see what a big moon it is?

Lord, Dina, don’t you see that’s a piece of sunshine? Look, the Moon is in front of him and he won’t let the sun swell in the rays.

No, I think that this it’s the liar moon signals like a D that it is decreasing and instead, it will increase tomorrow.

Dina stands for a moment, looks at him for a long time, and asks: Dona, is it a bad sign that the sun is hiding behind the Moon?

Why don’t you think, better, that it’s a good sign that the Moon hides the great Sun?

Dona chuckles at her friend, who is rubbing her cheeks with concern.

On the seventh floor, an insignificant manager who, from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed, pricks up his ears for anything and everything that could endanger his position.

Daily, he puts honey in his mouth in front of the bosses and he tramples on his subordinates but wakes up with the same perpetual fear. Now he twists in bed and heads to the window, as he does every morning, remembering that the magnificent view over the city depends on his position as manager. But today he remains frozen in the face of what the sky, bathed in red, edged with reddish clouds, reveals. Yah, the Moon triumphantly covering the fiery disk of the Sun. A shiver shook him hard.

God, does that mean someone will take my place? He drops into the armchair next to the window. I’ll have to be very careful, he says to himself and tries to get up.

Under the blue vault, with red iridescence on the east eyelash, for a short time on the solstice, there are Sal, Maia, Leo, Dina and Dona, and the insignificant manager. The joy of waiting for the day of glory of the Great RA when the light becomes queen over the darkness keeps them united at the same time. This happens no matter if it is only an ephemeral moment, a blink among three hundred sixty-five other flashes because it is one that gives hope, energy. 

June 24, 2021 20:45

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Chris Rohe
20:01 Jul 03, 2021

Feels like an animalistic point of view of an eclipse, interesting choice of description.


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Syeda Rashmeen
19:53 Jul 01, 2021

Gosh this was such a pleasant read! The vivid imagery with accurate descriptions of the sky had me hooked to the extraordinary piece. I absolutely adore and romanticise how a single element of nature connects the whole world with each individual taking away a different conclusion than the other. You have drafted a masterpiece, bursting with descriptions that are an absolute treat to the mind and eyes!


Rodica Niculescu
20:21 Jul 01, 2021

You are so kind. It was my joy to play with the words after admiring the eclipse on my window at the very moment of the sunrise. Thanks a lot!


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