Fear is just a piece of paper!

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Jake, 8 years old, was a brave boy most of the time. He does not fear to dive in the deepest swimming pool. He never fears the heights of skyscrapers. Spiders were his best friends and he had no fear of cockroaches or math tests. Jake doesn’t fear the dark; on the other hand, he painted his room in the shades of black. He could face every adventure. So, Jake was a really very brave boy for his age. But there is one thing he afraid of!

Only mom knew Jake’s fear. He was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He was adorable and mom-dad loved him so much. They were ready for anything to do for Jake. They raised him as a fearless boy. He was studying at Boys School. Everyone in the school used to recognize him as the bravest boy. But what was that bothering Jake?

Jake had a secret fear of girls! He never ever spoke with any girl other than his mom, aunt, and teachers. He had only boys as friends. It was not that he had this fear since he was born. Dad registered his name in Spring Girls and Boys School and he was happy to go. In that school, there was a girl named Jenny who was the boss. The fear of Jake started when in recess time when everyone was having their lunch she came and grab a boy to hit him hard. Then she and her girls grab lunches of poor boys and girls and escaped. Since then Jake refused to go to school. Dad didn’t understand why but mom found out. Moms got that power!

“Did she does anything to you? Did she hit you or call you with weird names?”

“No. I was away from those girls. I don’t think she did even see me.”

“Then why are you so afraid? If you had done nothing you don’t need to be afraid.”

“That boy was innocent too but she hit him anyway. And when I was at my locker to take my stuff she was there, doing horrible pranks on others. And she gave me a strange look and they were starting to come near me, but the bell rang and the teacher came to the class and I relieved. She was starring at me all the time.”

“Maybe she liked you?”


“Okay okay, I understand, but really does not mean all girls are like the same, right?”

But Jake did not want to go to that school anymore. So mom took the decision and then Jake went to the Boys school where he became popular and everyone’s favorite.

“Hey Jake, do you want to come to my sister’s birthday? It’s tomorrow. I would like if you come. I mean you should come we will have fun.” Max asked Jake.

“Is everybody going? Will there be girls too?”

“Yes, bro. Girls are gonna be there. Emily’s friends.”

Mike misunderstood Jake’s question.

“Then I am not gonna come. Never in a million years.”

“Hey what happened—“ Jake left leaving Max confused.

After school, when all the friends were going home, some girls waved their hands at them. Those were the friends of Max and John. But Jake succeed to give a reason and escaped. On a bright Sunday morning Jake wanted to spend the whole day with mom and dad but he had no luck. A friend of Mom came with her little daughter. No one was sadder than Jake. That girl took Jake’s toys and broke his race car’s remote control. Jake went to his room and locked the door. He was in the room the whole day. The fear about the girls was increasing day by day in his mind. Mom couldn’t understand how to remove it.

Soon Christmas came. On Sunday afternoon, Jake went shopping with mom and dad in the mall. Jake was hiding behind mom and dad to avoid eye contact with any girl. He was so afraid during the whole shopping. When they have done and were leaving, dad remembered some work so he had to go by car. So mom decided to take a walk home. Obviously Jake refused but he was helpless. While walking mom was talking to him but he had feared to come face to face with a girl and that happened! A little girl suddenly came running towards him.

“Will you please give me that ball?”

Jake did not realize what to do. He starts sweating and his throat became dry.

“Hello, can you handover that ball please?”

“Jake, she is asking you something.” Mom said, but Jake couldn’t do anything. He became numb.

“Alright, I’ll take it myself.” She threw a smile at Jake and mom and ran away.

“Jake are you okay? She’s gone.”

“Is she gonna come back?”

“What are you talking sweetie? Come let’s go home?”

Jake was so ashamed. He just decided in any way he is going to overcome his fear.

Suddenly they heard noises coming from left. They went for seeking and there was little girl, maybe as old as Jake, she was hanging from a tree. They came to know that her kite got stuck in the branch and she climbed the tree to have it back, but she got feared when she reached up. That girl was so afraid and her mother was shouting for help. Without thinking a moment Jake climbed the tree and went to save that girl. That girl was so afraid that she didn’t even open her eyes.

“Hey, look at me. Don’t worry. I will save you. Give me your hand.” Jake talked to a girl the very first time without having any fear.

Very slowly and carefully he took the girl down and didn’t forget the kite. Her mother hugged her and thanked Jake and mom. She invited them to her home for a cup of tea. It was the first time Jake was having chatting with a girl. He totally forgot about his fear. While returning home mom said to him-

“You know I really proud of you. You didn’t think about your fear and just went to save the girl. That was the best moment ever. Keep up the good work son.”

“Yes, mom. For instance I totally forgot about what I am afraid of. I realize girls are human too. Not all girls are bad. Or I can say no girl is bad. That was the moment I confront my fear. And thanks to you mom, for keeping it a secret.”

“Uh, I am afraid that it is not a secret anymore. I told dad about it because he noticed your behavior and asked me. And your friends also knew about it. Sorry!”

“What? Mom, I have a new fear now.”

“What? Again? What fear?”

“Fear of getting teased!”

Both laughed. Someone was going to have a great Christmas!

September 06, 2019 17:05

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