Adventure Bedtime Drama

Me and mommy went to see a show

They held it every year in town!

And of course everyone would know

They had a really funny big eyed clown!

He would pull volunteers from the crowd

So gladly they would take steps onto the floor

He would made them disappear

And reappear,making the crowd roar

Mommy promised I could go see

She promised that I would get a front row seat

I laughed and leaped with glee

Not missing a beat

We reached the inside of the tent

The heart of the circus

In here my reality was bent

And I refused to expect anything less than the best

We had just missed the acrobats

Walking on their little line

We quickly and quietly took our seat and sat

Hoping the show would be sublime

Soon enough I heard a big cat roar

As he graciously walked in

It was as if we weren’t there

That he was in Africa again

His mane was lushful with hair

As he took every step and strived

I could not help but to stare

As he took the huge dive

The magician held a ring of fire

It was enticing as the lion began to run

It was as if his mission was dire

And desperate to leap through the sun

The lights above caught every moment

As we all stared in awe

The lion had just jumped through fire

I could not believe what I just saw!

They brought an elephant out next

As we all clapped loud

With each very large step it took

It was as if it were walking proud

A beautiful dark grey shade

And of course its small blue eyes

This mesmerized me quickly

Along with its unbelievable size

I  laughed as it did tricks in front of us

So quickly as the lights turned dark blue

Once the elephant was dismissed

We met the next member of their crew

It was the clown!

The clown that caused wonder and never spoke

They dumped water over his head

And after that it was completely soaked!

He did not have a tricycle

No,he had but a single wheel

He played catch with the other clowns

And then they brought out a seal.

It had only been forty minutes so far

And it flew really fast

I was looking forward to the magic

Hopefully the clown may be able to cast

We heard them cackle and laugh

All of them played and had fun

However now the wheel was on fire

And the crowd was ready to run!

The ringleader came up to the crowd

And spoke loud

He said there was absolutely no danger

Just the tricks and the sounds

I sat quietly waiting for them to ask our help

They started walking around

When one clown asked,I yelped

And I smiled,thinking “I am volunteer bound!”

I touched the clown’s hand

The one he offered out

His hand was definitely too cold

And his grip was awfully stout

This worried me,giving me a heavy scare

As I continued down to the floor

Why was I excited,why did I dare?

What ever did I come here for?

The ringleader stood,watching the show

Just off to the very far side

I wish he would tell me I could go

So I could sneak off and go cry

At first the clowns were fun

No harm,just fun and even a game

However after what was done

I dipped my head in shame

No wonder my mother disliked clowns

And their creepy little smile

I had never seen one up close before

That impression alone made them very vile

I wished to go home

And wished this was a dream

However it was all very real

Even when the creepy man began to steam

It scared me,smoke came out of his ears

And from the top of his head

It made him look very bright

And obviously very,very red

They handed me a mouse

Just a fragile little mammal

Soon enough they brought out

What looked to be a camel?!

Hopefully this show was almost over

As I continue to meet the clowns strange eyes

I held the mouse as if it were a clover

Hoping that another would not pop out and say “Surprise!”

I am only eight! Not really old

And easily scared away

Why in the hell did I think I was this bold

To think I could stay?!

I ran back over to mommy

However the ringleader said not one word

Mommy then took me home

Thinking me bringing the mouse home was absurd

I named it Coco

A little brown mouse

I fed it till it was just plum fat

It never really moved,it just sat

I was home in my bed

Ready to go to sleep

However what I dread

Is the dreams that sink and seep

Many fear clowns,and have for centuries

Due to such a touch,and the obvious face

Now I understand their fear

Like a paralysis potion,efficiently laced

Coco stayed quietly in his cage that night

As I drifted asleep

Curse the damn creepy clown

And the company he may keep

Laughter may be contagious

But is not always sweet

I hope another creepy laugh 

And I never,ever meet

It echoed in my head

Throughout the room,and down the hall

Their hair is not always died red

However the costume makes my skin crawl

Why do many enjoy such a thing

Especially the polka dot suit,or a mask

I hope to never hear one sing

I fear they may have another trick to cast

I wake up the next morning,rested,and alive

As I get up quick from my bed

However I walk over to Coco

And he seems to be dead…?!

“Mom! Mom!” I shout down the hall

After spotting the huge bite on Coco’s tummy

All I could do was stand there and ball

Mom took Coco outside,and out of sight

I think over and over about the window

I could have sworn I had closed it 

But now it is too late

And Coco is bit

I stand and think about yesterday

As my eyes turn pale blue

But then I spot a note taped to my closet

It says boldy “We will get your family too”....

Yet another story,where something may happen

Was it for ruining their show?

Is it just another game

Or is it even a dare to threaten the people you know?...

Please let me know if any story

May cause trouble or a trigger

If notified,I will make it less gory

And the details are a lot bigger!

Thank you for reading once again

As I write another short tale

Thank you for your patience and time

Hopefully I will write another one soon,and it will set sail!

November 27, 2023 12:13

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Vicente Batista
12:20 Nov 28, 2023

Damn, the poem started out so cute and then got scary, I liked it


12:22 Nov 28, 2023

Thanks,that is what I try to go for.


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