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Blankets of mist, floating in breeze, cuckoos still sleeping, nothing much come to life, except the irresistible nature, the sea which is wearing blue and golden hue is coming to them and going away. Nature is never boring like us humans, it's large and huge, mending everything in perfect thread. Asha is sitting 6 feet away from Sulay. Their deal not to cross this proximity, like if they do so, the world will crush them And they knew it is true. Sulay was watching the golden dawn spreading through sunrise. And Asha was watching Sulay his fair oval shape face look narrow and numb from some days. He who never been quiet hardly spoke during all these past days. Sulay was like summer where one live their life fully,whole day look like dipped into liveliness but today Sulay sound like shedding autumn like one who doesn't get enough oxygen, like one who see mirage,in desert like one who exists only physically. For once it was only the sea which was alive, talking with Asha, petting her legs like Sulay used to do.

Asha is cousin of Sulay, she is his Aunt's daughter whenever they meet time seems like an active energy ball, which produce blazing light and work whole surroundings. Sulay And Asha together were just like that, energy ball, they grab everyone's attention. Sulay will pull Asha's hair and she will run after him, whatsoever come across will be thudd...

Asha love music and Sulay is drummer they both started jamming together and as they were real sister's kids no one mind their gelling up, eating ice cream from on scoop, sipping coconut water from one straw, sleep in each others lap during gathering and night camp.

Everything seems normal to their parents. Because they believe when you are real sister's kids I mean real cousin you only feel brotherly and sisterly feelings for each other. But love makes it's own rule book, it could be out of syllabus for you and so stubborn to overcome. Love doesn't see genetics neither it see boundaries. Love doesn't care if one person is Vegan and other is Non-Vegan 

Love has no bar or in that case no bar of cast, of beliefs nothing. And love happens even before you know you are in love, isn’t it right?

Suddenly we realise we want a certain person with us in our grief. We want s certain person with us to celebrate festivals

 We become anxious to find more reasons to stick around to that special person. So many calls, what you eat, hows your project went? Hows your Aunt’s health suddenly we care about people we never meet and those who never even matter just because they are special for our hearts special.

Love is gravity that hold hearts together and to break it down, storming is only option. Love is so simple words but we know from Cleopetra to Diana how this simple word can complicate people's mind, how this simple words make everything complicated and tangled. And how often we been late to caught the changes

But Asha was aware of the changes. Why Sulay call her every evening at 6 and talk till 7.15 I mean when you are young college boy you have so much to do in life. No of things like eating street Maggie and wandering at night venues? Watching movies, Wandering around girls on bike and fun start with evening then why Sulay leave everything rest and chose to talk with Asha? Why. 

Once Asha fell down and got hit by a hard ball on head, Sulay cried like a baby that day. Holding Asha's hand repeatedly patting her head

 He didn’t even eat for two days and hold fast in intention to pray for Asha’s speedy recovery and C.T scan. Today both are living those moments again the moment when they experience love first time, moment when Sulay kiss her not like a cousin but like a lover who badly uncontrolled and moody. Moment when they meet secretly each other for the first time and when they caught up by Asha’s Mom they blabbed, stuttered, and slipped off everything went wrong then. Their love for each other, family reputation, Image in society everything 

Sulay and Asha never said this words " I love you" but they knew they are in love with each other. By the time they both knew that they are no more cousin for each other. They admit it or not but the unacceptable had already taken place in their heart. But they are happy as far as they could live each other's touch and warmth. As far as they could meet anytime they want

They don't get problem when their parents said " Sulay, don't irritate her she is your sister" or " Asha can't you make cup of tea for your brother?" They never get hurt instead they are happy because of these fake acceptance they could live real moments of life.

It was one day from now. Asha's parents and Sulay’s parents gathered. Asha’s Mom hide her face with her Green Dupatta like there are some stinking rubbles floating invisibly. Both family and grand parents asked only one question “ how can you feel something like love for your sister or brother” 

Even once Sulay's father claim that might Sulay been changed in hospital, when he born, he could not be his blood. There are some real problem with genes 

This happens with everyone of us we want our kids must think all the aspects of life like we do

 When we feel someone is wrong and our kid says no I think he is right, we just hit by storm. The authority spilled through our borough up. We try to make kids robot but they know they are not but we won’t give up on that. Will we ? 

So here is Asha and Sulay at Jumpor Beach of Daman living their moments sorry final moments of love they asked for, begged for just some hours of love and they will never see each other again and the condition was 6 frets apart from each other

Sulay, scribbled their name together and in few moments it’s gone with tide this is the fact of life... 

And suddenly recalling everything came to an end the time and moments are over and Asha saw the moon reflecting in the sea right in between their floating existence rising eventually like the reality

November 18, 2020 16:15

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