Ruminations upon approaching my 100th birthday – while still able to scooch, sidle, shimmy, snuggle, squat..

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January thirteenth deux thousand and fifty nine only x number months away. Courtesy of global warming the howl of old man winter long fostered, linkedin, relegated... to the meteorological dustbin of Earth's history. This indignity to enraged Gaia. Subsequently she gingerly foisted upon bipedal critters blistering, scorching, withering,...temperatures. Hellacious for any fool who dared to amble, ferry, scuttle..., across the crusty burnt offering mantle of said oblate spheroid basically, essentially (and literally) liquidated the once diverse four seasons into one hot long summer. Despite dire doomsday prognostications countless elapsed generations blithely ignored stepped up iterations Mother Earth could go kaput fell on deaf ears. Analogous to the boy who cried wolf, the honest to dog diehard devil in the details got nay sayed, poo pooed, trumpeted, et cetera as “FAKE” news. Undisputable, undeniable, uncontestable, irrefutable... scientific data blithely skirted courtesy pant tum mime ming politicians. Hardcore scientific data claimed as ploy to distort, hoodwink, muckrake as odious Republican party. Though no conspiracy theory, this realization undermined quality of all life and stultified all creatures great and small each compromised delicate thread, viz seriously threatened uber World Wide Web. Human civilization (namely soaring disenfranchised bajillion populations contributing most spike, asper hungry mouths to feed) plan net absolute zero elimination of fossil fuels materialized beyond the "talking heads" stage. Serious (irreparable) environmental degradation (diversity regarding species diversification took Kamikaze nosedive) , whereby bipedal hominids (i.e. specifically Homo sapiens to whit) made final endrun touchdown. Only a few toke ken flora and fauna endowed with privilege from said self anointed, elected, and jackknifed biosphere. Total mortal kombat desecration long since declared upon all other creatures large and small (lame odds against most formidable fee fie foe fum I smell blood of Everyman).

The ability for scientists of all stars and stripes (definitely greater than fifty plus) perfected the ways and means to synthesize, (albeit do it yourself cloning kits) recreating (with minimal mutations) impossible mission to distinguish once upon a time authentic animals (particularly humans), and plants versus mutation free replicas version xyz. Each man, woman, and child inherently capable, feasible (manageable), permissible to forage, (or forge) any extinct life form after genetically modified bot size organisms became chromosomally integrated. Yea quite a hullabaloo scores of decades back. These vehement uproars (protesting outright novel manipulation - leftist kindled jibber jabber walking iconoclasts) by good n plenti madding crowd sourced with austere outlook antiestablishmentarian. Popular protests against agribusinesses (amateur blind faith knowledge) frequently led to misguided disastrous results. I refer, (while simultaneously taking deep inhalation of homemade reefer) to age of discovery and exploration. Now nonpareil sophistication generically trademarked, (mere pennies on the dollar) prevailed for mom and pop boutiques "cell bait shops," more so for exotic breeders to catercorner a niche market heartily throve. Interestingly enough, more conservative advocates (initially no surprise liberal revolutionary types) pressed government(s) to assert regulation. Unlikely severe checks and balances could be implemented at this foregone stage, cuz plethora of custom designed ecologies promulgated, kindled, inculcated, et cetera at initial terrestrial hermetically sealed tougher genetic ware of select fertilization. Such accustomed, embedded, gerrymandered, et cetera paradigm part and parcel of humanity analogous to the aromatic, organic, and universalistic controlled environmentally fractionally formulated, distilled, brewed... air supply people breathe. Software applications readily proliferate (though most of us quite able minded to code) for prospective fathers, mothers, or avowed single parent available to tinker, fiddle and finely tune an offspring. The latest purported technological advancement blends computer fostered instituted quasi android with deoxyribonucleic acid these latter twenty first century primates culled, but basic understanding of biochemistry allows, enables, and provides cutting edge fantastic glowing harvested innovations, where fertile imagination stretched to the outer limit of the twilight zone meant outer reaches of cosmos the limit.

Similar to any exploratory craft fabricating, honing, and interweaving the blend of microelectronics insync with carbon life forms takes artificial intelligence into the sketchy realm of science fiction supreme sensate beings. Thus, the prolongation of telomeres lifespan, a quandary gaining significant realization since prelapsarian times, harkening back when my bubba's zayda (to the power of Google) increased longevity of the average human. Actually, even pets (and/or other domesticated creature)

included within sweep of keeping a check on aging cells), perhaps helps to explain the title of this vignette. Naturally, mine bicentennial circuit denoting seventy thousand days warrants accommodation of loved ones. This thrifty Pennywise, (albeit pound foolish) papa i.e. mister mom of Eden Liat and Shana Aubrey tried his level best to guide his two lovely daughters toward enlightenment in an effort to foster maximum self-reliance. Despite an evident developmental delay in the youngest of me girls, the latter nonetheless evinced healthy resilience against her struggle with pervasive cognitive adversity and amazingly married a charming chap who fathered a brood of very smart prolific offspring. Advances within reproductive specialty curried fecundity to be sustained beyond the pale of outdated dogma. Capability, fertility, and healthy integrity of parturition, (particularly women who experienced menopause), no longer feel hamstrung with pegging procreation within biologically circumscribed determinants. Whipped miracle of modern medicine (within which procreation designated), now offer physically mature female, and/or an elderly woman long steeped in her dotage to be considered incumbent womb to sustain viability embryo, qua fetus in utero. Though somewhat old school, (asper the bearing of young via natural copulation, I feel acclimated to current trend of conception. A majority of offspring borne courtesy of noninvasive, yet intermediary methodologies. Nothing provides greater pleasure than spending quality time with kith and kin. A sampling coterie of great (to the nth generation) degrees removed from this grand patriarch include Andale Mono, Arial, Castellar, Cooper Black, Georgia, Pristina, Ravie, Rockwell, Tinos, Verdana and Vivaldi) apprised me as worthy sage. I likewise found myself extremely font per each special lass and/or lad, no matter strengths and/or weaknesses, which became more pronounced as their trials and tribulations thru life accumulated. No doubt genetic predisposition toward intelligence got transferred from yours truly. Analogous to a microscopic Olympic torch occurred whereby the eldest of mine deux darlings invariably bestowed supreme mental prowess vis a vis via that double helix deoxyribonucleic acid strand incorporating the chromosomes housing above average aptitude. At an extremely young age thee oldest Harris heiress

exhibited inherent intellectual grasp that would be no match for doctoral faculty member, which prowess essentially exempted her from formal education. She essentially performed the equivalent of an academic leapfrog, and graduated summa cum laude while in the throes of puberty. Countless scholarships quickly found her opting for bioengineering/medical degree at a high achieving Ivy League. This choice to earn one degree after another (in quick succession) at one prestigious university (within the Beaver state) arose in part so she could be in close proximity to Gadshill farm.

Ever since our reserved quiet twelve year old princess boarded that first solo flight with US Airways (taking a seat in the plane as an unaccompanied minor), that gung-ho gal spent the first of many summers since 2009 cavorting with cousins Ansley (her lifetime beau Tyler), and Marleigh. Shari and Andy Dunning adored, delighted, gratified and jubilantly maintained parental support validating this “star student” and apple of myopic eyes of this boyish looking great grandfather! Confidence, fearlessness, inspiration against adversity and the ability to foster know how, when challenged with (what at first blush appeared as) insurmountable obstacles bred a sense of deja vu je nais sais quois emotional durability whatever that's supposed to mean. Don't complain to this ole dodging codger. Since eyesight failed, I merely try to originate Braille yent poppycock!

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