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It was a rainy day and the sun was hidden behind thick, gray clouds. The streets were almost empty and only a few people were outside. They were running towards their cars or homes to find shelter from the rain that was yet to come. There was only one person that did not run, only one person who stood their ground and kept working; that person was Tony Maple.

Tony was a young man only 19 years old. His physique was average and so was his clothing. He did not seem special. He was not a person you would turn your head for, to be fair though he was hiding behind clothes that were too big for him and his hair was always covering half of his face so you couldn’t appreciate his beautiful green eyes.

I am guessing that the rain on that day did not make him stand out either. The wet hair covered his face as always, and he could barely see what he was doing. The task was so easy and so familiar that he did not need to see; maybe he didn’t even want to see. He opened the big mailbox of district 4 and started pushing the letters into the big green box. His clothes were soaking wet and he was trembling. Nevertheless, he continued his work because this was the only way for him to make money, and he needed it. He pushed the box on top of his bike with a big sigh. At this point, the wet curls that covered his eyes started to annoy him; he groaned and pushed them out of the way. For once, you could see his green eyes, and they were reflecting the puddles. It was truly beautiful and my description of him not being special was wrong. He was special he just did not see it himself yet.

Tony then proceeded his work and closed the mailbox. After that, he drove to the postal office to throw the box full of letters off. He had a quick meal before jumping back on his bike to the next mailbox. He could have driven those ways without looking that is how tired he was of this city, the job, and the same routines every single day. He stopped counting how often he laid awake at night thinking about breaking the cycle, changing his life but after a while, he fell asleep and woke up the next day and had breakfast, went to the same job, returned home, had a few hours for himself, went back to bed and repeated this for months.

The rain got heavier so Tony started driving faster and faster. When he finally arrived at district 5, he got off his bike and grabbed inside of his pocket when he suddenly realized that he has forgotten the keys for the mailbox at the postal office. It was not a big deal, it was not a big loss but Tony felt tears forming in his big eyes. He felt his legs giving up on him, but he knew he had to be strong. There was no one to blame because the person who trapped him in this boring day-to-day routine was himself.

It all started two years ago; he had to decide what he wants for his future, he had to decide which path to go, and he knew what he wanted, he wanted to visit the Academy of Science in the USA. Tony worked hard on his grades, and he was top of his class eventually. He got his diploma and right before he had to apply the biggest enemy of human history defeated him: Fear

Tony did not believe in himself; he thought it would be too hard for him in a new country, all by himself without his parents support, without friends, without courage. In addition, he never traveled out of Europe, he felt too weak, too stupid and too scared. Now he felt stuck in a job he did not want, a job that did not show his knowledge nor did it promote his potential.

After, he had to listen to his boss complaining about his incompetence to function like a normal human being he was back in district 5. He opened the mailbox and started pushing the letters into the big green box. His clothes were still wet and his mood destroyed. Nevertheless, he continued his work because this was the only way for him to make money, and he needed it to survive, he needed it because he destroyed his only opportunity or at least he thought he did. The thought that he could still fix his mistake did not accrue to him. In his head, he fucked it all up but I think that he continued to be a scared puppy. I think that he was not ready yet and that something in his head had to change, something had to trigger him and it did.

It was a week later and another rainy day in Cologne. Tony arrived in district 5 once again but this time he did not forget his key. He started pushing the letters into his green box when suddenly one letter fell out and landed in a puddle. He cursed himself for being so clumsy, he felt so useless. After a few seconds, he started to fish the letter out of the puddle carefully when he saw that the subject of the letter said Science Academy. He opened the letter and flew over it quickly. It was from someone’s parents, and they congratulated their kid for applying to the Academy and for following the path, they always wanted to go. While Tony was reading the letter he started crying because he realized that he could have been that kid, he realized that he really wants to be that kid. He closed the letter again and put it into his green box. Then he drove back to the postal office like always!

No, it was not like always, this time was different because he understood that he did not destroy his life, and he is not stuck in this life either. Tony found his second chance so when he arrived at the postal office he decided that that is the last box full of letters that he will ever drop of.

He told his boss that he quits. After this, he ran home and applied to the Academy of science like he always wanted to. When I saw his grades, I did not hesitate to accept him and I never regretted it. Now he is a very famous scientist and I am very proud when I tell people that he was from my Academy and that he was one of my best students. He is also a very good friend of mine and he told me that he was never tired of his day-to-day routine ever again!

September 06, 2019 15:45

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Aaliyah Louisa
19:45 Sep 06, 2019

I enjoyed your story very much! I think Tony is a very interesting character. I could personally relate to him and I think many young people can. This feeling of hopelessness, the feeling of having made the wrong decision or maybe even feeling as if you have missed your chance, I believe that is something we all experience at some point. I especially liked the ending. It had an important meaning because it shows that even though you are at a bad point in your life right now, things can change and that we should not give up. I hope to read...


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