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That’s the thing about this city it is terrible. It is noisy, stinky, way over priced and not to mention the only jobs for women are demeaning. The jobs are waitress or maid, if you do get an office job it’s making copies or getting coffee. How is anyone supposed to show their potential, if no one is willing to hire them? Marie was fed up, tired of this city. She has been here for a while and it is the same thing over and over again. This city has the best technology job market, if you are a man. The companies are sexist and old school thinking. Marie walked past the next company she had an interview for, frustrated because she knew what the outcome would be. Lost in thought she bumped into a man in blue jeans and button up shirt. Must be lost, she thought, no man dressed like that is from this city.

“Sorry, I was not paying attention”, she said.

“No worries. I was looking for somewhere to get lunch, but do not know where to go”, he replied.

“Well if you want a good meal, you should definitely go to Tiffy’s. It is a little rustic looking, but the food is fantastic. It is located over on 3rd street.”

“Oh, okay. I will go check it out. Um.. could you possibly show me? I don’t know where anything is. That is if you are not too busy.”

Marie looked at the building, then back at the handsome stranger. She did not know him and knew she should not go with him. Tiffy’s is a public place though and it was a short walk. Marie knew how the meeting was going to go, so might as well get some lunch.

“Sure. Why not, it is a short walk. It is just a block over.” She said with a smile.

“Are you sure? Do not want to impose or make you miss anything”, he said.

“ I am sure. I was heading that way anyways and my interview isn’t for another hour. It is this way.”

“Thank you.. Um?”

“Marie.” She said extending her hand.

“Nice to meet you Marie, I am Nick”, he said as he shook her hand.

Nick followed the woman, Marie, down the block. He knew exactly who she was, he was the person she was meeting for the interview after all. Nick just moved to the city and took over his company, which was actually left for him by his uncle. His uncle has a few problems and Nick knew he could help, with Marie that is. Nick’s uncle was just like the other businesses around here, they all viewed woman as maids or secretaries. It wasn’t so bad, if that is what the woman wanted to do but other woman wanted a real job. He saw Marie’s resume and it was really impressive, she was determined, reliable and smart. She could make a company great if given a chance and Nick felt he was the one to give it to her.

They arrived at Tiffy’s and took a seat outside after placing their orders. They sat in silence for a while, until Nick spoke up.

“So, Marie, What do you do?” He asked.

“For fun or career wise.”

“Either”, he said with a grin.

“Well, career wise I am a marketing consultant or would be if I could get hired as one.”

“What does a marketing consultant do exactly?”

“Help plan or make improvements to the company. Suggest new ways to reach customers, that sort of thing.” Marie said while taking a sip of her sweet tea.

“That sounds like a big part of any company. Are you any good?”

“I am fantastic at what I do; this city just has a certain view of who should be in charge. Sadly I don’t really look the part.” She said with a hint of distain.

“Well, you look great to me”, he said with a wink.

“Exactly my point, this city only views woman as something to look at. To make offices look good and keep coffee made. It is ridiculous!”

The waitress brought them their food and they ate in silence, occasionally looking up at one another. Marie broke the silence this time.

“Sorry. I appreciate the compliment but…” she said trailing off.

“No need to apologize, you are passionate. Any company should be glad to have you, to have your help. If they don’t see that, it is their loss.”

“Thank you”, Marie said blushing, “So what do you do?”

“Me? Well I just moved here and still trying to get a handle on things.”

“That didn’t really answer my question”, she said grinning.

“True. Maybe I like being mysterious or maybe I don’t know what I am doing yet and need help figuring it out. So that building you were staring out, was that where your interview was?”

“Yep, I know I arrived early but I like to get a feel of the place before the actual interview.”

“Oh that’s smart, do research and all that. What do you know of it? How do you think you could help?”

“Well I can’t tell you too much because it is supposed to be confidential, but the company has gone down hill and it would be my job to bring it back. They are getting a new boss, so I do not know who I will be meeting with. The company works with solar power and tries to decrease the amount of energy used; they need an updated platform and market but I feel I could help if they gave me a chance.”    

Marie went on to tell Nick about what she would do to help the company by expanding it and using other resources. Nick was impressed; she researched and has great ideas. He knew he had to hire her. Marie would make a great addition to his company. He didn’t care that she was a woman; his uncle’s views did not apply to him. If Nick wanted the company to thrive he needed the best and Marie was that. He was about to tell her the good news when the check arrived. She insisted she pay her share and after a little debate he let her. He would get the next one, he could see other lunches in their future.

Marie paid for her lunch then looked at Nick. He was different, she could tell. He actual seemed interested when she was talking. The day was going better and hoped it stayed good with the interview.

“Well I better get going. This was fun, thanks for the conversation.”

“Thanks for showing me this place. You are hired by the way.”

“What?” Marie asked looking shocked, “What do you mean?”

“I am the new boss. I may not look it but here I am.”

“Do you always take potential employees to lunch?”

“No, but I knew that I wanted to hire you and I was very hungry”, he said with a grin.

“So this lunch was the interview?”

“You could say that. I find interviews in an office stuffy and intimidating. People get nervous, take them out to lunch and they are more relaxed. You get a real feel for who they are that way.”

Marie looked perplexed. Nick had to fix this.

“So I looked at your resume and its really impressive and the plans your have are great ideas. I really do want to hire you.” He said smiling.

“Ok. I would be happy to work for you.” Marie said with a big smile.

They left and headed back to the office, ready to get started. That’s the thing about this city, Marie thought, it is great.

March 19, 2021 17:48

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16:42 May 06, 2021

this was a really wholesome story! starting with, 'that's the thing about this city; it's terrible' and ending with, 'that's the thing about this city; it's great' was a good call. i have a critique for you, though. here it is- the dialogue. very, very stiff. no contractions- (don't, won't, can't, ect.) the way they talk is forced, sort of- you could add some awkward silences or a few 'uh's' or 'uhm's.' a prime example of this is when marie tells nick where the cafe is- 'it is located over on third street.' it kind of sounds like something s...


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