Fiction Middle School Teens & Young Adult

Author's note: This talks about the life of Kevin Drew before he met Rachel.

β€œNo, no way.” I stated. β€œI don’t want to work in a bakery when I could achieve more in life.”

β€œBut Kevin, all the boys in our family need to take care of the bakery.” My mother insisted.

β€œNo, let Gail do that.” I countered.Β 

Gail was my older brother, he unlike me did care about the prehistoric bakery that had been in our family for generations. My grandfather used to work there but he retired a few years ago after my father took over.

My brother sometimes helps dad with managing the old place. I never really cared about it as much. I had better things to do.

β€œJust sell it.” I would urge.Β 

My parents would be persistent of me being part of the family-business, I didn’t and never will work there.

β€œYou're my son, you need to make your family proud.” My parents constantly reminded me.

β€œI do...that’s why when I grow up I’m going to work at a business...a real one.” I proudly told them. β€œThey pay good money as well.” I added.

β€œIt’s not about the money son, it’s our family’s most prized possession, this old crumpled up building is my life.” My father would go on and on. I had enough of this. I had decided that I would go seek my future by myself, so I decided to leave my family. I was thirteen years old at that time. Would they let me?

β€œI’m leaving.” Those two words echoed through my ears. Was leaving a good idea? Will my dear mother survive without her youngest son?

β€œKevin, my boy, what is wrong with you?” My father sternly asked. I wanted to leave as they were convincing me not to leave and one day take over El cafe amoroso which was the name of the bakery...ya right...translates to the loving cafe...what kind of name was that?

β€œI want to explore the world, I can’t be cooped up in a small town, in an old bakery all my life.” I explained to them the best of my ability.

β€œYour right.” My father said, I didn’t think he would give in so easily without a fight...not literally a fight...you get what I’m talking about.Β 

β€œSo...will you give me the freedom to do what I want with my future?” I asked impatiently.

β€œYou're too young to be on your own, my brother Matt lives in Tennessee, why don’t you live with him for a while and finish school there?” He suggested.

β€œReally, I would love too.” I knew dad was hoping I’d say no and be a big baby about living with an uncle I've never met but I had made my final decision and I wanted to stick to it.


β€œBye.” I had my luggage in one hand and a box of mom’s favorite chocolate chip cookies on the other.

β€œI hope you will be successful, I will miss you.” Dad sighed as he pulled me into a quick hug. Mom was more intimidated by my idea as she begged me not to leave but she knew I had to leave her side someday...and that day happened to be today.

Gail smiled at me as we did our signature handshake and finally embraced...bro style.

β€œI’ll miss you bud.” He called out. β€œGood luck.” 

I flashed them a quick smile and got on my cab to go to the airport. It felt like a decade when finally I felt the smooth landing...I had reached Tennessee.Β 

Derek, my aid on the plane helped me unload my things and search for this β€˜uncle’.

I noticed him right away. Except his long brown hair tied in a ponytail and his eyes were deep blue he looked like my dad for sure.

β€œHey kiddo, I’m glad you decided to pay a visit here.” He raised his hand for a high five but seeing no action from me he put his hand down.

β€œLet’s go, Martha’s waiting for you.” He took my bag in one hand and hustled through the airport to his old dingy truck. The paint was chipped off and the radio seemed to be broken but it still ran like a new truck at least.

β€œWho’s Martha?” I finally spoke, breaking the awkward silence.

β€œWhy, she’s my wife...your aunt.” He narrowed his eyes at me as if I was insane. β€œYou didn’t know?”

β€œMy...dad never told me much about you guys.” 

β€œMakes sense, your dad and I go way back but he was always about staying in one place and running that old cafe…”

β€œIt’s a bakery.” I interrupted him. β€œNot a cafe.”

β€œWhatever, I never liked that old thing.”

β€œI feel the same way.” I silently whispered that even I couldn’t hear myself.

β€œSo what are you doing all the way here?” He asked. β€œYou don’t like Mississippi?”

β€œIt’s not that, I wanted to explore, if I stayed there then I would have to work in…” I stopped because I knew he was understanding what I meant since he felt the same way.

β€œI get you kid, don’t worry, Martha and I will take care of you until you are able to fend for yourself.” He said as he parked the car. I looked around. The sun was hiding behind the clouds so it was very shady. The wind was picking up. I noticed the house, it had a retro style structure, the beams seemed cracked and old, the windows had cobwebs all over, the door was slightly ajar as uncle Matt led the way. He placed my luggage on the hard wooden floor as a young woman walked in. Her blond hair in a loose braid as she clutched a spatula covered with batter of some sort.

β€œMartha, meet my nephew Kevin.” He introduced me to his wife.

β€œIt’s an honor to meet you Kevin.” she shook hands with me politely. β€œI always wanted to have kids but sadly I don’t, I’m sure you will have so much fun here.” With that she left, her spatula had dripped a few batter on the floor.

β€œI’ll show your room, let’s get you settled in.” He took me upstairs. β€œHope you like it.”

I looked around my new room, it was small but definitely had potential. I loved the antique look of the bed. The windows were drawn so the room looked dark until uncle Matt turned on the lights. I was able to see clearly now. The bed was big enough for a thirteen year old boy for sure.

β€œThank you...for your hospitality.” I realized I never thanked them, how rude of me.

β€œAh, it’s no problem kid.” He said as he was leaving me to be. β€œAlso...I arranged for you to go to Dove’s middle school right across the block.”

Ugh, school...I hated to be the new kid. Oh well, maybe I just needed to see some kids my age and interact with them.


β€œBye, have fun.” Auntie Martha waved as I strapped on my new backpack uncle Matt found in the basement.Β 

β€œThanks.” I muttered, I don’t know about fun...maybe stressful.

β€œClass, we have a new student today...Kevin Drew.” My teacher declared my arrival. I rolled my eyes as I came forward of my class. With practically everyone staring at me I was beginning to feel faint.

β€œIntroduce yourself dear.” My teacher insisted as I just stood there frozen with fear.

β€œHi-hi, I’m Kevin and...I’m from Mississippi, I’m living with my uncle and aunt for now.” I finished, my face was flushed as I walked to my seat again wishing I wasn’t the center of attention.

I kept my head down for the rest of the day, no one really seemed to mind me, I was just a needle in a haystack.


I walked through the corridor, just minding my own business. I still had my head down so I didn’t realize someone wasn’t paying attention either as we bumped into each other.

β€œHey.” She shouted, for a second I thought she was going to punch me in the face but after seeing my blank expression she quieted down.Β 

Her light brown hair sparkled in the sunlight and deep brown eyes reminded me of my childhood dog's playful eyes. Her face seemed too young for her age as it was made by angels, her lips were the perfect rosy pink, she was beautiful...at least to me. She narrowed her eyes at me as she realized I was staring at her open-mouthed.

β€œMay I pass?” I could hear her trying hard to be polite to me.

β€œOh-shoot, sorry.” I replied, my face was now as red as a tomato as I got out of her way. She tried to turn right the same time I turned right, then she went left and I went left too!

β€œOops, sorry.” I turned right as she rolled her eyes and walked past me annoyed.

Who was she?Β 

I shrugged as I walked away. Whoever she was I felt...a connection. I didn’t know why?

I’d never felt like this about any girl. Why her?

I sometimes wished I could predict the future but I can’t. The future will always hold it’s mysteries but one thing’s for certain. I’m never going to work in El cafe amoroso, I’m going to make my family proud in a different way.Β 

I know I will...one day...

November 23, 2020 17:07

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Great job! The ending was really good as well as the beginning when you hooked me in. The story was very descriptive and beautiful. It had an even balance between dialogue and description which I thought was very nice.


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Great job, Varsha! The story is full of emotion and it plants a seed of curiosity in me. It makes me wonder who was this girl? Awesome work!


Thank you, you can read the other stories below to know who the girl was.


Okay! I will definetly check them out.


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I really loved the way you hooked the readers in the beginning, that made me really interested. Also, I love the way the entire story flowed (in a sense). Great job, and keep up the awesome work Varsha. =)


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Akshaya Sutrave
04:17 Nov 24, 2020

This story sheds light on Kevin's perspective. Writing it was a great idea! It was really catchy, especially if you read the other backstories, as well. Keep it up!


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Kate Reynolds
17:43 Nov 23, 2020

Wow great story! Love the ending!


Kate Reynolds
21:00 Nov 23, 2020

No problem!


Kate Reynolds
23:57 Nov 23, 2020

Will do!


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