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Adventure Fantasy

Early morning, Zilic came out on the deck and saw Jemima hanging over the railing staring out at the ocean, deep in thought. She however heard the footsteps and snapped out of her gaze to look up at Zilic. "What are you thinking about?"

"Hm, old memories." She said her face stricken.

Zilic looked up fast, fully aware that her past including some of his species enslaving and killing her family. She saw his reaction and dismissed the notion quickly, "Different memories."

"I see," he murmured, relieved but still cautiously choosing his next words.

"What brings you on deck this early?"  

"I could ask the same of you?" She raised an eyebrow at this, as she was a notoriously known early riser. He moved closer also gripping the railing, he looked at her, almost studying her facial features as she once again stared out at the horizon. He then reached forward and kissed her on the cheek, Jemima leapt backwards. Almost instinctively she reached for her razor-sharp daggers but stopped herself at the last second.

"I... I should probably go." She stated bluntly and almost ran to the cover of the cabin.

After days of carefully avoiding Zilic on the ship, he finally tracked her down sharpening her daggers, in the storeroom. She sighed as he finally cornered her and put her knives back in her belt. "I began to wonder when we would have this conversation." She said plainly, the merchant rubbed his bald head in embarrassment.

"Look, I'm sorry."

She sighed and stood up and moved the crate back against the wall. "What is there to be sorry for?"

He looked at her, he opened his mouth to say something but found himself speechless. "Can you pass me the Steel?" Zilic bent down to pick it up and crossed the room. He placed the steel in her palm. She lent causally against the pile of sacks and looked at the cord around his neck. Jemima reached her hand out in question. He stepped forward in answer, her hand splaying against his chest, he stepped forward again until he pushed her firmly back against the sacks. Jemima savoured the moment and felt his short breath on hers, then slowly she leant forward. They heard the storeroom handle twist and she pushed him off of her, pulling out the steel and dagger again. [Insertwolfesnamehere] raised his eyebrows at the slightly red Zilic and Jemima sharpening her daggers. "Mind passing me a keg of ale?" He chuckled. Jemima looked up from her dagger and placed them back on her belt.

She grabbed one, "I might need to join you for that." She passed it to the sharp-featured man and followed him out of the store without so much as a glance back.

The harbour stank of fish as the party rode through it, the dismounted outside an inn. The birds shouted with wild joy, they jumped up and down. Several of them chase after sea creatures. The birds would dive into the water and suddenly shoot up into the sky like rockets. Handing their horses over to the stable hand for a cool down. Sato dropped some coins on the matted desk in front of him and the lady with thin hair led several of them up to their rooms. Geric however had seen a pub across the harbour and with Kalegeran, [insertwolfnamehere], Zilic, Hawkins, Sato and [insertshadowwolfsnamehere] close behind. As they walked through the musty old docks, Jemima saw a ship with large masts, bearing a single flag. She started to swear furiously and tried to sink in between the party.  


"Kriff!" she muttered under her breath, then more loudly, "Walk faster."

"HAWKIN!" They yelled again, she stopped grimaced and turned.

Just loud enough for her group to hear, she stated blandly, "Just follow my lead and do as I say."

"Boys! She stated grandly, "What can I do for you?"

The leader stepped forward and growled, "You know what we want Captain!"

"Come now, you know I put that life behind me." She mocked innocence.

"Once a pirate always a pirate, Captain Hawkeye." The ugly man spat. Her group portrayed the slightest look of bafflement and surprise. The other captain chortled, "They don't know do they?"

"Of course they know." She snapped. "It's not easy concealing yourself as the best and most well-known pirate to ever exist." She grinned cunningly.

"As modest as ever I see."

"Naturally." she flexed her hand, "Now what can, I do for you, William?"

"You owe us Hawkeye, and you know it."

"As I recall, it was you who owed me, you stole my loot and my crew simply burned your ship. A fair price for messing with me."

"I disagree, but I think a ship for a life is a fair trade." He flicked out his short sword and advanced.

"We shall see." She waved her hand dismissively at her friends behind her who all had slipped their hands down to their weapons.

With merely her knives she advanced on him, with incredible speed she slashed at him, his shoulder caught between them. He flung his sword down at her and she flicked it away with her knives, he stumbled and recaught his footing. Swinging again at the agile woman, she stopped it again and slipped her hand underneath the sword, the knife grating on the sword. His glare was replaced with a look of confusement and shock, he opened his mouth to say something, but only blood came out. He went limp and fell on the ground, unmoving. Hawkeye's challenging glare levelled out to his crew and they picked up their weapons and attacked. The fight was over before it began and the group walked away victoriously to the pub.

"Your Captain Hawkeye, the Captain Hawkeye?"

"It does seem that way." She stated coolly.

"I can't believe it." Geric gaped.

"Anyone else have any secrets they might be interested in sharing, no packs of Gonzilians gonna come at us from nowhere because someone broke the princesses' heart?"

"I wouldn't be surprised." Zilic flashed a devious little grin.

"Captain Hawkeye, hu-h, what a surprise."

"Let's not make a big deal about it, it makes sense if you put the puzzle pieces together, we should be careful though, there is probably more of them."

"How many people have you upset?" [insertwolfnamehere] asked.

"A lot. Although they merely upset me and paid one heck of a price for it."

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