Growing up I was unfortunately the only child.

I used to hate not

having any siblings to talk to, hang out with, share crazy stories with or just

to have a shoulder to cry on. When they would have siblings’ events at school,

I would immediately feel sad... Most times I just wouldn't even attend school.

My parents used to try and persuade to just go to the events anyway, have fun,

meet new friends, (but at that time, I didn’t want to make new friends.)

However, I did try numerous of times but once I gotten older I slowly didn't

feel the need to attend any of these events.

It wasn't until I

met my best friend Kara Elizabeth Stanley. I call her Lizzy McGuire (that’s her

favorite show) or Kara Bear (stuff bears is her favorite animal) actually I

have a lot of nicknames for her. We met the first day of drama class in 10th

grade, our connection was instant. Come to find out that she's also the only

child in her family. We would always pick each other for partners for improvs

skits, hang out after school, have sleepovers etc... She was my piece that I

felt was missing.

We were together in

the same high-school all 3(technically 4) years... I said technically because

we didn’t officially meet until the 10th grade, but she was also in

the same high school (Wilboro High School) as me in the 9th grade. Until

she had to move away. Her dad, who I call papa Richard or pops got a new job

offer in Los Angeles for his company as an Executive director for a new

technical lab he's building. Kara's mom Kandice, Who I also call ma or mama is

a customer representative provider for a bank.

Burress Bank, it

was originally called The Bank for you! But I guess they figured that "The

Burress Bank" sounded more professional.

So anyway, when

Kara told me the news I was absolutely devastating... We both were! Especially

since the holidays were coming up and our families would always have a

friendsgiving. My mom would cook and Kara and her parents would always bring a

few dishes over such as; cranberries, sparking cider and green bean casserole

dinner rolls, just to name a few .It was the best of times. It started in high

school and we kept it going ever since.

She moved around

her 2nd year in college, just as I was about to transfer there. I decided that

I wanted to go to a university first that's near where I live, I majored in

drama arts, but I minored in creative writing... Kara, had a full ride

scholarship to Western Virginia University, majoring in Dramatic arts/Creative

Language. She's really good at acting, she'll make a phenomenal actress

someday.... She also has plans to open up a business that dealing with her creative side of acting; such as the languages that are used and helping others to display their creative language in acting form.

Since that day it's

been about a year and a half since I have seen her. We talk and face-time

daily, however we both have jobs and things we have to take care of... Now since

being detached from what I felt safe with, I had to restart all over with

finding my tight-knit circle. I have been able to meet some amazing like-minded

people, since Kara moved away, I met... Ashley, Leah, and Samantha. We all have

join choir in college during some tough times in our lives.

Ashley and Leah are

sisters, they're dealing with their dad George being deployed. Samantha is

dealing with her parents in the process of getting a divorce. And of course

there's me... Oh wait sorry guys I never mentioned my name, (which is Alliana,

or Allie). I'm dealing with feeling alone not sure when I will see my best

friend again, on top of having to start over in a sense with meeting people who

would push me and motivate me for greater beyond. I grew a strong bond with

these ladies, a solid sisterhood that I wouldn't trade for anything in the


Fast-forward to today

*Ding Dong*

Lina: Honey, can you answer that (Aliana’s mom yelling from the kitchen)

Alliana: Okay, sure mom!

I gave everyone a

puzzled look, because everyone was here for friendsgiving

 And to my surprise it was my very best friend Kara Bear!!

Alliana: Kara, what

are you doing here??! (Nearly in tears)

Kara: (With the

biggest grin on her pleasant face) Surprise!!! (Embraces me with the biggest,

tightest hug) I came to spend friendsgiving with my sister, my best friend. We

have been though a lot with only having been in each lives for a short time,

but it feels like a lifetime.

Alliana: Ohhh my

goodness!! (Pauses and looks around) where's your mom and dad... (At that very

moment, Kara's parents walks in the door yelling....

Richard Kandice:

Surprise!!!! Happy Friendsgiving!!! (Immediately goes in for a tight hug)

Alliana: Wait,

(slowly looks around) so was everyone involved in this surprise?!

Everybody: Yes (laughter)

Alliana: Wait, have

you all met each other? How did all this happen? (Her mind is racing 60 miles per minute)

Samantha: Well, I

noticed that you are friends on Facebook, and I remember how Allie would mentioned

just how she misses you. I messaged her and thought it would be cool to set up

a surprise visit. She has such a giving heart, this is the least we could do.

Kara: Yes!! You

have such a sweet spirit and I immediately agreed on that idea and just had to

get my parents on board... Which took absolutely no persuading at all. They

were all in. I mentioned that we won't facetime, or if we do it would be close

to my face so she would pick up on anything suspicious in the background.

Ashley: Leah and I

agreed to pick them up from the airport...

Leah: And...(Looks

around with her arms open) well here we are!!

Alliana: (at this

point, tears floods her eyes) you guys!!

Kara: I would say

that this is our first time officially meeting in person!! And I love each and every one of you girls!! This truly something beautiful!!

Alliana: I just want to thank each and every one of you, you made this Friendsgiving one to remember; my parents, my other parents, my new found sisterhood… I think I going to change the name from Friendsgiving to Sisterhood Share! We’re more than friends and although were not related, blood couldn’t make us any closer. 

November 26, 2019 23:48

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