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I hate pranks. Especially because that one time my cousin and I pranked my best friend and the cops literally almost showed up at my house. Long story, but we got time.

So one day, my cousin and I, mostly my cousin, thought it would be a great idea to prank my best friend, Kyrie. (The day before, she met him for the first time. We were at Cape LakeSide and were swimming on the hot day of July 7th.) At the time, I had a great crush on this guy named Augie Miller and he bought me a beautiful mood necklace that I wore around my neck every day and Kyrie knew I did. He knew it had a significant value to my heart. Although it wasn't even close to April 1st, my cousin loved pulling pranks on people. On the other hand, I didn't like them as much. I thought this idea was a bad idea. I honestly didn't even know what her prank was until Kyrie to freaking out and texting me like crazy. So now you must be wondering what my cousin, Sara, did or why the cops were involved. Let's just say, for now, that pulling pranks on people is a TERRIBLE idea.


July 8th; the day of the worst prank I've ever been apart of:

Sara and I were sitting on the couch of my living room. We were playing board games and watching tv. We weren't really doing any active things besides being on our phones. My cousin would casually glance at my phone reading the corny messages Kyrie and I would type to each other.

I'm not the bold type and I don't tell people how I feel if I feel a certain way. Like for instance, many people would consider peaking on someone's phone is rude, and I think so too, but I wouldn't exactly say it... if that makes sense. I'm older than Sara, but she likes taking charge and I let her because as sad as it sounds... I'm a follower, not a leader.

Sara told me to give her my phone, so I did. She basically just snatched it from me. I wanted it back, but I didn't say anything about it. I kept asking her what she needed it for, but she just kept saying hold on, hold on. Then she finally asked me to take my necklace off, so I did. I gave her my prized necklace and watched her go to the corner of my living room and snap a picture of my necklace. I was confused and asked for my necklace back. She tossed it to me and I clipped it back on. I tried looking over her shoulder at what she was doing, but I couldn't see much because she was covering it.

"I'm pranking your friend."

"Why? May I- Can I- Please, can I get my-"

"I sent him the picture of your necklace in my hand and attached this... isn't that funny?" she faced my phone to me and I read the caption under the picture.

"If you want to see your friend again, come get her."

I couldn't believe my eyes after that. Why? What?

"Funny, isn't it?"

"Um... not funny! Absolutely not funny, Sara! What if Kyrie thinks it's real? Huh?!"

Text messages were popping up from Kyrie...

"Who is this?"

"What do you want with my friend?"

"Is this a joke?"


"Don't hurt her!"

By this time, Sara hadn't given me back my phone. Kyrie called but he didn't answer. She thought it was funny, but I didn't know what to do. She told me she'll text him it's a joke soon. She wanted to wait, so we just sat on the couch. I was so stupid. Why couldn't I just stick up for myself? Why was she so manipulative? I hope Kyrie is okay.

I got up to use the bathroom. I rinsed my face with cold water and shook my head. I'm going to walk back into that room and put my feet down!


In the other room:

"Hello? Who is this?"

"Is this Jess?"


"This is the Cape Cop Department. Are you in charge of kidnapping Jess Stewart? Tell me who you are, now!"

Sara hung up. Panicking. Scared. Not knowing what to do, she cried.


I walked into the living room, planning to say how I felt.

"Jess! Jess! The cops called your phone. I hung up I don't know what to do. They keep calling, Jess. What do I do?"

I didn't believe her. She was a good actor and a great schemer.

"Great, another prank. Sara, why can't you just be normal? Be a good cousin and not treat me so badly?"

"I'm not lying. It's not a prank, promise. I texted Kyrie it was a prank. It was just a prank!"

The phone rang again.

"I think they're calling again. Here."

I take the phone and answer.


"Don't hang up the phone. Is this a prank? Is this Jess?"

"Yes?... This is Jess."

"I have your location. This is the cops from Cape Cop Department. Don't hang up the phone."

I hung up the phone. I was now scared. It sounded real. I don't know what to do.

My uncle, Darrickk, walked into the living room. He was watching us while my mom and Sara's mom were out.

"Hey, ya'll want some popcorn?" He sees our faces. "Are you guys okay?"

In unison, we blamed each other...

"Jess didn't stop me when I tried pranking her friend!"

"Sara pranked my friend and now the cops are after us!"

"Okay, okay, slow down. First off, never let Jess prank anyone. It always goes wrong. Second off, the cops? Jess give me your phone."

"Okay. They keep calling."

My eyes stung every time a tear ran down my red cheeks. I was hyperventilating I thought I was going to be a victim of a stupid crime my cousin committed. My cousin was balled up on the couch. Bawling her eyes out. Scared to death. Probably regretting everything.

Uncle Darrickk handled everything. The cops told him to put us on the phone and we had to apologize and promise to never do anything stupid again. I swore I'll never prank anyone or be apart of any prank or joke ever again. I swore.

After that, I read my texts. My friend's mom was texting my phone and texted that joking like that isn't funny. Kyrie was mad at me for a little bit, but I explained everything to him He was scared. His mom had to take his phone away for a while too.


I decided that every year, on April 1st, the real day of pranks, I was going to do good deeds.


Two years later on April 1st:

I woke up at 8:30A.M. like I do every day, but this time I'm remembered what happened on that day where my cousins' prank went terribly wrong.

I do my regular routine; brush my teeth, take a shower, get dressed, do my hair, eat breakfast, and walk my dog, Max.

I grab my list of To DO Deeds. (I change at least one thing from the list so I can be able to do other things).

1. Walk Miss. Kate's dog, Simon, and change the litter box of her cat, Swipper.

Miss. Kate is an elder, so she needs help.

2. Help the orphanage home serve food to the kids.

3. Read to the kids and then color with them.

4. Volunteer at the animal shelter and cuddle with the little baby animals.

5. Walk the special dogs/ clean hamster cages/ feed animals.

6. Dance/ play the piano for the Elders' Home.

7. Play basketball with the kids at the basketball court.

8. Buy icecream for a random kid.

9. Give $10 to a homeless person.

10. Go to the hospital and hand flowers to everyone.

11. Go to work (The Coffee Shop).

12. Go home and clean the house so when my mom gets home she can relax.

13. Cook dinner for Mom.

14. Play with Max.

15. Text my friends and family and tell them how much a love them.

March 29, 2021 17:48

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Kanika G
01:27 Apr 23, 2021

This was great! I really enjoyed reading it. I don't understand people's compulsion to prank others. It's not cool. Well done!


Jay DMer
19:38 Apr 23, 2021

Thanks:) I'm glad you liked it and read it. This (with a touch of creativity) is a true story. Lol.


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