Ethan had one New Year's resolution, don't kill anyone this year. He had just gotten out of jail for his murder of Anna Striff, which was unfittingly ruled accidental manslaughter, and Ethan had no desire to go back to the big house. 

Ethan used to be a serial killer, but starting this year he was going to change. He would start helping out the community and being a better man. He would spend more time with his family and less time with his victims. It all started this year.  

He stared at himself in his bathroom mirror and took a deep breath. It all started today, no more killing.

“You’re insane if you think you can just quit,” Ethan’s reflection said, “You were born and bred to do this.” 

“I don’t want to anymore,” Ethan stated. 

Ethan’s hair was messy and he had huge bags under his eyes. Tomorrow he was going to go visit his ex-wife who had divorced him when he was sent to jail. She had been watching over their two kids who Ethan missed more than anything. 

“She won’t take you back, not after what you did,” Ethan’s reflection said.

“It’s fine, she just thinks it was an accident,” Ethan said.

Ethan’s last murder wasn’t his first, but it was the only one he was ever caught for. He never told anyone about his killings, why would he? He just had to convince his wife that Anna’s death wasn’t on purpose and he would get away with it. Then he could start over and forget all about his past.

“Forget? Ha, you can’t just forget about all the martyrs,” Ethan’s reflection said.   

“They weren’t martyrs, just, the unlucky chosen ones,” Ethan said, trying to rationalize in his head why they were dead, “But it doesn’t matter anymore, that was the old me.”

“You know, only about 8% of people accomplish their resolutions,” his reflection said. 

Ethan turned and walked out of the bathroom, he was done talking with that negative nancy. All he had to do was go over to his wife’s house and make amends with her. After that, he could go back to living his normal life, and over time he was huge he would forget about the deaths he had brought. 

That night, Ethan went to bed without a care in the world. He told himself that everything was going to be fine, and he believed it. He was prepared to talk to his wife and hopefully makes things right. 

He woke up early and make himself a fine breakfast. When he was finished, he went to the bathroom to freshen up.

“Today’s the day,” he told his reflection.

“Yeah, the day you’re going to screw everything up,” his reflection replied.

“I’ll be fine,” he said. 

He left his house around noon and began the drive to his wife’s home. He was so excited to see his boys again, but even more excited to finally see his wife’s smiling face. 

Unfortunately, he didn’t get either of those. He knocked on the door and his ex-wife opened with a blank stare.

“Bella, I’ve missed you,” Ethan said. 

“Ya, well, I haven’t missed you. The only reason you are here is so you can pick up the last of your stuff and move out,” Bella said. 

“Come on, Belle, don’t be like that. I didn’t kill him on purpose,” Ethan lied. 

“The cops might have missed it, but I know you, I know that your lying. I will not have you around me or my sons,” Bella stated. 

“Belle, please, just give me another chance,” Ethan said he began to shift back and forth nervously. 

“I am. I could easily call the cops on you, but I’m giving you a chance to start over, you should be grateful,” Bella said. 

“Can I at least say goodbye to my boys?” Ethan asked.

“No. They are at my mom’s house, I don’t want you anywhere near them.”

“Belle, just let me explain-”

“No, you don’t get to explain anything, you are allowed to get your stuff and leave.”

Ethan took a breath about to protest, but before he could Bella turned and began to walk away. She went into the kitchen and Ethan followed. She pulled out some food from the fridge and began to prepare a sandwich. As she was heating up the bacon, Ethan came up behind her and wrapped her into a hug.

“Get off me,” Bella said dryly.

“Belle, listen-” the microwave went off but it was ignored, “I’m so sorry, but we can fix this.”

“No. Ethan, it’s over.”

“I still love you though,” Ethan announced.

“Yeah, well I hate you.”

Ethan pulled back. He stumbled away slightly, this wasn’t true right. He waited a second before quickly turning and running to the bathroom. He leaned over the sink and splashed some water onto his face.   

“I told you so.” 

Ethan looked up to see his reflection was a grimace. Water dripped down from Ethan’s hair, but his reflection was completely dry.

“How could you think that she would love you? Your just a murderer, nothing more, nothing less,” his reflection said. 

“It’s fine,” he whispered, “I can just move on and find someone else.”

“Or...” His reflection made a gun with his fingers and pointed it at the edge of the mirror. He pulled the fake trigger and pretended stubble back. 

“I can’t, I said I wouldn’t kill anyone,” Ethan said.

“It will be quick, no one will know,” his reflection replied.

“She’s my ex-wife, everyone will know,” Ethan said.  

His reflection smiled a little and held his hand out to the mirror, “Then let me do it.”

Ethan stared at the outstretched hand of his reflection. He didn’t want to take it, but his body was moving like he didn’t have a choice. He grabbed the hand and suddenly his body went cold. He smiled a little at the mirror before leaving the bathroom.

He walked back down the stairs with newfound confidence. He went into the kitchen. Bella was not eating the sandwich that she had prepared. She looked up as he entered the room.

“Ethan, I thought you went upstairs to collect your stuff,” she said.

He didn’t say anything in response. He just walked over to the counter and began to examine a few of the cutting knives.  

“What are you doing?” Bella asked, standing up.

He didn’t reply just picked up one of the sharpest knives. Without warning, he quickly turned around and charged at Bella. Before she had time to react, he plunged the knife into her chest. She screamed as blood began to pour out of her. He laughed as he thrust the knife into and out of her body. Even after she was dead he continued to jab at her. 

“New resolution,” he whispered, “don’t get caught."

January 21, 2020 15:40

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