Fantasy Horror


It was the full moon night and the colour of the moon was orange.

As usual I was on my laptop sitting on my study table and it was about to be twelve when suddenly a pop-up screen appears on my laptop. It was turning red and blue. On it was written this link will disappear in 30 seconds. I was confused whether it was fraud or something else. The countdown begins..29..28..27..26..25......…………………………5..4..3..2.. and I quickly clicked the link thinking that what if I will miss a good opportunity.

As soon as I clicked the link, lights started flickering and soon went off.

On my laptop screen, there was someone staring at me. Behind that person was a shadow standing.

Soon, lights came back and I saw that the person who is staring at me was me only like as a someone have put a selfie camera. But, if it was me then who was the person standing behind me. I turned back in tears of fear. Thank God.. nobody was there.

That night I have done two mistakes.

First, I opened that link and second I looked under my table.

I was unconscious that night and in the morning when I woke up I remember everything happened yesterday.

I turned on my laptop and saw a link- this link will disappear in 30 seconds.

Lights went off...


It was the time when my parents were looking for a house that should be near my school.

After 3 days we found such a house.

I like that house but I didn't like the old creepy mansion behind my house Although, I don't believe in that horror stuff but still i did not liked that mansion.

The house was near my school.

I got a room on top floor from where I can see that old creepy mansion clearly from the window.

First few days in that house went good but after a few days I noticed a shadow of a girl staring at me.

I ignored that sight and head back to sleep.

Since that day, everyday I could see that girl staring at me.

It was the halloween night and that girl was waving towards me. I made a big mistake and waved back towards her.

I felt dizzy and soon went unconscious.

When I opened my eyes, I was on the hospital bed nearby hospital.

The doctor declared that I have sleeping paralysis due to which I imagine things.

He said that I was so much afraid of that mansion due to which I got this sleeping paralysis.

We shifted to a new house and never returned to that house again.


Yesterday when my school was over, I went to the library to study for the competition going to held in my school. It was late now and was about to be eleven. So I assigned a book from library and was heading towards my home. On the way, I felt someone was following me and I could heard it's footsteps. I started walking faster and faster and the footsteps also begin faster. I was scared and looked behind. There was nobody. When I was looking forward again I saw a creepy woman standing in front of me. She was wearing torn and tattered clothes, her hands were dipped in blood and blood was falling from her mouth. In a crying voice, she asked me," can you please tell where is my daughter? "

I was scared and sweat was flowing from my face. As the moments passed she begins to come closer to me. I was not able to think anymore and without knowing I pointed towards a way to the forests. She ran towards the forest.

I was scared and I moved towards my house as faster as I could.

On my way I heard a yelling voice coming towards me " She is not there. "

_ Based on a true story


McDonalds, world's one of the most famous fast food restaurants. Since McDonalds is opened twenty four hours a day, but even in such a fun and friendly place, strange things can happen. That even if you try it, you were not able to forget them. Something such like that happened to me, so enerving and terrifying that I will never forget. It happened three years ago, when I was really in need of a job because to complete my education I needed money to pay for my fees. Finally, I got a job in McDonalds. To make my boss happy, I had to work whatever shift he asked me today, whether it will a night or a day shift today and to work as many hours as he want. At this point I had been working in Donalds for three months but I have only be working on day shifts. One day, my boss called me into his room and told me that because I had been working in McDonalds for months now, and gained a lot of experience and ready for night shifts. My boss also told me that night shifts could be can be very quiet and asked me if I had a problem with it. I told him that I don't have any problem. He told me that I could start my night shifts from Saturday from twelve to five.

I arrived at McDonalds on Saturday. My manager gave me a long list of things to do. After telling me everything, the manager went home. It was very quiet that night, but I didn't really noticed the silence because I was busy doing my work. I suddenly looked the time, it was two in the morning and no customers arrived in McDonalds until that time. I was arranging coffee cups on the table when I felt like I was being watched. It was a weird feeling but I took no notice of it. Suddenly, my eyes glanced at the window and I saw a strange black shape like someone was standing there staring at me. I thought that it must be my imagination and started cleaning the table. After sometime, my attention went back to the window and now it seems that the shadow had moved a little bit closer, but I reassured myself that I am just seeing things, it was due to tiredness. Then I decided not look outside anymore and I continued working. I was busy doing my work when I heard a noise " I..can..see..you.....I..can..see..you.."

I immediately looked outside and my fears were confirmed.

A demon, whose eyes were red, like blood was standing and staring at me constantly banging on the window.

I could not stay there for a minute longer. I immediately hanged the closed sign on the gate, head towards my car and ran for my life . I was terrified. I called my manager and told him that due to sickness, I was going home. I did not wanna tell him what happened that night because I knew if I did, he would not believe me. Somehow, I managed to drive home. I felt a sort of safety and relief as I reached home and I decided that I would never, ever do a night shift again...

July 18, 2021 14:28

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Mahima Sharma
04:16 Jul 29, 2021

Your stories are amazing. The delivery of the story was really good and appreciating.


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Charlie Murphy
16:39 Jul 28, 2021

Awesome short stories! The McDonalds one was my favorite! Dwani Jain sent me this message: Hey, tell as many people as you can that Reedsy's updating this Thursday-Friday and to remember your password, because after it updates you'll need to know it to prove it's you, and we don't want people getting locked out. {This was sent to me by Em, Detective (𝚁𝕒𝚅𝕖𝚗 𝚃𝚑𝕠𝚁𝚗𝚑𝕖𝕒𝚛𝚃)} I don’t know if it’s true. I haven’t gotten an email from Reedsy about it.


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