Second chances

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"The winner of the final contest is Lori and Barb with stunning results of 89, while Cassie and Zoe come in second with a total score of 80", the t.v host said fake enthusiasm dripping from his fake smile onto his fake plaid suit. Europe turned off the t.v exasperated. He hated fake people acting as if everything is great when it's not. Maybe I'm like this because of the incident? Well, that can't be fixed she'll never forgive me.

With Andie.....

"Ugh", Andie groaned flopping on to her bed. "Yet another day of complete and utter embarrassment", she mumbled as her bedsheets were muffling her voice. She had a flashback of her spilling coffee all over her boss's new EXPENSIVE suit. He was super mad so mad he turned beet red ordering me out and now I have to repay him but how?

with Europe...

"What the-, what are you saying? Wha- How?Okay good day", Europe said slamming down the phone in frustration. "Who was that?", Europe's younger sister asked. "That was another man telling me I'm fired because my boss-I mean former boss is a coward", I said almost yelling. His sister sipped her coffee eyebrows raised.

"So your still jobless?",His sister asked setting her coffee down and snuggling on the couch. "What's it to you?",Europe asked out of anger. "You should take my job offer", she replied. Who does she think she is doesn't she know that me working for her is like gossip worth spreading, I'd be the laughing stock of the whole building. "Like I said before no thanks I'd prefer to keep my dignity", I replied as calmly as possible.

"So you think you're going to live here without paying your part of the rent?!", she questioned blinking her 'innocent' eyes. "Fine", Europe said giving in. "Great you start tomorrow afternoon!", she said all too happy. Europe trudged to his bed falling asleep in a bad mood.

with Andie...

"You will? Okay. Thank you so much!",Andie said ending the phone call. The relief was the only thing she felt at the moment. She had finally scored a job on some show. Hmm, she had forgotten the name, but that didn't matter to her all she cared about was making a good first impression.

The next day Europe's sister called a friend. "So did she take the bait?", she asked. "Yes rather quickly if you ask me, how about Europe?",He said. "Well he was hesitant but I eventually got to him", she replied. "See you on the set", he said. "Bye", she replied.

On the set of Second chances...

"And we're back on Second chances! I'm your host Jack Miller with our first guest Europe quasars!", the host boomed. Sure enough, Europe emerged wearing a black suit with polished shoes. He looked very brave but on the inside, his heart was pumping so hard he thought it was trying to come out of his chest. Everyone clapped for him.

Hmm, second chances? What's this job about anyways Europe thought. "Now let's bring in our second guest!", the host announced. Second guest?! What? This isn't what I signed up for Europe said to himself now sweating nervously. "Everyone put your hands together for Andi Smith!",The crowd cheered while Europe pondered this name. "Why does that name see so-holy crackers it's Andi from high school!", Europe said.

Although Andi was jus has surprised it was best for her reputation to not say anything rude."Is that how you treat a long time friend?", she asked through smiling teeth. Embarrassed he turned the other way. "Now for our first challenge...", the host said.

"Wow you sure have changed", Andi said eyeing Europe up and down. "You sure haven't ", Europe responded a little too harshly. "Well excuse me Mr. grumpy", she responded stepping away. "I didn't even want to be around negativity anyway", she added.

"Look what happened is in the past theirs nothing we can do about it he would've wanted-", she was suddenly cut off by Europe. "You don't know what he wanted because he's dead.

"It would be different if you hadn't come over that night", Europe said. From afar Europe's sister Kristen and Andi's cousin were eavesdropping. "Doesn't look like their getting along like you planned", Saren Andi's cousin whispered. "Well I didn't make any promises", Kristen replied.

"Wait what happened to that guy anyway why is he so upset and uptight and well- an exact replica of grumpy the little dwarf from Snow White?", she asked. "Well, that's easy one day it was a good day Eanm my brother's friend was late to my brother's birthday bash. Not too soon after Andi came over.

He was happy to see her but more concerned about his friend. He hadn't responded to any of his texts or calls, and his mom wasn't sure where he was.

Andi persuaded him to go to look for him. They searched around the neighborhood till they got to an alley he used all the time despite how dangerous it was and the numerous criminals lurking in the dark. To their horror, all they found of their friend was a body.

Distraught over the whole incident my brother was forever scarred and blamed himself. He disconnected himself away from all his loved ones. He became an introvert at it's worst. He never healed right and now as you can see he's putting his anger towards his long time friend over something that had nothing to do with him", Kristen explained.

"Wow, that was a whole essay of just one dramatic part of his life", Saren whispered crunching on some popcorn. Kristen noticing her not taking this seriously, with a sigh, she walked away. If her brother was going to live under a rock his whole life so be it. He better get out more or I'm afraid he'll die before he does anything exceptional she thought to herself.

In an alley...

"Did you bring the cash?",A hooded figure asked. "Yeah here t-take it", the boy said stuttering running in the other direction. "The hooded figure smirked exposing a shark fang.

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