One More Sculpt

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SpaceHuman's Note: *Hello! I just wanted to quickly say a thank you to our prompts host, and a grand farewell to them :). And I'm ready to welcome our new one! Anyways I hope u like the story, I kinda rushed so any constructive criticism is welcome.*

I look at my empty bank account and sigh. I should have listened to my parents before I embarked on this journey. Here I am, about to go over to them and ask if they can pay my rent again. I fix my torn hat and slip out of the quiet bank.

The night is hushed. The wind howls and I focus on it and my breath. One howl, one deep inhale. One howl, one deep exhale. I want to keep doing this, but the chill reminds me I need to get to my bed. At least it's cozier than the streets.

I walk and ponder. I am practically broke. My clay museum was a dud. What if the people around me hadn't had so much doubt in my business? What if they had been happier and helped a little? I guess I'm that lonely. I do have enough money for one more month to rent my museum land. Maybe I could grow in one month? No. That wouldn't work. I wouldn't have enough by the end of the month to pay.

My parents have a rule. "If you live in our house, you live by our rules." They have never supported my museum. Why would they now?

'I need to get money before the end of the month' is my conclusion. But how? I sigh and keep walking.

When I get home I pull out my cracked phone and look around for a video to laugh me to sleep. This usually takes about ten minutes. I find a video and wait for the ads to finish. And that's when the lightbulb hits me. I knew I had to advertise before, but I hadn't thought about it this way.

With haste, I dive into my covers and try to wait for morning to come. After a couple tosses and turns my wish has been granted. I smile when the sun rays strike my eyes.

The car decides to be lazy today, and it takes a couple tries to get it starting. I go at the speed limit, driving through lanes excitedly. But then a sense of doubt hits me.

There is an incredibly big chance this wouldn't work. So I cross my fingers and keep my foot on the pedal. After what feels like a longer time than usual to get to my museum, I am there, and pulling my car into a parking space. Instead of waiting at the front desk that leads into the museum room, I grab my phone from my pocket and begin snapping photos.

At one point, I am lying on the side of stomach upside down trying to get a good angle. An hour later, I get back up with my sore back and arms. All of a sudden I hear the door open. A customer! I quickly rush to meet them and the deliver the best service, when my joy runs off a cliff.

In front of my face is a dull woman. She rolls her eyes at me and gives a fake smile. "So," she begins, "I have come to bring you home, because as I see it, you have no customers and cannot pay rent. For the third time this year if I may add."

She plays with her fingers and watches my face get sadder...and sadder...and sadder.

"Actually, no."

She looks a little surprised.

"You're broke. What about that do you not get? Your museum is hopeless. Hopeless. Let me take you home and you can have a better job."

I feel like I want to catch fire and burn everything. She provokes me amazingly well. After staring me down for a minute my mother cocks her head and turns away. Right before she leaves she reminds me, "After this business fails, and I know it will, don't come crying home, because you have some extra chores waiting."

I turn away before she leaves my museum and gets into her car. I press my sore forehead to the bland wall and then tilt my head back to the ceiling.

I then remember why I woke up with the first joy this month, and quickly snatch my phone off my desk. Then I post my video. The video that could lead to me not living with my parents again? Everyone says social media boosts small businesses. I've seen it with my eyes.

I can't stop looking at my screen. Every moment I expect notifications. I guess I haven't thought about the people whose videos fail. I can't believe stupidity had hit me so hard. I will never get big. I will live with my parents. I will close down my museum. That will definitely lead to depression.

All these thoughts leave me when my inbox is bombarded with follows and likes. And when a group of customers with excited looks opens the door, my mouth is open.

It's a family of four. I tell them the cost and their face is surprised. "How cheap" they say. I hand them the guide and they walk into the museum room. I hear oohs and aahs from the desk and a wide smile spreads across my face.

When they leave they tell me it was amazing and will tell their friends about it. I want to tell my mother and my father about this. Their face will fall like the water in the waterfall that rumbles as we speak.

For the next few days life couldn't be better. My dream has come true. I had been a little artist. A sculptor with clay as a weapon. I'm happy I chose to share my skills with the world. Talent deserves to be looked at. I grin at the thought my talent has been discovered. I hope others may also share my experience, even if it's tough to get there. It's no doubt that a leap of faith is needed, but if you fail, there will be somebody to keep you on your tracks. Somebody who will help you keep going. I have found the power of social media. I have found the people who shared my work. Now I can pay my rent. Wait until my mom finds out.

April 10, 2021 01:22

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01:17 Apr 19, 2021

thanks Spacehuman!


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M Puria
11:30 Apr 20, 2021

Loved it! :)


18:09 Apr 20, 2021

aww tanks


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Charlie Murphy
20:54 Apr 12, 2021

Good story! Happy ending!


12:02 Apr 13, 2021

:D glad u liked it


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