you brought color

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High School Sad

the vibe song for this story is β€œbreaking up was easier in the 90’s” by sam hunt. hope y’all enjoy!


roses for the valentines days you said you hated. roses for the smile on your face when I handed them to you, in your favorite color, orange, and i would say, β€œi thought you hated valentines day.”

and you would reply, β€œi used to. You’re making me like it more.”

roses for the red.

the red we saw.

the red we felt.

the red that covered everything after you left.


tulips for the smile on your face,

the spring sun reflecting on your eyes,

eyes, green like the grass,

and the tulips, breaking through the april snow

snow you hated

hated, wished it wasn't there. why?

why? When the snow and sun sparkled

sparkled like glitter

sparkled like you.


daffodils for when we went into the fields

fields of daffodils, all smiling,

smiling, just like you,

just like the sun.

daffodils weighed down by snow.

you hated that.

you brushed them off, β€œnothing should be pushed down like that. that is why i hate snow.”

snow pushed down the daffodils.

i hate snow now, but not for that reason.


lavender, a phase it would seem.

lavender flowed through the diffuser

lavender decorated your walls


lavender sprigs in the snow

The snow you hate hated

lavender sticking up,

bees swarming

bees make me think of you.

every spring.


carnations. They sat on your mothers kitchen table for weeks, unwilting.Β 

you told me what i didn’t know about them.

they were grown, but they were white.Β 

they were white, like snowΒ 

they were white until they were dyed hideous colors,

green, blue, red, pink. then

they were sprayed with smell

the same smell

every carnation.

every carnation

blood red or white

either way, they








cosmos, a flower

you never saw.

cosmos, what a name, huh?

i would give you

all the cosmos


if i could.


lilac blooms in spring.


i think they were there, poking through the snow.

they saw you

when i couldn’t.

they protected you

but not very well.


hibiscus, what can i say?

you loved the tea.

You would hold your mug, with its chipped paint and faded words, and sip it as your hands flew across the keyboard.

β€œwhy do you write like you’re running out of time?” I asked one day.

β€œyou said you didn’t like hamilton.” you said with a sly grin.

β€œyou said you didn’t like valentines day.” i said right back.


i loved hamilton, but i would never tell you that. It would have meant you found something we both liked.

i wish...i wish i had told you the truth.

look, i’m crying.

i told you i could express emotion.


then you’re left in the dust, lest i stuck by yaaa!Β 

you’re the sunflower! i think your love would be too much!

we sang in harmony


what is harmony?

in sinc?

in tune?

so alike it’s scary?

that was us

you and me

but now its just


black eyed susan

black eyed susan for you.

you came to me.

but why?Β 

why did i end up as the constant?

why me?

why not me?

it could have been any of us.

but you didn’t deserve it.


buttercup, your favorite.

your favorite.

when the snow was all gone

there would be the buttercups.

β€œi love these because when i see them, i know the winter, the snow, is all over.” you said with a smile.

pink lipstick. freckles.



that's not where you belong.

not under the buttercups.

above them, with me.



daisy. that’s who


i won’t.

daisies, beautiful


like snow.

oh god, the snow.

please, not the snow.

not the snow.


you never saw the next snow.


you never received my roses.

you never walked among the tulips.

you never stopped to smell the daffodils

or the carnations.

we painted over the lavender. we sprayed febreeze over the smell

of rancid flowers.

we planted the lilac this spring. you never got to see it.

we still sip hibiscus tea, the hibiscus tea your lips will never again touch.

i see the sunflowers, feel the beat. i think your love would be too much.

we planted new black eyed susans in the garden. you would have loved them.

i see the buttercups. i think of you every time.

i see daisies, and please no snow-


snow. you hated its existence.

the sun had just began to peak through the clouds after a storm. the water was slippery on the interstate.

why, snow?Β 

hurt me instead of hurting her. was it

karma? for how much she hated it?

she hated the snow

for other reasonsΒ 

but it's a good reason to hate something

if it kills you.


we put you under the buttercups on a saturday.


brown, i see it and can only think about

your hair, braided, up in a bun, fanned out around your head

i give a speech, but i don’t remember most of it.Β 

it was something about flowers. your love for them.

why did we lose you?

why did you have to go?

i know it wasn’t your fault.

i would go back in time and let it be me if i had the choice.

they would rather have bright, bubbly you than me. i was am nothing without you there.

you are an endless rainbow

a bright color on a rainy day.

but now as we stand in the spring rain

lowering you into dirt

there is no more color.

not for me, anyway.









black eyed susan



they will never have color without you to breathe life among them.

not even the dyed carnations.

the world looks the same since you left.

same grey pavement

same grey sky

everything is gray, because you brought color.

you brought color.


March 23, 2021 14:37

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Akshaya ✨
16:31 Mar 24, 2021

Hey Carolina!! I love the format you've used for this story!! The lines flow so well and it reads really smooth!! The flower dividers really are a nice idea! :) I know I should be giving critiques, but I didn't find anything here. Great job!! Keep writing!! :D I can't wait to read your next stories!


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User_2443 0967
18:27 Mar 23, 2021

Beautiful! Just. Beautiful. I love the smooth flowy-ness of this poemish song~ And tyyyy for the shout out in ur bio!! Imma go add some to mine :)


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Yes, 'you brought color' is a better name. Also, this is amazing. (I did a kind of thing that's a little bit similar for the same prompt, so please check it out?)


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I love the abstract way you worded everything here! It kinda reminds me of a lot of different songs, especially the central themes!


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14:57 Mar 23, 2021

Woah...this was really well done! The flow of the prose felt natural and compelling. Thanks for sharing! :)


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I AM SORRY. I CAN'T NOT KILL OFF CHARACTERS. does anyone else think i should change the title from "snow and flowers" to "you brought color"? Credit to Aerin Rebecca, because her Zetta Grace stories were the inspiration for this. vibe song is "Breaking up was easier in the 90's" because of these lines specifically: "Sick of sittin at the house, dyin on my phone, wishin i was somewhere i could be alone. trying to let you go, but somethin always reminds me." (no capitalization is purposeful.) Have a good day!


I like the second title better too :)


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Amel Parvez
19:45 Mar 23, 2021

WOW! It was sooo amazing! just LOVED it:) and especially the way u hv written it. <3


Amel Parvez
09:00 Mar 24, 2021

no problem:)


Amel Parvez
15:54 Mar 25, 2021

and how am i gonna share it? :)


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15:08 May 08, 2021

This... this was sooo melodious, with a majestic aura, I just have no words, if I could describe the emotions this gave me more, it would be after looking up 'how to praise a poet' in Google and So sorry for the late read, I zoned out for a bit in here... Happy today!


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