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Just like every other day, Elegance volunteered to go into the woodlands to fetch the plants that are needed by her parents as ingredients to create medicines and perfumes. 

Elegance was more excited than every other day as today marks the beginning of the spring season. This is the most loved season by the villagers as they receive perfumes of different fragrances due to the variety of flowers available. 

Elegance was never a fan of the woodlands, she was one who would have rather to stay home or do daily deliveries. This new behavior puzzled her parents each time she happily volunteered but they would just let it slide by. Everyone in the village noticed changes in Elegance behavior, as she was one whom hated animals as well and since the pass year she would spend quality time speaking to animals.

Completing her daily morning routines Elegance took the basket to store the plants in and attach her water bottle to her waist belt.

Entering the woodlands she stood in an open spot letting the sun grace her freckles skin, she took the time to enjoy the peace that came along with the woods. Today marks one year since Elegance have received this magical gift from the Spring Goddess.

Today a year ago Elegance grumbled to herself as she would rather to stay home and prepare the meals or complete deliveries than to be out in the woods getting sun burnt. 

With the anger she left the house with she had forgotten her water bottle. Her throat was becoming dry so she started searching for water. Hearing the rush of pouring water , she smiled rushing towards it happy to quench her thirst.

If nothing else Elegance hated the woodlands, she curse as the bushes rubbed against her foot and smashes the small insects that pitches ok her skin.

Elegance had passed the location multiple times, but today would have been the first time she acknowledge that there was a waterfall in the woodlands.

Upon shifting some plants out the way , her mouth hang open. This is by far the most beautiful scenery she had ever seen. 

The water poured out of a hole in the rock above the stream creating colorful ripples as it touches the stream. The pure cleanse water made it easy to view the colorful rocks that decorated the water surface. The beginning of spring had the flowers at there most beautiful state. The creeping Jennies hang from the sides of the rock just above the stream. The sun then position its rays right on the flowing water. This was the only time Elegance admitted to herself nature is beautiful but will never be loved by her.

After drinking some of the water to quench her thirst the lilies started to move in an circular motion. After a few seconds a glowing orchid rose from beneath the water bottom. Elegance crawled backwards as the orchid floats towards her. The orchid blossom opened to display an amulet dangling from it. Elegance couldn't help herself not to touch the gold amulet with an orchid engraved on it.

As soon as she touched the necklace the orchid disappeared turning into a lady leaving Elegance with the amulet in her hands.

The lady was beautiful, she resembled the Goddess of Nature Lemora. Her gown was made of multiple colored flower petals and a tiara of flower lay on top of her head.

"My dear Elegance, you are a very beautiful young lady " Elegance smiled at this as she was one whom adores her own beauty.

"But you have a ugly heart towards the insects and plants of the land. So today I curse you with that amulet, you can take it as a gift or let it remain as a curse".

"What?, No....please don't do this to me. I'll change my ways towards these plants and animals" Tears started flowing down Elegance face even though she was not aware of the curse but by her knowledge she knew curses weren't something good.

"Oh no sweetie, I wish I could. But as a Goddess of Nature it is my duty to protect the plants and animals. But don't worry my dear, the key to the curse is loving nature that way, it won't be a curse but a gift you enjoy"

After these words the flower petals started to blow away in the winds until the Goddess Lemora was there no more.

The amulet changed from gold to bronze as it locked it self around Elegance neck. As she stood there crying the falls and everything else she thought was real disappeared leaving her in what she expected the woodlands to look like.

As Elegance remember how much she hated the curse at first, she smiles to herself picking the plants from the list she was given by her parents. She had made some lovely animal friends whom she adored.

"Ralph?" Elegance calls for her silly monkey friend as she walks through the woodland.

Ralph would normally be the first creature to greet Elle whenever she visits.

After a while Elle started to grow more and more concern until she reaches their usual picnic spot.

Ralph had a whole picnic set out for her but his face wasn't the happiest. A few of the other animals gather around as well.

"Ralph what's wrong?" Elegance ask placing her basket on the ground.

"Your time is over" Elegance did not understand what Ralph was trying to say to her until the Goddess of Nature Lemora appear.

"My dear Elegance I am afraid that your time with the amulet has expired. The fact that you changed the curse to a gift has proven that you will take great care of the creatures and species of the land".

"But I don't want to give it. I love talking to the animals. Please let me keep it" Elegance plead as her eyes starts to become watery. She have grown to love this curse and to say goodbye today would just break her heart.

"My dear , I'm sorry there's nothing I can do. This has always been the rule of the amulet"

"But please, this is my only happiness"

"There's nothing I can do my love, say goodbye to your friends as I must leave shortly" The Goddess walks away from the party of animals gathered as Elle speaks to her friends for the last time while she'll be able to understand them.

Tears starts to trickle down her face as Ralph expressed how much she means to him. 

A few minutes later The Goddess of Nature returns stretching forth her hands out the amulet slowly float to her.

"You will be just find my dear, it may take you a while to adjust to but you'll be ok" as those words escape her lips so did the petals of her gown float away until she was no more.

Ralph starts speaking but all Elegance heard was chattering this cause her to break down in tears. 

After spending some more time in the woodlands Elegance finally decide to head home. 

After this Elegance visit the woods just as often as she would. Turns out The Goddess of Nature was right she would get better because a year after the amulet was taken away from her, Elegance is now able to speak to and understand her animal friends without the help of a amulet. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little faith and patience.

March 26, 2021 19:14

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Jamila Gifford
00:19 Mar 30, 2021

I Like the flow and direction of the story. Beautiful transition between ideas. I like the moral of the story as it concern nature.


Danisha Plummer
16:13 Mar 30, 2021

Thanks for the feedback hun😊


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Kelly Ellen
17:35 Mar 27, 2021

I love the lesson of this story, as I am a major lover of nature! The scenery and visual aspect is really well done. I especially love the moment when the amulet locks itself around her neck, symbolizing the binding curse/gift she has been given and the ultimate choice that she will have to embrace it and allow it to make her a better person. If I could give one bit of constructive criticism it would be to make sure you read and re-read and re-read your work. The story is wonderful, but there are a few spelling, word and punctuation mistak...


Danisha Plummer
20:24 Mar 29, 2021

I'm happy you liked it and thank you so much for that constructive criticism....well appreciated


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