Coming of Age Fantasy Mystery

After a long, exhausted day, I finally laid upon my single bed to get some sleep. I grabbed my iPhone as I looked upon the random posts from Facebook and Instagram. You must be thinking to yourself: you'll never get any sleep if you keep doing thay. Well, let me tell you something: I always managed. Eventually after a good thirty minutes of entertaining myself, I grew bored and sleepy. My eyes were given way and I was yawning every so often. I finally put my phone into the charger and rest my eyes for the evening.

As I slumbered there however I could feel a strange presence as if someone was in the room watching me sleep. I opened my eyes at least a couple of times every ten minutes yet found no one or nothing there of the sort. When I opened my eyes for the thrid time, I saw a huge shadow of a husky man upon my wall. I quickly got up from my bed and turned on the bedroom light yet I found no one there in my room.

Baffled, I shaking my head and scoffed saying: "Could have swore I saw that fat magician. I must be seeing things." Next thing I did was turn off the light and went back to bed. This time I was in a deep sleep while laying on my stomach.

Suddenly my phone went off waking me up from my deep sleep. I slowly opened my eyes and felt so sluggish. It felt like I was hit by a train. I opened my mouth to draw a big yawn from where I was on the bed. It was one of those yawns that if you go too wide, your mouth will tighten yet somehow I was able yawn big enough to not worry.

I then lifted my head but when doing so, it felt I had a ton of bricks on my skull. Must have overslept last night. I looked at my alarm and sure enough I slept through the Saturday night without a care in the world. I was going to wake up at 7:30am but my alarm notificates me it was 9am instead.

Eventually I was up on and moving yet my body felt different. Somehow it felt likemy arms and legs were shorter. I don't know how to describe it. Next thing I did was wiggle my fingers but they seemed very stiff. I then to see it to get off my bed yet I tumbled to the ground.

My iPhone vibrates again. must be my ex-wife Shelly all my son Colsen trying to get ahold of me. Obviously there was no work today so no one will be calling me at this time of day unless it's some kind of emergency.

I quickly shifted my body getting to my phone yet my body was still acting up strangely. As I drew closer to my iPhone, I tried reaching yet my hands were getting no where from a couple of inches.

"What the heck is going on with my body?" I asked myself with frustration. Am I having a stroke? Nah, that couldn't be. If it was I won't be conscious right now.

My iPhone went silent once I came near to my end table. I tried lifting my body up but anytime I did, I couldn't even go past a foot from the ground. It felt like my upper body was locked with my lower body if any of this makes sense. As I'm struggling, my phone again went off. It's got to be Shelly. She normally calls me the second time if I don't answer the first call. Must be something very important. My phone continued to rang after a minute or two. I'm going to be hearing this with the voicemail later.

Eventually I just gave up and stop crying. just picture a full grown man crying about his situation. Poor 40-year-old me.

I eventually stopped sobbing and ask myself about my predicament: "What kind of sick joke is this? Since when does my body decide not to function right? Why is this happening to me!?"

"This is what happens when someone is hypocritical..." said a mysterious yet familiar voice which spooked me half to death.

I grinned my teeth and ask the voice: "Is that you, Hugo? Where are you?" Eventually I demanded: "Show yourself you fat bastard!"

The voice goes: "Now Mr Shaphat, first of all the name is Mr. Hugo for starters. Secondly, it's not nice to call someone a fat bastard. And lastly, I'm right behind you."

I turn my head but considering that it still felt like I was carrying a ton of bricks I shifted my whole body. Once I have turned I saw the the fat magician who names himself Mr Hugo. He was still wearing his same attire from yesterday at my son's 10th birthday party. A simple plum color tailcoat and pants along with a top hat with the same color. He was smiling there looking down at me as I was struggling moving around.

I'm grind my teeth again and ask him: "What have you done to me?"

Mr Hugo responses: "it's not something I did it's something you did."

Angrily, I replied: "what does that mean?"

The fat magician smiled again and responded calmly: "I just simply cast a spell on to thee is all."

"What kind of spell you're babbling around, fatso?" I asked frustratingly.

The magician shook his head as he goes: "Now, now, mean words will not get you anywhere."

I scoffed and then replied: "Okay, Mr Hugo... what kind of spell are you talking about?"

"Why it's a simple transformation spell..." he replied while the last words drawls.

"Transformation spell? What you turn me into?" I asked with a confused look.

"I just made you a hippopotamus," he noted.

"Wait a minute, you're telling me you transformed me into a hippo?" I asked dumbfoundingly.

"That is correct," he nodded. The magician of plum even bought out a hand mirror out of thin air. He had the glass facing towards me so I can see my reflection.

Horrified, I asked with resentment: "Why on Earth would you do that?"

"It's simple: you were being a hypocrite," the magician mentioned as he removed the hand mirror with his magic.

"What makes you think I am a hypocrite?" I asked with my eyebrows arching if I had any considering I just turned into a hippopotamus.

To that, he answered: "Well for starters you say one thing but then you said something else afterwards."

"I know the definition of a hypocrite," I replied annoyingly. I then demanded: "I'm asking how am I such?"

The plum magician replies: "I heard you talking amongst your friends about me after giving me a compliment at Colsen's birthday."

"Yeah what did you hear? You know that it is rude to eavesdrop," I mentioned.

The magician shrugged before replying: "It's not rude when it's all said out loud in the open. You mentioned that I probably ate a woman at some point in my life."

"That was just a joke dude," I rolled my eyes.

"Well, jokes aside it was still mean," Hugo said with a serious look upon his face. "And I don't take kindly to fats joke. It's completelely unprofessional especially from a businessman such as yourself."

"You, turn to me back into a human right this instant!" I demanded him.

Hugo then shakes his head and replies: "Oh but Micky, you haven't learned your lesson."

"Huh?" I asked with a dumb look on my hippo face.

"In order for you to become a human you must change," he mentioned.

"Now, how I go about that now?" I asked annoyingly once again.

"You have to not be a hypocrite," he wagered.

"I'm telling you I'm not!" I yelled.

"I'm pretty sure everyone else can agree you are," the magician said with reassurance.

I continue on shouting: "Who cares about your opinion? Just change me now."

"I'm sorry no can do. now if you can excuse me, I must be on my way," he said as his body was slowly vanishing in front of you.

"Hugo!" I cried.

"That's Mister Hugo to you. Best of luck to you, mister Micky Shaphat," he smiled.

And just like that: the plum colored magician vanished without a trace. I was then alone with my new retrospective of a hippo. This couldn't be any more degrading.

October 21, 2022 23:29

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