Thriller Crime Drama

This story contains themes or mentions of suicide or self harm.

 Whenever anyone asks me about my plans for the new year I always respond by saying that I would either  like to lose weight or read more self help books. This year I want none of those things. No, my plan for this New Year is way more sinister; KILL HER. Now you may be asking yourself, why would Carrie, a beautiful, twenty something, lawyer with a blindingly bright future, want to kill Julia, the homely, forty something year old mother of three? Well, let’s just say she has something I want, Tony, her husband.

   Tony is no ordinary guy, he is perfect. This handsome stranger saved my life. Last March, let’s just say that I was in a really bad place. My ex, Jason and I had just ended things. The audacity of that bum, for even suggesting that I was too clingy, just because I surprised him at the office one too many times. I can’t help it if I love fast and love hard. I didn’t mean to make a scene at his office. If he had ended things in person rather than in a text message I would have been alright. Jason messed me up so bad that I drove in the middle of the night to Maracas Bay to end it all. I had a choice too, either driving off one of the cliffs or walking out in the sea. I decided the latter was a better way to die. .

As I stripped and began my trek into the unforgiving waters of the Caribbean Sea. A deep voice called out to me. “Hey, what are you doing there?” With frustrated tears pouring out of my eyes, I stopped feeling the seafloor and began sinking in the dark waters. As the water began  to cover me, it was as if an angel was pulling me out of the ocean. That’s when everything went black.

  I opened my eyes and a light shone bright. I was in a hospital gown surrounded by a team of doctors. 

“She’s Alive!” one of the doctors exclaimed.

“What were you doing at the beach so late at night?” asked a female doctor with a round face and kind eyes. Before I could respond a familiar deep voice responded; 

“I think the answer to that question is obvious, she wanted to kill herself. Hi there lovely, my name is Tony. I pulled you out of the water.” At that moment I remained speechless, because before me was the most beautiful man I ever saw.

Tony was exotic looking, caramel skin, hazel brown eyes and a fit body that would make women lust and guys envy. Was this God’s way of me getting over Jason? Well to God be the glory then. Yes Tony was definitely the man for me. To  this day I do not know why he was at Maracas that night. I know it was fate, we were meant to be and I had to have him. 

So began our affair. 

Yes, just like that. It so happened that  Tony was the CEO of Rice and Associates, a big multi million investment firm, in fact the biggest on the island. This company happened to be the biggest client for my law firm Kaplan and Sons of which I am a partner. .It wasn’t difficult getting close to him either, Oh no. In fact, I was lucky that his company was sued. I was able to get on that case. Oh yeah I’m good.

Our affair began with meetings concerning the case, this led to dinner and then to hotel rooms and of course to my apartment. He loved my body, at least so he kept saying. But as time went by I kept asking myself; “Why didn’t he want to stay with me? Spend the night? Travel somewhere? Invite me to his home?”

 I will tell you why. Her name is Julia. His  WIFE.

  He told me about her only after I stalked his social media pages and found pictures with smiling faces, from family vacations, birthdays, dinners, anniversaries. I was so hurt by this but of course Tony, ever the smooth talker, reassured me that everything was not as they seemed. That he was only staying with her because of the kids and the investments they have together. 

   I believed him, what choice did I have? He was my hero, the perfect guy. I believed him when he said he would leave Julia. Look at her, she is just a plain looking housewife, certainly not the type for a CEO of a big company like Rice and Associates. No, a CEO needed someone better on his arm, Tony needed me. 

So as I sit here looking out my window on this Old Year’s night (that’s what we call it on the island), I am thinking about my New Year’s Resolution to Kill Julia. Tony is not going to leave her as he promised me, perhaps it’s too difficult for him. I need him here to bring in the new year with me. Why is he over there? With HER? Why? Why? Why?

Should I go over there now? No. I need to plan this one well. I will watch, wait, bide my time. How will I do it? Should it be slow and painful? I should make it quick and painless, that way I have less likelihood of being caught. Maybe I should pay someone, make it look like a robbery? I have so many options to get rid of her. This plan may take me months but I have to do it this year, I’m not getting any younger, Tony needs me, Tony Loves me. Julia is in our way. She cannot be allowed to live for much longer. No, we need to be rid of her this year once and for all.

Am I a bad person? Am I selfish? Maybe I’m being cruel but I deserve to be happy. I deserve a man like Tony. Oh Tony! I know you love me, you told me that in bed last night. Don’t worry this year you will be free of HER. I’m going to kIll Julia once and for all…..This is my resolution and I am going to stick to it. We will be together babe I promise.

December 27, 2021 23:57

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Olivia Jackson
23:40 Jan 29, 2022

I love it! I'm so invested! What happens to Tony because he's definitely in trouble! Karma is not pretty at all!


22:45 Feb 03, 2022

Not sure what happened to Tony. But what I do know his world will be turned upside down.


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22:09 Dec 28, 2021

Oooo. Write the sequel. I hope Julia stabs her first. :)


23:18 Jan 23, 2022



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