Night before Halloween

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"So this is how it feels!" Alex said to himself excitedly.

He felt sudden lightness and absolute worry free state of mind.

"I can do at all I want, I can go whenever I like !"

He started ascending into the navy dark night sky, toward the giant and shiny full moon surrounded by hundreds of various intensity stars. Below him his native town with it many shops and churches and homes and parks was disappearing into the dark night.

" I can fly! " He spread both of his translucent hands like wings and soared high above the earth with his native town where he spend all of his life and was now just a little dot on the very distant earth. He breathed in cold and refreshing autumnal air.

"Oh it feels so good!' He was soaring into the highest levels of atmosphere then into space, the blue planet earth was now size of a football and it was getting even smaller. Alex was in dark space now. The total sense of peace and joy overfilled him.

" Its beautiful yes but so lonely. I'd like to see someone, I miss people." He started rapid descend,stars and moon and planets going up with a tremendous speed.

Now he glided just over the tree tops and spotted a single standing ranch house just on the edge of the woods. Single deer was spooked by his sudden appearance and run back into the safety of the dark and eerie forest. Now, silently walking on the foliage he got closer to the house decorated with the usual Halloween decorations some spider webs, skeletons, fake ghosts hanging down from the tree branch and finally a giant, bright orange and carved to look scary pumpkin head that still had some blow pop and milk dudes candy in it. The good once were already taken.

"Trick or treat!" said Alex, pushing the pumpkin with his invisible foot, spilling its contents all over the porch.

" Ha, its such a fan, I like it!"

He jumped up to the level of the window and peered inside.

The family of two a middle aged wife, husband and their dog were watching TV. He could see the blueish reflection from TV cross the window pane.

Pulling together all his energy Alex waved his hands and yelled at the couple below: " Happy Halloween!"

At first they didn't react on his antics and kept doing what they were doing, except the dog, who started running around the house, barking. With the extreme force Alex then banged on the window, continuing to yell and move up and down in his ghostly appearance.

The couple finally payed attention. They looked up at the window and in a horror realized they witnessed a ghost behind it, looking straight at them. They felt the cold air entered their room as they froze in a total shock and awe, not able to move.

"Is that, is that a real ghost?" woman said pointing at the window .

" You mean right there?"

In the next moment the apparition disappeared and they were staring at the dark night sky full of stars.

Alex, happy with the effect he made, continued with his Halloween

adventure and from the window went back toward the entrance door. As he was descending, he spotted a group of kids, wearing a scary costumes and masks, carrying buckets full of Halloween candies, giggling and walking gingerly toward the house.

Alex suddenly appeared in front of them then went up on the tree and down again, screaming with the undead voice

" Trick or treat! Give me all your candies! Ooooh!"

Poor kids started screaming in horror, dropped their buckets, spilling candies all over the path and continue screaming started to run away. Alex continued to chase them for some time, making terrible noises and appearing from the different sides while the kids scared to death were on the run for their lives.

He then got back to the house and enjoying himself, getting into the gist of being a ghost continued his Halloween solo ghost performance.

" Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah " he gutturally yelled then touched the doorbell.

He heard the dog bark, then someone steps and quiet cursing of the owner whose night was disturbed.

Door was suddenly opened and the middle aged man, wearing a striped pajama and the glasses looked straight at Alex and only saw an empty driveway.

" What a heck, " he told himself bewildered and close the door shut.

He could manage only few steps when the doorbell started ringing again. The little brown mutt started incessantly barking while his owner opened the entrance door and not seeing anyone got enraged.

Alex laughed over this demonically and went trough the walls with ease, he glided over the hallway and into the brightly lighted kitchen, the dog barking hoarsely followed him closely as her owner tried to hold him back yelling " Lilly, stop! Stop now I said!' to no avail.

" Boo" said Alex to the dog and shook the cabinet with a supernatural force, then started repeatedly opening and closing drawers, throwing pots and spilling cabinet contents on the floor. China cups, plates , glass felt on the ceramic floor crashing into pieces.

The old man was just standing there, all white and in shock and even his dog stopped barking and backed up in a corner.

His wife hearing the commotion started to walk from the leaving room, abandoning television set that continued to translate Halloween movies, now the Freddy from Friday the 13th was on the screen. Alex went from the kitchen and into the living room, he went straight trough the old lady and into the large with the high sealing room. There was a fireplace, and it was nicely decorated with antique type cherry color furniture. There were wool rugs on the floor and room had very cozy look.

" Nice place!' Alex told to himself then reappeared in the kitchen where shell shocked couple were collecting the broken kitchenware and their dog tried to launch at the uninvited guest.

Alex made one more move with extreme force opening and closing the stove and refrigerator doors, then with a " Good bye, neighbors!" yell he disappeared outside. He was once again soaring up above.

Loud noise from below was coming up to Alex, sounding more and more annoying, incessant and familiar too. He wanted to check to see what it was and in the next moment Alex opened his eyes.

Breathing heavily and perspired he at first didn't realize where he was. It was a dream, a beautiful and spooky dream.

Happy Halloween, Alex!

October 25, 2020 14:08

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