When I was younger, I never thought much about if aliens were real… Because I knew that they wasn’t. I mean yea we see them on T.V., with all the special effects, there’s even some show about finding aliens in your backyard… But I don’t (Well didn’t) believe in any of that, until one fall afternoon…. Here’s the story of “Far From Home”

My name is Kimmee MaeFlower! …Ohhh we being technical here huh? Okay well my government name is Kimberly Alise Haven. That’s a nickname that my sweet mama gave to me, but anyhow I grew up here in the South (hence my southern accent) like deep in the South, so deep that no one has ever heard of “Lakewood South Carolina”. Well I guess I kinda like that, no one to bother you. The Population of people is rather small, like a hundred or so. So there me, my mama SueAnn, my daddy Albert, and my oldest brother Johnathan. Ohhh my goodness, I almost forgot... We have the 2 guard dogs, sheep, and some baby chickens…. Ohhh did I forget to tell you, I live on a farm…Hmm maybe that’s why people don’t wanna visit us. (Chuckles) Either way, it’s fine by me… 

I go to school over by yonder (points over to the northeast) Lakewood High School. I will be graduating this year. My brother, Johnathan goes to that (points across the way) University, LWU. He majoring in something dealing with building computers and whatnot. He’s a very smart kid, well when he’s not bothering me. My major is still undecided, however I have narrowed it down to either Creative Writing or a Drama Arts Teacher or maybe somehow combine them all together… Well wouldn’t that be that hoot! I have a best friend by the name of AnnaLee Whitman. We’re been the best of friends since, well since forever. As you can tell I don’t have a whole lot going on in my life, I either stay to myself, with my best friend and at her house (Which of course is like another family to me, sometimes Johnathan comes with me to AnnaLee’s house, but that’s only because he’s best friend with AnnaLee’s brother, Jake)

Tightknit family, where nothing seems out of the ordinary…. Until, that one fall afternoon. I had just got home from school the usual do the homework, make sure your room is clean before you go to friend’s house. Since it was the weekend, I asked mama if I could spend the night. She agreed. I packed my bag, kissed my parents and headed out the door. As predicted, my brother was already over there chatting it up with Jake. Jake and Johnathan both left to spend the night at my parents’ house. Everyone has their own alone time from each other, and that itself was a win, win!

Okay, I guess you’re waiting to hear about the “aliens?” Hang on I’m getting there. AnnaLee and I were just lying there in the bed, talking about everything under the sun, from cute boys to our boring teacher Mrs. Baker. We normally, usually talk unto the wee hours in the morning. Giggling, and laughing like there’s no tomorrow. Finally after we have talked each other’s heads off we was getting ready to close our eyes for the night…

Boom Bang Bow!!

A very loud noise that I heard coming from the backyard. At first I thought I was dreaming, because I mean it is like 3 in the morning. I heard it again with a wailing almost crying noise. I immediately nudged Anna, like how can you be sleep at a time like this? As you can tell she’s a heavy sleeper, that girl can sleep through a blizzard (and has.) We both went to the window to see where exactly the noise was coming from. We didn’t see where the noise was coming from, but we did however we did find this unusual object. There’s no way we were even thinking about going back to sleep. This is the most excitement this town has ever received. AnnaLee immediately went to her parents’ room and inform them of what’s going on outside. 

DISCLAIMER: Her parent’s did not believe that there was any “aliens” outside, but came to investigate anyway.

AnnaLee: Mama, you wouldn’t believe what we just saw, there was a very loud BOOM, in of course, I didn’t hear at first because I was deep into my sleep an….

ANOTHER DISCLAMER: When Anna is nervous, excited, scared, happy whatever the case may be she start talking extremely fast! 

Kimmee: Well let’s go and investigate!!! (Takes her hand, while Anna grabs her mothers hand)

Barbara-Jean: Honey, I think that you both may have been dreaming, but sure we can definitely go and investigate, and put this whole thing behind us 

(Or so we thought)

 Once we was outside in the darkness with the trees whistling to and fro and the night sky looks like something from a children’s story book, but this was not from a children’s book. More so a nightmare that you just can’t escape from.

With our flashlights in hand, we search the perimeter of the house yet still staying close together. 

Barbara-Jean: Okay girls we have searched this entire perimeter of this house let’s go…

Before Mama. Barbara could get out all of her words, there was a bright crisp light that was coming from way up in the sky. 

Barbara-Jean: (Immediately calls out to her husband, not sure where to go and didn’t want to show fear in front of the girls)

Benjamin: Honey, what’s going on??!

Barbara-Jean: Honey, the girls said that they had heard a loud BOOM, so we come outside, didn’t see anything but… (Slowly points up towards the sky)

Benjamin: Is everyone okay though??! 

AnnaLee: Yes daddy, were okay, but look its getting closer (points to the light)

Benjamin: (Stands in front of everyone) everyone stay back!!

There was a foreign object floating down from the sky, almost looking like a fallen angel with a demonic vibe to it. We all stood there frozen like icicles in a blizzard, not knowing what to do or say… Or better yet if we should move!

As the foreign object continues to float, getting closer and closer to the ground we all stood there in astounding awe yet it’s somehow breathtaking…

When the object finally dropped carefully to the ground, like it’s delivering a precious gift, which apparently we were the lucky ones to be gifted with this jaw-dropping gift. We all didn’t know exactly what to think, what to say and if we breathe too loud would it hear us. Should we run and hid, should we go up to it and say hi!

The creature must have thought we were friendly because he came right up to us and gave us a huge goofy grin. It was missing a tooth in the front, and a tooth from the bottom, but that didn’t seem to stop the foreigner from smiling. 

Cade: (Not sure what to do next, he just stood there with this worried, yet inviting look on his face… It’s was almost like he was a wounded puppy or an abandoned puppy that no one wants, not even his family)

Breaking away from everyone, I slowly walk over to this creature. Very slowly because I mean let’s face it is a creature that we had NEVER EVER seen before. Not sure who should be more scared… Papa Benja breaks in front of me being a barrier between the two of us.

Benjamin: Who are you? And what do you want with my family??!?

Cade: (In clear English, you hear the foreigner speak, he’s not very loud because he’s afraid)

Cade: I’m Cade, and I’m afraid! My family no longer wants me, they say that I’m not like them. 

(Cade’s family gave him up because, he started to get sick and felt that he should learn how to take care of himself)

I’m sick, I have a rare disease called “Blue Button Body”

(Cade looks like a scared little puppy that’s been abandoned, his body has this gushy and wet/cold look to it. He has these tall antennas that come out from his ears; in which were on top of his head in the shape of tiny raisins like. It’s actually kinda cute, he kinda looks like a sour-patch kid.  

It’s when your entire body turns blue from lack of love, lack of food, and lack of support. Not to mention that I hurt my ankle. From as far as I can remember, I felt a distance from my family, yet also trying to compete for their acceptance. I know that I’m a stranger to you all and you have never met me, and will probably never see me again. My antennas alerted me of a good family that was nearby.  

(At this point we’re all sanding there in shock, not sure to move, to greet him with open arm… Or just run… As fast as we can)

Cade :( Is starting to feel like he overstep his boundaries and begins to slowly walk back to his spaceship… Feeling abandoned, yet again)

Barbara-Jean: (Who notice the tiny guy who starts to walk away, gently pulls Papa Benja to the side)… Girls we’ll be right back, we’ll be right over there if you need us! (Points over to the tree)

AnnaLee+Kimmee: Okay!

Barbara-Jean: Honey, before you say anything I get it. I know that look your eyes carry, and the weight in your voice when you’re concerned… I know you’re what you’re feeling… I haven’t been married to you for nearly 30years to not know you! (She reaches over and gently touches his shoulder) I understand that with big things, small thing to always come together as a team… But honey that kid really needs a family someone to love him and really appreciate him… Like just think about it, how would you feel if someone abandoned you and you had no say so about it?

(As you can see Mama Barba always has a way with her words went it comes to talking to her husband)

(Benjamin knew exactly where his wife was coming from, so decided to make things right with Cade… He begins to walk over toward his spaceship and gently knocks on the door)  

*Knock knock*

(The door slowly opens and there you see Cade sitting there in the passenger with his back facing Papa Benja) 

Benjamin: (Slowly walks over to his chair, and softly places his hand on top of it) we’re sorry (he pauses) I’m sorry, I never wanted to make you feel like no one wants you… (His words trail off)

Cade: Nonsense! (Turns around to face Benjamin in his chair) you have every right to be uneasy, concerned about who you let into your home… I mean look at me, I’m an alien. I just, I guess wanted to feel completed. It’s almost like you’re finishing up a puzzle piece and you get that “ahhh” sensation because you’ve found the last piece and now you’re finally done! (Holds his head down)

 At this moment, Papa Benjamin sit down it the driver chair to face and talk to Cade) 

Benjamin: I never told, anyone this…. Not even my wife! But I understand completely what you’re going through…

Cade: You do?

Benjamin: Yes, I do… My own mother didn’t even want me… She was young when she had me like around 19. She told my grandma that she left me at the hospital, and to come and get me. Before my grandma could even get over to the hospital good, my mom had already left… Leaving my grandma and grandpa to raise me… I mean they did an amazing job. I was the only one that they had custody over, my other siblings however got put in the system….

Cade: Ohhh man, I’m soo sorry… (Benjamin cuts him off)  

Benjamin: Not gonna lie, it was hard at first, but after talking to my wife and thinking about my past… I would love if you come and stay with us. It’s not much... However… (Cade nearly jumps into his arms)

Cade: And don’t worry (looks up from his embrace), your secret is safe with me!

Barbara-Jean: Honey, is everything okay? You been in there for quite some time now.

Benjamin (Softly breaks away from the embrace and notice there were tears in Cade’s eyes) Yes babe, we’re just bonding (yelling from the door)

Barbara-Jean: Wait, does that mean?!

Cade: Let’s tell them…

(They burst out the spaceship door, nearly running everybody over) 

Benjamin: He’s staying!! 

(Everyone screams with celebration!)

Cade has now been living with my best friend’s family and mine… He switches back and forth for going on 3 months! It was definitely an adjustment to get use to use to… Especially telling my parents, my teachers, the neighborhood etc… But little by little he just grew on everyone! You couldn’t help but to be happy when he’s around.

Cade never feels abandoned anymore… In fact he just fit in like he belongs to us. Every now and time I would see a spaceship flash its light, I can tell its Cade’s family, but he signal them back I guess indicating that he’s alive and well…

I wasn’t ever expecting to see his family… Until late night on Halloween… How fitting how haha!

 AnnaLee: Hey look (points toward the sky) it’s your parents again, (she waves)

Cade: (looks up towards the dark night sky, waves hello and goes back to playing with kids from the neighborhood)

(All of a sudden, we noticed that the spaceship gets closer and soon land)

(Out of the spaceship is this tall sour-patch kid, I’m thinking that had to be the dad, then what looks like the mom, and the kids) 

Aurra, Cade’s mom: Where’s Cade? (Not greeting hello, she also seemed like she was in a rush)

AnnaLee: I’m sorry, who are you? 

Cade: That’s my mom… (Feeling an empty hole forming inside of him)

Kimmee: Uhmm okay, so what do you want with our brother, Cade?

Aurra: (Nearly laughs out loud) your brother, Ha! Whatever, he’s our family… My son! And she belongs back to us…. Now! Thank you for helping him and whatever… But we need him back….

Kimmee: Wow, I see just why Cade left…. You are soo rude! How do you talk to your own child, like he’s a piece of…?

Cade: (Immediately me off) it’s okay… Mom! Thank you for birthing me, but I’m not longer yours. You never wanted me, and don’t try and want me now (Cade starts to walk away)

Holden, Cade’s dad: Where you going son? (Tries to run after Cade, but he’s so fast)

(At this point, the parents both AnnaLee’s and mine came rushing over)

Barbara-Jean: Well, what seems to be the problem?

AnnaLee: (With almost tears in her eyes) they wanna take Cade back home. These are his parents! (Kimmee comforts her friend)

Barbara-Jean: No! (With a stern look on her face) you’re coming back because you’re feeling sad so now you think that you can just take him back! It doesn’t work like that… Now you leave my property right now!… 

Aurra: Or you’re what….

Benjamin: We’ll shoot!

(Lock and loaded his shot-gun, all the guys from the families immediately follows, Albert, my daddy; my brother Johnathan; my other dad Benjamin and other brother Jake all teamed up with a weapon of their own. Either a branch twig, one of the dogs or their fists… Something showing that they mean business)

(Without any delay, Cade’s family left to fast, so quick! That was no trace that they even was there! I’m so used to saying Cade’s family… His “Birth Family” came, but he’s our family now!

Cade was still a little upset that his “Birth Family” tried to take him away from us. After talking and reassuring him that he’s not going anywhere. He grew a since of trust with us!

Later the Evening

Barbara-Jean: Sweetheart, How are you feeling (sits at the end of Cade’s bed) 

Cade: I’m okay now, it was just like, you can’t do that... You can’t just come back into someone’s life when you didn’t want them from the start… Hurtful to say the least….

AnnaLee: (Listening from outside the door) But you gained a new family, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

Kimmee: Annd we just can’t let you go that easy! (Comes and jumps on the bed)

(Both brothers burst in the room)

Johnathan: You’re like the little brother I never had…

Jake: Or never thought I wanted

(Everyone embraces Cade)

(In that moment, Cade realizes just how loved he really is, and the entire family lives happily ever after)

Sometimes, things have to fall apart in order for everything to come together much stronger.


October 25, 2019 05:55

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