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I just don’t know how I got here. It seems like just yesterday I was a carefree child. I used to be so sure of myself and I never cared what anyone thought. I always figured if they had a problem with me that was their problem not mine. But then something changed…

I don’t know…maybe it was because I got hurt. Maybe it was learning that the outside world was just as dangerous as the one I knew inside. Some people would tell you I was always disturbed. After all I do have some pretty awful nightmares. But now I just feel broken…lost…

I am here but I feel different. I find I am more concerned with what others think and I just don’t know who I am anymore. My counselor says that this is just a normal part of teenage life but I am less sure. After all this doesn’t really feel normal. Then again… what is normal anyway? Does anyone really know? Sigh. I guess I should go to sleep. Its getting late. Good night. 

Well, this is weird. I could have sworn that I went to bed at home but now I appear to be in a forest. How could I have gotten here? Oh, I know, this is a dream. Has to be. 

I suppose I should get up and dust myself off and see where this path takes me. The forest path seems to stretch on forever and even though I cannot see anyone or anything around me I feel as though there is someone watching men

It feels like I have been walking forever when I came upon this hill. At the top of the hill there is a hooded figure with a scythe and some type of bird on his shoulder. It looks like a vulture? Maybe a demon? 

I begin my ascent up the hill. As it reach the top he points at this sleeping serpent. It is the biggest serpent I have seen. It seems to be guarding something…it looks like…a mirror?

I approach and as I do so it opens its eyes and stares at me. I hear a voice ask, “Are you ready?”

Ready? I wonder. Ready for what? The serpent swirls around me and for the first time I notice it has wings like a dragon. The serpent opens its mouth and out comes fire swirling around me. Its beautiful and looks almost like letters. But why isn’t it burning me?

As it burns around me I become covered in a beautiful flowing white dress. The serpent then motions toward the mirror and says, “You are ready.”

I still don’t know what I am ready for but I decide to go to the mirror anyway. As I approach I notice a girl on the other side approaching too. At first I thought it was my reflection but she was wearing a brown hooded cloak and I couldn’t see her face. Once I was in front of the mirror she reached her hand through and asked me again if I was ready.

I wasn’t sure who she was or if I should trust her or even what I was supposed to be ready for but I took her hand anyway. She pulled me through the mirror and on the other side the forest was on fire. I turned back toward the mirror but it was gone. I guess the only way to go now was forward with this strange girl.

She removed her hood and looked up at me, smiling. I was surprised by how much she looked like me. Her face was my face but she had these bright flower like eyes and her hair was white instead of blonde. And her smile still had fangs where I no longer had any as mine had been dulled at a young age. 

She motions for me to come with her. I followed watching as she danced ahead of me. My dress kept catching fire and creatures in the dark kept ripping at it but I barely felt it or noticed as I was transfixed on her. 

I have no idea how long we have been walking and I also don’t know if I care. But now we are back at the hill. She motions for me to stay. She walks up and talks to the hooded figure like I did. He nods at her. She motions for me to come.

I slowly begin my ascent up the hill again wondering what it was she had to say to him…or even who he is. As I approached the top he points to some doors where the girl is standing. She opens them and takes my hand. She pulls me inside.

In the darkness I can still feels here but I cant see her as we walked down what I assume to be a corridor. As we walk, her presence starts to fade till I can no longer feel her. I stop for a second and yell out, “Hello?”

 There is no answer but I can hear people up ahead. I am scared but there is no going back now. After all, this is only a dream, right? I sure hope so. 

As I near the end of the corridor I can se that I am now wearing the girls cloak. But when did she give it to me? And why didn’t I feel it before?

 Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. There was a girl standing there with pale skin. She had long flowing black hair and piercing dark eyes. When she smiled I could see her fangs like the other girl. Are they related?

The new strange girl motions toward the open doorway and begins to walk forward, motioning me to do the same. I slowly move forward. As I do so I realize that I am coming out onto a stage. There are 3 thrones in the center. 

There is a man with curly blonde hair, green eyes, and fangs standing in the front of the stage. He smiles when he sees me and turns out to the crowd, announcing, “Everyone! My daughter has returned! Lets welcome her home!”

His daughter? He turns to me and motions to the throne on the left. The other girl sits on the right. He goes to the middle, motioning for me to sit once more. I timidly walk up to it and turn to sit. I can feel my eyes getting big at amazement as I look out to all the people who are there cheering. They all look like creatures of the night and the monsters I have seen in my nightmares.

I don’t know if this is a dream or not but I really hope it is not. For the first time in forever I feel like myself…like I am home. I think I finally found my true self. 

December 11, 2021 05:37

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Zaara Rajaji
03:03 Dec 23, 2021

Hello Candace! Your story is truly an interesting tale. I've noticed you've used present tense to write this story, this really helped me connect with your character as everthing going on was in the moment. Though some of your descriptions were left quite vague, which I think can be expanded a little to give your reader a vivid picture of what you want them too see. Other than that, Well done!


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Boutat Driss
17:08 Dec 19, 2021

nice tale! I love it. can you read mine please the reflect


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