Rhonda, age 62 from Sydney, passed away on Saturday, December 15th, 2002. She was born to the late Catherine and Andrew Collins on January 15, 1940.

Rhonda lived a simple life at first. She lived at home with her parents and their dog Bow. She attended Caroline Public school, where she became the school captain in her final year. The reason: most likely her secret candy business, were she was selling the candy that her mother would get her and sell it for a dollar to all of the kids who were willing to pay for it, and trust me, so many did.

She had always been an active member of her community, helping everyone and everything she could, and despite her massive and busy schedule, she always had time for family and friends. She grew up spending summers and holiday vacations with her sister, Lilly, and her two brothers, Oliver and Oscar. She enjoyed hosting BBQ's at her house before she married the love of her life, Simon Lewis, in 1965.

They moved in together, venturing out of their home town into another house, where they continued to live their lives together while eventually having two children, Allison and James. When Alison was 3 and James was 1, Simon past away, leaving her devastated and heart broken but she did not let that phase her, and though we did not see it at the time, she was hurting and she was lonely. She watched them grow up and move on with their lives, finishing school, finding their one true loves.

My mum was my hero. I always grew up without a father figure in my life. My mum was the only one there for me, and though I didn't realise all of the struggles she was facing at time, but after having my own kids and raising them, I can't believe she was able to do this on her own. She was, strong, independent, reliable, loving, caring, and anything but selfish and I wish I told her how much I loved her more often. My mother was more to me and this community then we will ever know. She helped all of us, she cared for all of us.

My mother requested for an intimate burial and funeral not far from her home. Our family sends thanks all of those who cared for her during her last days. For those who have known Rhonda through out her life and the parts that she has shared with each of us, her service will be held at River Flown Cemetery. Flower and memorial donations may be sent to the New Church, 24 Xteria Drive, Sydney.

Rest in Peace Mum. You are more to me then what you'll ever know, and I will never be able to thank you enough.

October 12, 2019 03:17

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