The story of a world

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Kids Middle School

There was a work created by a boy,

It was created by writing numbers with a permanent marker on a desk....

Here, everyone had a role for themselves. ‘1’ 1️⃣was the chief 👑 and the ‘one’ who took all the important decisions. ‘2’ 2️⃣ was a bird🐤🦆🦢 and animal🐶🐷🐰🐭🐴 lover💗, so it had the life similar to that of a zoologist of the real world🌏. ‘3’3️⃣ was an expert in roller coasters 🎢 and adventure rides. He owned the adventure land 🎢🎉in the neighborhood, but himself could never go on any of the rides (he had a few deficiencies, remember🤔?).

‘4’ 4️⃣was the English 🔡 teacher👩🏻‍🏫. For it, the easiest alphabet to teach was ‘A’ 🅰as it technically looked like one. ‘5’5️⃣ was the police officer 👮🏻‍♂️🚓, sometimes straight as a ruler 📏and sometime ready to bend the rules📜 a little. ‘6’ 6️⃣ was the politician🤑 who opposed all the decisions taken by ‘1’1️⃣.

Now dear reader📖, please play an in-your-mind 🧠 drumroll 🥁 for the star 🌟⭐✨ of this world🌏, ‘7’7️⃣. ‘7’ was a gangster and a real criminal🦹‍♂️, in the eyes👀 of the people. Every other citizen of the new ‘Land’ that Boy 👦 had created was smart 😅😃 enough to keep a safe distance from ‘7’7️⃣.

‘8’ 8️⃣ was the blind👩‍🦯👨‍🦯 person who was a billionaire💵💲💰 too, showing off his wealth to others, but never really seeing it for himself. ‘9’9️⃣ was never found by any of the people there and its disappearance was a mystery🧐.

All in good time, my friend, all in good time⏳.

Now you must understand the heritage and the lineage in this world very well, my dears. So, the children of ‘1’ 1️⃣will have ‘1’ 1️⃣ in them, and the children of ‘3’ 3️⃣will have ‘3’ 3️⃣ in them.


Well, take ‘345’ 3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣ for example. It is the child who has ‘3’3️⃣,’4’ 4️⃣and ‘5’5️⃣ in its blood🩸. Think of it as the decent of a human, like Boy 👦. Boy’s mother 👩🏻 is korean and his father 👨🏻 is British-Indian. So, Boy 👦 has both British, korean and Indian roots in him. Similarly, the people in this ‘Land’ have the ‘roots’ of all the numbers🔢 they are a part of.

The best part about this world 🌏 is that nobody asked anybody their lineage. It was all there in their names!

Whenever somebody with ‘7’7️⃣ in their lineage came around, everyone would start whispering and murmuring and the ‘sevens’7️⃣ 7️⃣ 7️⃣ would keep on pondering 💭of what people were saying behind their backs.

As you can read📖, the world🌏 was not important at all, but it did hold a very important mystery🧐, a secret🤫, rather.

Dear reader(s)📖, this is the part where I tell you the most important secret 🤫 of this land. The secret 🤫 reveals the mystery🧐 behind the disappearance of ‘9’ 9️⃣.

***Scroll down pls***

Because ‘7’7️⃣ ate🍴 ‘9’9️⃣!!!‼‼

I know, I know, this was a very lame 😒 story, but if you read 📖 it till here 👇🏻👇🏻, it means that you have fallen prey to this prank🎉😁😂! Send this story’s link 🔗 to five✋🏻 other people and tell them it is ‘fantastic’…then see their reactions😲😳. You can make this an April fool’s 😋 thing too!

Have fun🎈, laugh 😁 and make sure that you never damage school 🏫 property like Boy👦👦, else you might be the next person to become the creator of a stupid world 🌏. Thank you.

(Oh and, how does this relate to the prompt? The boy writing on a school rest with permanent marker is a very brave thing to do)


February 26, 2022 04:09

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Advice And Tips
08:46 Mar 02, 2022

Cool idea


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00:39 Apr 04, 2022

This is very similar to Dhwani Jain's story, "Boy"


Luna Silvermist
09:52 Apr 07, 2022

Oh. I'm sorry


23:04 Apr 07, 2022

It's okay


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Luna Silvermist
04:15 Feb 26, 2022

Hi! It would really be appreciated if u could drop some feedback :)


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