A Fun/ Crazy Road Trip

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Funny Kids Bedtime

Twins Campbell and Sarah were upstairs in their room packing the final things for their summer road trip. Campbell was finishing up her backpack packing. She shoved her book, ipad, airpods, and sweatshirt into the bag and then zipped it up. Sarah was finishing up packing her backpack as well. She put her book, chewing gum, make-up pouch, and her airpods into her back before zipping it up. 

“Campbell, Sarah come on, it's time to go.” Their mom called.

“Coming!” Campbell called back. 

Both girls grabbed their backpacks and their cellphones and ran down the stairs and outside to the car. Their dad had just finished putting the bags in the trunk of their white Lexis.

“Come on girls in the car” Their dad said.

Campbell and Sarah climbed into the backseat of the car. Their mom got into the passenger seat and their dad in the driver's seat. Then they buckled up and drove off away from their house. As soon as they drove off their mom turned on some music in the front seat and started singing along. Campbell groaned.

“Mom please don’t sing that song.” She said.

“Oh come on honey.” Her mom said.

“Where are we stopping first?” Sarah asked.

“Well, I hope you two packed your bathing suits because we’re stopping at the Slither Slide water park!” Her dad exclaimed.

“OMG really!” Campbell asked.

“Yes really.” Her dad said.

The twins loved the water park because it was so fun. T had a lot of really tall water slides. The last time the twins had been was when they were 6 and because of their age they weren’t tall enough to ride most of the slides. It had still been a lot of fun but now that they were 13 they had been begging to go back because they were both tall enough to go down all the slides including the tallest one which was so cool because it was a tube but it was clear so they could see all the way down to the bottom. Both girls squealed in excitement as they started planning out what slides they were going to do. 

“I want to do the tube first” Sarah said.

“Fine but then I get to do the Slither slide first.” Campbell replied.

“Deal.” Sarah said

Then Sarah pulled out her phone and opened it to the camera. 

“Selfie!” She said. “Smile.”

Both girls smiled for the camera. 

“Send that to me please.” Campbell said.

“Sure.” Sarah replied.

“Girls we’re almost there so put away your phones please.” Their mom said.

“Ok.” Sarah said. She shoved her phone back into her bag.

They pulled up to the Slither Slide Water Park. 

“Alright girls I’m going to get out your suitcases so that you can get your swimsuits. Then you can go to the bathrooms and change, okay?” Their dad said

“Okay dad.” Campbell said.

When they pulled up to the water park their dad opened the trunk and the two girls got out their swimsuits. Then as he was trying to close it one of the bags slid out of the truck and hit the ground. All the contents spilled onto the ground. The family picked them up. Then while their dad went to park the car the girls went with their mom to the bathrooms where they changed into their swimsuits. Then they met their dad outside and while their dad went to get the towels and their mom found a place to sit the two girls ran as fast as they could to the water slides. As they had arranged in the car Sarah went to the Tube Slide first while Campbell went to the Slither Slide first. The two girls and their two parents spent almost all day at the water park. They had a lovely lunch and when it was time to go both girls were sad. 

“Do we have to go?” Campbell asked.

“Well, do you want to come back tomorrow?” her dad asked.

“Yes!” Campbell exclaimed.

“Good because we’re staying at the Slither Hotel!!” Her dad exclaimed.

“Really!!” Sarah asked.

“Yes!” Her dad said.

“Yay! Thank you thank you thank you!”

“You're welcome! Now come on girls let’s go get our stuff from the car.” 

The family went to the car. When they got to their car they found that it wasn’t there. They went to the attendant at the lot and asked about their car. The lady said

“It got towed. Here is the number to call.”

Their dad called the tow place and they had to get an uber and go to the place to get their car. Then they hit traffic and Campbell got impatient. She started bouncing up and down and ended up hitting her head on the top of the car. Finally they got to the tow place and found their car. They thought they were finally ready to go but then the worker told us the price to get it out of the tow place. Then Campbell, Sarah, and their mom had to listen to their dad and that worker argue and argue. Finally their dad still had to pay the same price because the worker threatened to not give us our car back. Apparently he could do that. When they got back to the Water Park they got their suitcases from the trunk. Campbell and Sarah also got their backpacks. They went into the hotel and because Campbell and Sarah had been playing so hard they were wiped and went to bed soon after. When they got up in the morning they had breakfast and then they went to the water park again for a little while. After that they had lunch and then they left the Slither Slide Water Park. 

Back in the car they listened to music and talked. Campbell and Sarah texted their friends pictures from the Water Park and played games on their phones. They also watched a movie. The family stopped for dinner at a burger joint and had burgers and ice cream. Then they drove to their hotel. The hotel was called the Silverton. The girls had their own room because they had a suit. They stayed up late talking and finally went to bed at around midnight. 

The next morning back on the road they hit a lot of traffic. Their dog Minnie started biting Sarah’s hair. Oh did I forget to mention that the family had a dog? Anyways their dog wasn’t allowed at the Water Park or in the hotel so they kind of had to sneak her in. Now back to the car Minnie started biting Sarah’s hair. Sarah tried to push Minnie off and in the process of bringing her hand back she smacked Campbell in the face. Then their mom leaned back to scold them and the traffic suddenly started moving. The car jolted, sending their mom’s face crashing into the seat. The phone rang so everyone had to be quiet as their dad answered. When he hung up he said

“We have to turn around and go home. Apparently while we were gone the oven started a small fire. The neighbors put it out but they just called and said that we needed to come home because the smoke alarm malfunctioned. Now who left the oven on?” 

Campbell, Sarah, and their mom stared slack jawed at their dad. Then Campbell cheared. Everyone stared at her.

“What? This was fun but now we can go home.” Campbell said.

So the family turned around and headed back home.

June 23, 2021 22:50

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Eric D.
22:40 Jul 10, 2021

I really liked the story seemed abrupt in some scenes like I wanted to see the dad react to his car being towed but then I thought it was sort of from the POV of the kids maybe and how fast they talk and miss certain details. It was very sweet though and I really liked it.


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23:05 Jun 23, 2021

Great story! Few things: One, you said "The girls had their own room because they had a suit." I think you meant suite. Also I'm not sure that the 'because' in that sentence belongs there. It shouldn't be "because they had a suite" and that was the only reason why. It's a little hard to explain so I hope you get it. Two, at the end you said "then Campbell cheared" but it should be "cheered". Three: You called this a bedtime story but I don't think this story matches for that. And four, I don't think the story really matched the prompt,...


Caroline Fonteno
23:12 Jun 23, 2021

Sorry. I had to write this kind of quickly so that's why it's not very good. Also I realized my spelling mistakes after I submitted it.


23:22 Jun 23, 2021

No worries! It's an awesome piece of writing. I'll blame it on the tight deadline for how fast you had to write this. Great job!


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