Mystery Creative Nonfiction

I ducked down to grab my pen, which I dropped while thinking so hard. It kind of scratched my brain, and left it rough, that I am officially ordered to write something for the people.

Most of the people from the population of Andtius already knew what will be the upshots of enforcing the students together with the amalgamation of different aged groups, to join the library, étude de livre, when they didn't want to go.

I highly disgusted the idea of letting our country, be the competent one in front of the world but who cares about my thoughts? Who cares what should be done in the spite of the intensity of pride and the thoughts of envy?

I knew already that they all wanted wealth, they all wanted the status, they all wanted the modern lifestyle and their wants made them forget their goals and achievements.

We all had thought of the good future of our children and the generations that followed but that goal led them to another route and now they are compelling people to read read and read and when I should have been with them, thinking the future for our country, they ordered me to write things for people to READ.

I started with nothing in my mind and my melancholy hands allowed me to write what they deserved.

"I know till now you have known. A child is missing. And another. And then another. It's kind of scary that whole 6 of them are disappeared all at once and their is no news from them. A downfall for your country because those 6 were needed, exceptionally. P.S Check if your brother is still there."

I turned my head to lock the features of the room in my mind.

Two sofa type chairs stood in front of each other with a table, whose corner were plated gold like the manchettes of the chairs. Behind the table was placed a bigger sofa which could fit at least 3 people. The whole room was covered in the lights, wallpapers, pictures and portraits of the shades like fire, spices, ginger and honey. The brass knob was untouched and no prints were left due to the help of gloves. My military cap was on and I was ready to go on a mission. Solo, this time.

I left the note there and stepped outside the door where two more officers saluted me in seaweed fern piece of clothes like I wore. The sound of the outsole of their army boots vibrated throughout the halls.

"Vehicle 57 must be ready. NOW!" I announced.



The houses were upgrading day by day while

the architectures and labour behind them hardly would get any sleep.

The real reason behind the success of a country should be love, care and respect as opposed to hate, enforcement and sleepless nights.

We were heading to the house of a well knowned 18 hear old boy whose name, which is not owned by any second personality, is familiar to everybody. Adrian. Also known as the Reader.

His name was well written on the front of his door. This was the time for him to go. To go away from this bad world but I am nobody here to decide who is here to live or dead. My point was that he should use his skills and tricks in the things which are good to experience.

He should know that the hard working he does is alot heavier in other countries except in Andtius. He don't even know what he is spending for free.

I knocked on Adrian's door. And the first thing I thought were the transparent glasses he always wore and his white gloves.

I stuck my vision to his doorstep as an act of manner and tried not to knock twice. Even though I was working against of my government but rules here were better than other countries which made every moment of people's life, formal.

Eventually Adrian showed up and it seemed clear that we had disturbed him. We asked him about the address of the nearest cafe and thankfully he accidentally reached near our car while telling the rights and lefts.

And then he was taken.

And it took us at least 1 more day to find Noel from the depths of the ocean who was examining the mouth of a whole new sea creature and Ken who was lost in the plants and animals in the dense forest of Andtius.

We found Glen in a classroom of the university of Andtius teaching self defense and life strategies to his students who will grow and explain these thing to more people, upgraded.

And Erik was found in the profundity of his house and knowledge, doing something which I couldn't name. It was funny how all of them were opposite of each other and yet similar from each other in some ways.

And lastly the one who is still not in our hands and is in our way, Marlin, also known as the brother of our head of government, Sir George Casser.

Marlin is hardly seen in any political meetings or in issues because most of the problems are handled by the people, which are assigned for it.

Corrupted people are killed. The rude people or the ones without manners are put into prison for a year. Stealing leaves you with a lifetime in prison so it never gave courage to the people to kill or kidnap people around.

George is always found in his table with his eyes always on the stumbling and dancing words of documents which shows on which level our country is and what are the things we are lacking to ameliorate the situation of our population.

Marlin is probably at home. He don't even like to poke his nose in other people business and thats alright because people have choices of their own and they are allowed to do work according to it.


Chandeliers which produced light flames were pinpointed after each 1 feet, on bygone rust tables which could hold number of dishes for royals and formals. The floor was carpeted and their were innumerable tawny doors.

I was confused at a moment to think about which one to enter. And in contrast the air was opaque, the environment was heavy and the small flashes made a series of slow gust of air, warm.

The footsteps filled my ears and I stooped down the table to not to be seen at this moment.

Some words were left on the air which I couldn't make out because they were whispered. And the mouths which said those word appeared, with tall bodies of gentlemen who weakened my will for a second and on the other second I thought strongly.

If he is gone then George will stop caring about the empowerment of the country and some innocents will not be enforced and the already strict rules wouldn't get any more worse.

The figure in front of Marlin and he himself were dissolving in the spiced surrounding, when wearing black. I sniffed the air, and it smelled bad and dangerous, absolutely not magnificent and ornated anymore. I knew from then, that something was, to all intents and purposes, wrong.

My eyes watered because of the tangy air and my throat burned. After sitting their for straight 5 minutes, an officer in alligator green clothes arrived with a damp handkerchief on his mouth screaming vigorously, in foreign language that, "Sir, courir!! Feu!!"

"How? What's happening here?" Marlin freaked out in seconds and ran to the officer.

"Sir, nothing is known now. You should probably run. Half of our army is already out. You were nowhere to be seen."

"But somebody has to stay to find the cause of fire."

"Yes sir, ten of them are in the basement. The smoke escaped out from there."

All three of them ran to the way out and I did the same after a minute. It was getting harder and harder to breathe. My eyes were serving a blurred vision and I thought that if I will close them for some seconds so it will not do any bad. Then there I was.


My eyes opened with a start. And all 6 of them were tied up in front of me with two of my personal men, who had followed me to Marlin's home, stood on both sides of my bed.

My first thought was that I was dreaming because having Marlin in hands is nothing more than a miracle.

Adrian, Noel, Ken, Glen, Erik and Marlin.

"Sir work is done," Alvin, one of my officers, chuckled. "They all are abducted," said the second one.

That thought made me laugh but I was not sure to think of everything real too soon when everything happened behind my back, when my eyes were closed.

They were all mad and deranged because their eyes were demented. They were not supposed to be here because in reality one place is waiting for them, specially.

I did not intend to hurt them but at some point they had to learn that they are working for wrong people and they deserved what they wanted, what they needed, but not what they were ordered to do.

There was a knock. Alvin ran to open it and listened some foreign words and whispered them to my ear.

"Sir, Sir George Casser wants to see you."

Obviously now I am important.

Because important people were missing.

And he found my letter.

But this time I was not going to show up.

I ignored him and looked outside at the roads. They were unoccupied; wholly empty except of some parked cars. And the opened windows of my neighbors showed the children reading or writing something on their study tables.

I told them to divide all six of them into three Corollas before they could do anything else to make my work more difficult.

We were going to the warehouse which was located within the borders of Andtius. The warehouse was handed to me after the death of my father. It was dirty but it didn't reeked and they are allowed to do whatever they want in there. But they cannot spend their whole lives working hard and not having the fun of life.

"Where are you taking us?," Ken asked. "I am a bit too busy. My lilies are waiting for me."

"Yeah, actually he is right." Noel spoke. "I only counted 27 teeth of-"

"What has happened to you both." Glen blasted. "Don't you know we are kidnapped. Why did you kidnap us?"

I signed Alvin and James to take them to the car and they did accordingly.

I noticed that Marlin was only watching us closely rather than saying anything. He noticed the words Alvin said in my ears, I felt his eyes on me when I saw out from the window to make sure that nobody had followed us and at last he was trying to get to the point that why I had kidnapped them, after all he is the brother of George Casser.


"Woah." I saw Adrien was confused and amused. The factory was rather scaring because hardly anything else was seen except the muddy shades of green and brown.

The door we entered from was huge and on the other side there was a sealed door for the matter of emergencies. There were total four floors and each floor contained at least three rooms. The place was filled with useless things like half pipes, worn out bags and rocks. 

It didn't take us a long time to come here so after letting them know that they are not on the right side, I can go back safely.

"Anything we should know?" Marlin said, first time in this whole time period.


I stopped because behind him I saw a duplicate.

A duplicate copy.

Of myself.

With a mysterious smile on the face.

September 03, 2020 22:01

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