The Outcome of Open Rebellion

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Crime Mystery Suspense

Title:- The Outcome of Open Rebellion 

Jagdish Bali one of the most prominent Industrialist of Delhi who manufactured electrical spare Parts had a very posh bungalow very close to Liberty Cinema located at Rohtak ROAD IN THE karol Bagh Area. Mr. Jagdish Bali was an owner of financial assets to the tune of 120 -30 crores. He was a very jolly Happy man with  Aruna, a social worker for inspiring women to establish their wonderful identity. She was very well –known splendid personality of the polished cream of high society. Sometimes Jagdish Would speak in jocular style : Ma’am is the most popular queen of N-Delhi but I am only an anonymous Creature. ‘I am a mad lover of her highness. A lover till the end of life.. In a cynical but happy mood he sang a romantic song: ‘’ Sau saal janam lein gei sau bar panah lei gei per aia jane khuda hum tum naa juda hon gei’’ 9We will take birth hundred times hundred times we would find shelter some where but even then oh my darling we shall not part from each other.” He had three sons and a daughter married. Except the youngest Son all had been married. Thousands of Delhites fie concentrated their full energies to get the youngest one for their daughters. But the boy was not the least in any hurry. He was a student of Master of Public Relations and he was having a very hard times. The question of his marriage was simply a flickering candle.

                                         Life was flowing very happily like the holy Ganga river at Rishikesh. When suddenly an unexpected an unexpected high voltage bolt bomb fell upon them. One of the most senior doctor’s informed Aruna that her husband was not going to live beyond a month. She was shocked and Getting awfully nervous requested him to do his best to increase the life of her husband.. The doctor Only expressed his disability. The SUN OF HIS GLORIOUS LIFE of success ad prosperity was shortly going to set soon.

  - HE HEARD ABOUT THOSE EFFICIENT DOCTORS BUT ALSO ASSERTED THAT DOCTORS were also liars of highest ranks. More often than not their lust for extracting money from the highest clients was simply like drying the clothes when the was in its’ highest temperature. He called it as the most hopeless humans. The doctors are very skilful In  convincing a healthy man a very sick and suffering person with diseases even unknown to the doctors.. I care a hell for these doctors. They are not Yamraj ,(the ambassadors of Death). He called Pinakin loudly “ Beta Pinakin will you come here just a moment.” He came but went on murmuring

And wondered if his papa suffered from mysterious eccentric If some thought dashed into his mind. He wanted it to be executed soon. He was fully confident that his sons would do it immediately. He had never ever imagined that his sons would go against his commandments. Pinakin, Ramananda and RAJENDRA WERE FAIRLY COVERSANT WITH THE NATURE of their father. The walls of his mind were rigidly strong and none could pore even a tiniest hole into it. The tenacity of his determination could not be under any circumstances be assaulted.

                                  Who does not know his father as well as his sons and are There any sons who do not know their father as well. Both the parties know each other well and even when they their foot steps sounds are recognizable. They went for a fortnight tom Switzerland and Tokyo. On coming back they met their old friends and two days Jagdish played poker, drank whiskies and had chicken chop and mutton rings with his old friends. They spent their days joyfully and the thought of death frightened them the least. He spent the  best time of his life and it became as good as a new second honey –moon reverberating sweetly with all frolic joys so delightful, Aruna was there with him. He could not have imagined going alone by himself The two were mightily feeling as if they were ideed destined to be like royal being likes honoured with royal like coronation that is to aryal blue blood.

                            “ Lord Krishna forbid such an eventuality, it may not descend if KRISHNA’S KINDNESS GRACES US. I AM COMPLETELY CERTAIN THAT NOTHING AVERSE CAN HAPPEN TOU BECAUSE OUR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER IS SO STRONG AND PURE.


“ and I am so lucky to get such a good husband “ There and then they hugged and got locked in a celestial grace”

;’O.k. now the charities job we’d do during the ten days that commence from tomorrow. Morning!”

‘Pinakin beta what do you say Is it not a nice programme for the needful and distressed………..

He left the room with an angry face and only murmured silly fool

‘beyond his hearing capacity.

                              Raghunandan the second son and thereafter Rajendra as well asked their daddy if they or perhaps one of us should accompany you?

“NO SONS YOU REMAIN HERE TO LOOK AFTER YOUR FAMILY AND Rajendra you do your study and I wish

You should surpass many others in your performance. We must go by ourselves. We want to feel the experience of being again together with each other..

                            Pinakin Such sort of sons too are there who did not come to see them off.. Where are there feelings of gratitude and sense of some respect for their parents. Get out of this illusion that sons Are sons. Sons after marriage certainly become the sole property of their wives, wives mothers. The parents of the boy are left behind like some second hand Television gathering dust into the store-room. Luck smiles on it when someone like old neglected things are lifted and transported at a throw away price. Rajendra approached his mother now and implored her to ask his father to take him along.

 “ NO, no beta I cannot give you any consent till your father agrees not.”

   In this way the protagonist of this short episode forbid all his sons to accompany them They had so far

 Chalked a twenty days schedule before the last ten days programme that is of utmost importance in the

Sequential order of this narration of a story

                                  Here he writer is reminded of the birth of Pinakin thirty five years back. That was the time when they were in very tight financial situation. Pinakin tended to be a pusillanimous from his early boyhood days ad always averted the display of money spending spree ad felt very unhappy to spend on any luxuries. The poverty of lives that had ended did not efface the scars stamped in the mental regions of his earlier lives, over such funny moods of any lavish expenses..He simply fumed and fretted . He could not have the patience to see his mother or father or at times their sister spending any money lavishly, He felt abnormal metal disorder if he saw money being spent by other person. WE CAN surmise he was mentally money sticking machine , ready to keep inside the pockets but unwilling to pull out even a farthing. The habits that have been of births previous also do leave a man. They stick to him as the tail sticks to a monkey. It was an integral part of his parochial personality. The habits of miserly vision can not be got rid off. SO SUCH A CHARACTER WOULD NOT LIKE to PART WITH ANY MONEY. He was sharply brilliantly smuggle money even from his mum’s or papa’s Cupboards. He had been born in poor families in some lives before when he had lived without good clothes, without enough under clothes and towels that was just a scratch of thin tattered towels’ A Psychological fear of scarcity “ a sticky attitude went on chasing his mind even when he was born in

One of the richest line of high level families..

                                     They had a very lovely sojourn abroad comprising of twenty days Finally all said and done, they were to spend ten days as preciously as gold. Every day of ten days was to be cautiously and see what each day had in store of their mysteriously locked in the wombs of unfolding days to fall. Jagdish Seth just took the car to every temple of the cities and his driver would without any Hitch open the door of his luxury car and with flowers, coconuts and incense sticks , the rich man Jagdish Bowed down in each temple and bowed down in respectful courtesy before the idol of Shree RAM and thereafter he visited in the temple of Shree Krishna and bowed down keeling with most humble obsequies Before the auspicious God that is only one. He went on handing one lakh rupees cheque to each and every temple. Late I am to clarify that his wife had also accompanied her and as the lunch time also Wet on approaching , Aruna had already ordered for lunch coupons that were handed over to each beggar, mendicant and wandering Sadhus too All that they had to do was to step in the food restaurants to have a delightful Lunch there. By the end of the day they had done with one crore of charities.

                                                     Lala Jagdish and Aruna sat down next morning in one of their very special porticos began to chalk out their charities distributing programmes of the figure of funding that could be set to various charitable trusts. They went on counting the cities such as Udaipur, Hardwar, Rishikesh, Indore, Balaji and so on.. .  Pinakin ,the eldest of their sons let out the latent fumes going on Accumulating in his mind that was already stocked with all the garbage let him out:

         “ Papa if you will go on spending such large sums on charities, we will be left without anything. Some sudden blows just as the present Corona virus endemic , blow on our accumulated shares ‘”Stop Your nonsensical blabbering, I know how much to donate charities and how much to leave for you all.

Besides we teo together have ourselves by hard work day and night created this comfortable position I our destiy and wise planning. You have not bought or created this large extension. YOU ALL PURCHASED SOME flats in DELJHI but you never shifted. I know exactly what the hell I am doing , you’d better get out And leave your mum and myself alone.

                         At this point of  the other one, second soRaghunandan also entered and vomited.’” But Papa We too also have our rights to express. Don’t we? Are we not born out of you. He too went on vomiting All the fuss and mess clustered in his vicious mind………. ……. Jagdish  got into the summit of offending

Anger and shouted ‘” Shut up you bloody my own borns! Was I living for this day to see my own dogs Barking and shouting for their exclusive shares, while I am still alive…..” He fell down on that chair dumb And crestfallen. Aruna now got up and picked her walking stick and shouted like the Rani of Jhansi ;” Get Lost you dogs ,parasites, you badmasho you made my husband fall on the chair in a debilitated condition. Go away you dogs from my womb itself. GET lost I will beat you dead just now” Thereafter she

Attended her husband “ Utho jee himmat rakho utho meri kasam Krishna tu hi kuch ker aah kei” (you badmash boys ( Get up keep your courage I TAKE SOLEMN OATH TO MAKE YOUGET UP WELL Krishna do come and help my husband ) She shouted at the top of her voice and the echoes flashed with resounding resonance “ You my bloody sons . Hear you me .SHUT UP YOUR DIRTY MOUTHS you RASCALS” at this point her youngest Rajin stepped fastly towards his mother and folded her and also his father. “ Worry not I AM WITH YOU TILL MY LAST BREATH. You can do what you like to do. None can stop you. HE tried his level best to dry their moistened cheeks that were wet from the tears that had Hitherto burst out.

                              The next day they made the list of ‘Nanhi Kali” “ GIVE India Foundation ‘ ‘ Goonj’” ‘Help India” ‘ Parshav Nath CHARITABLE Trust “ “ MANGAL CHARITABLE trust” “ BLIND AND DEAF ORGANIZATION’ THATSPRAWLED ALL OVER india. The youngest boy also came to their aid. They also thought of ‘indian

Martyrs foundation for the widows’

         “ Aruna dear what should I DO .We had decided for fifteen crores  but it seems so SHORT and not enough looking at the sufferings beyond expectation. She quickly found a way ‘” Take away my gold, jewelry and hard cash lying with me. Don’t touch the assets to be given to the three sons. BY THIS TIME IT HAD ALSO BECOME TRANSPARENTLY CLEAR ALL OF THEM WERE STAYING WITH THEM BECAUSE THE DELICIOUS LUNCHES , DINNERS AND COUNLESS FACILITIES WERE FREE OF COST. The two had also purchased two row houses that gave them rental income of thirty-five thousand rupees every month It was quite clear that there was nothing like real emotional and affectionate considerations. People only lived under one roof for financial and hunger needs several other facilities. Not even one’s own sons and daughters-in-law. Stayed not for serving their senior father and mother-in-laws. They would be eagerly waiting for future financial gains and assets. They also have an eye on the industry that their Father-in-law has acquired. Expectation of unconditional love and dedication is a misnomer.

                         Next day it was the last day of making the donations’ cheques. That morning their daughter-in-law, Santosh came in with their morning tea and butter toasts and potato cutlets with Sauces’. She deliberately acted as if slipping her foot on the mattress and the result was that all the tea Got splashed and she also fell down on the table crushing the toasts, cutlets, chocolate biscuits and all the sauces and creams. She spoiled all the cheques.  She like a cunning fox fell headlong on the table with her head falling  in the laps of her father-in-law. Aruna got up toraise her up and shouted” KHASAMANUKHANI, (abuse in Punjabi often used) ki ho gaya tainu . Uth kutiye haramkhor (WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU AND SHOUTED SEVERAL ABUSES)

                    Just  then suddenly Pinakin entered and shouted with thick load of grudges “ Oh you bloody Father…….. What the hell you are up to….. trying to beat my wife in your laps. Do you have any shame Or sense.? “ There after he shot three bullets into the chest and head of the father. Aruna shouted With her hands rising up to the skies and she cried loudly and also shouted as an ill omen this boy proved this day “ You rascal WAS IT FOR THIS DAY THAT I carried you in my womb. You luchha (NOTORIOUSLY IMMORAL) YOU COMMITTED PATRICIDE. Lord punish him. Rajendra the youngest gave a ring to the police and soon came the police and handcuffed him.

                       She shifted to Dehradun where the couple had bought another posh high level bungalow. She shifted there taking along necessary papers and her clothing’s. She took along Rajinder with her as only he proved to be a real loyal son. She thereafter sent a notice to the other son Raghunanda and Pinakin’s wife too to vacate the bungalow and shift elsewhere. They were not now any rights on their late father’s property, assets and cash. It was alleged notice from an advocate from Dehradun they were entitled to 35 crores besides non moveable properties too, But the mind set of ARUNA BALI changed into a rough attitude. ‘So what if they are my sons. They became the murderers of my husband. They can’t get anything For the rest of my life I won’t go to that Delhi  bungalow. It is stained with the blood of my husband. She stayed in Dehradun for the rest of her life and had all the hundred crores, industry of electrical gadgets and both the bungalows to her youngest  son. She found one girl  for her youngest son in  Dehradun who was absolutely obedient to her and also too beautiful.

                    Recollecting the whole issue it can be summed up as a stupidity of impatience and excess of greed that led to their downfall. They could have got thirty five crores and also immoveable assets but now they just got nothing. Sorry Raghunandan and Santosh too were culprits who too were taken to rust in the prison.

Writer:- Kalra YashPaul 

January 01, 2021 07:54

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Writer Maniac
12:32 Jan 01, 2021

I lost interest in this story in the first few lines itself. The run-on paragraphs really don't help. Capitalisation in the strangest of places and no quotation marks make the story more confusing and harder to read. The Hindi words written in English, as well as the lack of punctuation or proper spacing, must be highly worked on. No full stops or commas, and cutting of sentences in between should be improved.


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