Thriller Drama Romance

"Erm… Rora! I think the baby just did a number two on the couch in the living room…", a terrified Lewis Harrison spoke up, looking at his crying baby, Dylan.

Lewis had been carrying Dylan on his laps and watching a movie with him. He had wanted to increase the volume of the TV so he dropped Dylan on the couch to get the TV's remote – only to get back to an awful familiar stench coming from Dylan with his face up in a scowl, a cry about to pop up.

"Not a really good time now, Lew. I'm currently making breakfast and honestly looking at it, it doesn't seem to be going well. Do me a favour and change him, please", Aurora voiced out softly from the kitchen, a pot cover dropping on the ground causing a reverberation around the house.

Dylan's cries increased by a double.

Lewis sighed, though tired already and couldn't wait to get in bed to have a proper sleep after the long night he had the day before, assented to her statement.

Dylan was a pain in the neck for the newlyweds. He sincerely came as a weed into their house, at least that's what Lewis thought and always rumbled about every single time.

'Okay, here goes nothing, big guy. It's just a baby's poo; how bad can it be?' Lewis thought to himself, cracking his finger and neck bones.

"Breakfast's ready, Lewis… How did cleaning Dylan go? I'm sure it wasn't that hard, right?" Aurora came out of the kitchen, drying her hands with a napkin, a cute and wide smile on her face.

Almost immediately, her smile dropped into a frown. This time, Lewis was the one smiling, only his was of fear.

"How could you have been so careless with the baby… ?" Aurora exclaimed. On second thought, she rephrased her sentence.

"... Our baby, huh?" She said, now with a high-pitched voice, worry slipping into her tone.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, okay. I didn't think he was going to make such a huge mess", Lewis frowned, glancing back and forth from the poop-filled living room to his naked, giggling baby on the floor and his fiercely looking wife. 

Aurora took in a deep breath. This wasn't the first time and neither would it probably be the last – until he learns how to sit a baby, that is. Stuff like this happens at least twice within a week so it wasn't a surprise, at all, to her.

"Lew, please just make sure you clean up this place", she said, circling her hands around the whole living room.

"While I, go give our cute little baby, Dylan a wonderful squeaky cleanse", she ended, picking him up and giving him the tickle of his life, which always made him show off his set of toothless gums; and Aurora was always sure to laugh at them.

"Another morning gone bad. This holiday was supposed to be for our honeymoon", Lewis muttered in exasperation. 

It didn't even last up to a month and two weeks before she took in. Now, there are only two months left before their vacation in Bear Lake County ends and they'd be heading back to their home in Badminton.

Every day was always like this after Dylan was born. In the beginning, Lewis fell in love with him, always playing baby games with him. But, everything changed when Aurora thought it best to share babysitting tasks.

As Lewis picked up the crumpled tissue papers, he couldn't help but reminisce about the morning. He remembered when he woke up very early by 5:00 am, gratitude to his personal alarm, Dylan's incessant cries and had to bathe him for the day. 

It was a bath gone wrong. The entire bathroom was literally bathed, in other words, soaped all around. Things seemed to go extremely wrong whenever Lewis was assigned to Dylan than when he was ever with Aurora.

"Good grief!" exclaimed Lewis, sitting on one of the three white sofas – not the previously pooped on one – in the room. "I'm jiggered", he lamented, happy he was done with the whole sanitation. 

"I guess you're done now, aren't you?" Aurora said, descending the six flights of apples and pears. Not getting a reply, she shrugged.

Walking into the kitchen, she passed by the living room not mistaking a figure dozing off on the couch. She sighed, shaking her head. 

"Pshaw! Just that little job and he's already in cloud number nine. I must have worked him all up. Now, he sees how it is. Aw, I better take a quick video of his face to tease him", Aurora mumbled excitedly, taking out her phone from her Corduroy overall dress' front pocket.

Most times, they hardly ever play, but Aurora was determined to make that afternoon memorable, or whenever the two men of the house woke up.

"Goodness! What time is it? I must have slept for so long", Lewis spoke yawningly, once he awoke.

"3:00 pm, why?" Aurora said from the couch beside him, scaring the bejeebers out of him.

"Cor blimey, Rora! Why'd you do that?" He screamed, holding onto his chest, as though he were suffering from an attack.

"Drama queen", Aurora muttered aside, rolling her eyes.

"You didn't eat breakfast this morning, so I thought we should go out to eat supper, like at a restaurant or something", Aurora spoke, now facing him in all smiles.

'Is she for real right now?' Lewis thought, eyes wide.

'Of course, she is', he immediately sat up, hugging her.

"That'd be great. Thank you so much, mo grá - my love", Lewis said, a drop of tear slipping down his cheek.

"Getting all emotional now, right?" Aurora giggled against him.

"Meh. I can't help it. It's been a while since we had some time alone", Lewis smiled, cuddling her.

"Hold up", Aurora cut the hugging session, "what do you mean by some time alone?" She asked, arms akimbo, making sure to air-quote the time alone.

"Huh… time alone, just us, you know, without Dylan?" He asked, uncertain how she'd take it.

"Naughty. But I like the sound of that. A time alone truly could work, at least before the honeymoon ends. We could drop him off at my aunt's, since she lives close by. Also, she loves children", Aurora said in her thinking face.

"What? Are you out of your mind, Rora? I was expecting you to disagree with my rede. I was just joking. How could you do that to our poor Dylan?" Lewis couldn't help but get sober. Sure, he didn't like cleaning up the baby, because he didn't know how to regardless of the number of times Aurora had taught him, but he had never been ten miles away from his son. He'd die if someone tried to take him away.

"Wow! Chill, Lew! If you badly wanted Dylan to go with us then you could have said so from the start. Anyway, I was checking out some cool restaurants around here, while you were asleep, and I saw this place called 'Cody's Gastro Garage'. And I think we should totally check it out", Aurora replied enthusiastic about the whole outing.

"Sure, I'd just put on some nice and new clothes; you should too. Then I'd grab the keys and put Dylan in his pram", he responded to her statement which she smiled and nodded at, before he swiftly went upstairs.

Pushing Dylan down the block, they chatted like never before. Getting along for the first time in months was really heartwarming and amazing for the both of them. They enjoyed the time they had throughout and made a plan to discuss how the last month of their honeymoon would go, with their wonderful newborn baby; of course, not without Lewis finally learning how to train the baby. Because maybe, just maybe, another one might be coming soon; probably even without a warning.

"I enjoyed today, Mr Harrison. Thanks for the wonderful evening out", Aurora voiced out to him, smiling as they held hands and strolled down the street to their home. They had deemed it fit not to use any cars for the outing. 'In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks. In other words, the best of journeys are best enjoyed whilst walking', Aurora had proclaimed before they left the house.

"You're welcome, Mrs Harrison. I'm glad you had a great time. You know, I'm quite the entertainment", Lewis smirked, placing his arm around her shoulders, as they walked home happily, not forgetting to ask Dylan how his own day went. Only, they couldn't comprehend whatever he said because if they did, then it must have been 'awesome' too.

The End!

August 24, 2020 19:37

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Lucia M
22:26 Feb 27, 2021

Ooh La La! Great job, Fallow!


Aisha Olanrewaju
14:52 Mar 31, 2021

Thank you so much! I left Reedsy a while ago. That's why I just saw your message and replying now. I'm glad you like the story, by the way. Thanks for the likes and follow.


Lucia M
14:58 Mar 31, 2021

Haha, np! :)


Aisha Olanrewaju
16:04 Mar 31, 2021

I would definitely love to hear your thoughts on the other stories I wrote, if you don't mind, that is. :)


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