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              This is the 2 part to Claws, so I suggest reading that first.

I’m soaring through the dusty air with my sister, zipping past all the houses and traders down below. I pass her, blowing a raspberry while doing so. She laughs. I laugh alongside her.

“No fair!” As she tries to keep up with me, I spot something strange. I slow down to look. An old man is hobbling through the streets. I frown. Everyone here is young, so how is there an old man? The only old man is the Emperor.

“Hurry up! We're gonna be late!” “Coming!” I glance at my sister, who is several yards ahead. I look back at the old man, but he has disappeared.


I’m sitting in the back of the Astrophysics Class, listening to the teacher droning on and on about the landing on Mars in 3089, when I notice something in the window. I squint. What is that? I quickly glance at the teacher, when they’re not looking, I scoot closer to get a better look. 

It’s a sleek and small silver hovercam buzzing about.  I almost fall out of my g-chair. I open the window, and look to see if anyone notices.

 “Bas! What are you doing?” Hissed Padme, my Sister. I ignore her, and continue to slide it up. She stares at me, speechless.

Once it’s all the way up, I start to slide of my g-seat, and out the window. 

“Young man! Sit back down!” The Teacher yelled at me, but it was too late. I was already out the window. 

After getting out the window, I look back to see the class crowded around the windows. I smirked, and waved. Padma looked furious. 

I quickly hop onto the hovercam, and I feel it shudder underneath my weight. I ajust, hoping it will still fly, and not drop like a metallic stone. It shudders again, and drops a few feet. I squeeze my eyes shut, bracing for a rough landing, but it never comes. I hesitantly open my eyes, and we are gliding jerkily through the air. 

My breath gets taken away as I see the beautiful view from up in the air. I get to school on my g-rig, but this is a different experience. 

I look down at the dusty and colorful market down below, with people bustling around and a massive forest full of animals of all different kinds, and the massive gleaming buildings made of metal and glass that cradle the valley we live in. 

We drop a little, making me remember that I’m on a little hovercam. I groan. What was I thinking, leaving school like that?! Padma’s gonna kill me!! My frustration and fear turns into curiosity as the hovercam swerves and drifts to one of the buildings. 

Where is thing going anyways? I wonder if it leads to the Emperor! I get excited at the thought. 

That thought suddenly disappeared when the hovercam swerved, and instead landed on the roof of the building. I heard footsteps, and I scrambled to hide behind one of the big greenhouses that are stationed around the roof. 

It was a man in charcoal suits and a woman in a crisp white blouse and skirt. They were in their mid-twenties, and they we talking amongst themselves, in a hush and quick conversation that I couldn’t hear. They stopped when they saw the drone, and the woman walked up to it, and took a chip out of the hovercam. She walked back, and they headed back the way they came. 

I breathed a sigh of relief, and reluctantly came out of my hiding place behind the greenhouse that’s full of Mullberries. I drooled at the thought of fresh Mullberries, and I looked around before snatching a bunch of the berries. When no alarm sounds, I gleefully shove them in my mouth . 

I wipe my mouth with my dirty sleeve, and hesitantly walked over to the hovercam. I inspect it’s smooth surface, and find a groove in the hard surface. I push it, and it pops open. I gasp. Inside is a shimmering red glowing ball, that is attached to a variety of wires. Anti-grav tech, the expensive stuff too. That’s probably how the hovercam didn’t drop when I jumped on. I squint at it. Never seen one up close, but this isn’t the right color.  

I tuck away the orb into my pocket, noting the how light it was in my pocket for later. I have a strange feeling I’m going to need this… 

I snuck in the building, freezing, heart bounding when the door let out a loud groan. It was a smooth gray door with a few dents marring the otherwise perfect sheen. When no one was alerted, I let out a silent breath of relief I didn’t know I was holding. My fear was replaced by awe as I took in the massive room in front of me. 

It had immaculately polished white floors that stank of bleach, and tall metal walls indicated that whomever owned this must be rich. All over the room were paintings and towering plants. At the end of the room, a large window with a view of the whole valley was visible. In front of the window was a massive onyx chair, with tendrils of shadow grasping at the sky on the back. It looked to be made thousands of years ago, and had massive power. In it sat the oldest man in the valley. 

The Emperor. 

I quickly hid behind one of the plants nearby, a bright red plant with blue leaves, a type of plant I’ve heard of or seen before. He was talking to the man and woman I saw on the roof about a crisis. I perked up in interest. What crisis? 

“The Children of Legend should be here in this city.” It was the man. 

“I’ve already told you, Rowan, that is what the name says. Nothing more than a legend.” The woman replied to Rowan irritably.

“They must, Seila.” Rowan persisted. Seila's face darkened. She was about to sat something when the Emperor interrupted her. 

 “We musn’t say another word, for there’s another person in this room.” I start sweating. Please no please no please no- He stared straight at me. 

                                             “Hello, Bas.”

                                       Fin (pt 3 soon!) 

Sorry I haven’t posted any stories for a while, this one took me time to smooth out the wrinkles. This is the 2 part to Claws, so I suggest reading that first.

May 30, 2022 21:49

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