Inside out Backward colorfull

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      Audrey stood, with her hands on her hips, focusing on what was at the foot of her bed.  She was contemplating the feat before her, putting on her clothes by herself.

"I am doing this today! I want to show my mom that I am being a big girl." thought Audrey.  Audrey first had to face her first challenge taking the PJ top off. She pulled on the left sleeve pulling her arm back through the sleeve. “One arm free” Audrey said "Good" The right sleeve was a little easier to take off. Next was the most challenging for her was to pull the shirt up and over her head, she would usually get her shirt stuck on her head, Audrey was afraid of pulling things over her face. Reminding herself "I am a big girl now!" taking a deep breath thinking to herself “Let's do this.”

  Audrey's first attempt she could not pull the top hard enough to free her face. "Let's try this again." Audrey said with the voice of determination. She pulled up on the top with one good pull the top was off. "yes!" Audrey said while doing her own victory dance. Audrey had already mastered the pants. First she pulled the pants to the floor then sat on the floor pulling her legs out of the pant legs Next challenge emerged Audry grasped the tee shirt from the bed she also detested this part she held her breath put the tee shirt over her head pulling it down quickly "Victory" her head was clear then put her arms into the sleeves she had put the shirt on by herself. The shorts were easy to put on than it was taking her pajama bottoms off.

  Next challenging detail the socks. Audrey had never even attempted putting on her socks, still she noticed her mom do it many times. She sat on the floor, put a sock over her toes pulling back real hard to get the sock over her heel which the hardest thing so far the sock went over the heel then she pulled it all the way up. She continued with the other sock. Audrey already knew how to put on her sneakers she quickly slipped her feet into the sneaker.

     It thrilled Audrey genuine has a sense she was now a big girl who could now dress herself. Audrey walked down the stairs lazily not to make a noise to amaze her mom.  Audrey appeared at the doorway of the dining room. "look mommy! I dressed myself today isn't that impressive I am a big girl now! Right? Audrey proclaimed.

    Audrey's mom had to control her laughter while maintaining a straight face "yes! you look great."  "Where are the clothes I put out on your bed last night? Trying not to seem offended or outraged or showing displeasure for what Audrey picked out to wear and how she looked. Audrey replied ,"I like these better." ,"Yes, you're getting to be a big girl.” “Let me take a picture so I can send it to grand mom Peggy and grandmother B it will honor them.”Audrey had a grin that extended from ear to ear she felt it was her greatest achievement.

    Audrey's mom let her stay dressed as she was eating breakfast. While attempting forming a compassionate invitation "I admire the outfit you picked let's go upstairs putting something cooler to go to the park?" Audrey said "OK."

Just then the doorbell rang, it was Mrs. Spark, whose turn it was to bring her daughter and Audrey to the park for a playdate. The girls ran to the backyard to play on the swings. Audrey mom's revealed to Mrs. Spark the picture taken that morning " Her mom said "I had a hard time not to laugh." Both women looked down at the picture on the phone. Just how did Audrey look? She had on a purple tee shirt inside out backward. The shorts too were on backwards and inside out. The shorts were hot pink. The socks were inside out one was blue, the other had red butterflies.

     Years later, Audrey was looking through the photo album her mom made for her for her eighteenth birthday. Coming to that picture "Mom, What in the world is this? When was it taken? Who took it?" "Was it Halloween crazy clothing day or was I playing dress up?" Audrey's mom with a smile reminiscing when the picture was taken. "No, honey I took this when you were four you picked out those clothes then tried to dress yourself for the first time."

"Did you yell at me for wearing this silly outfit? saying in a confused sounding voice. "No, I knew you were beginning to try new things. You came down the stairs with the look of pure accomplishment  and pride I was so proud along with a little sadness that my little girl was beginning to grow up ,beginning to express herself. I didn't want to rob you of the sense of accomplishment and pride. Later that day you did let me help you change the outfit to put on an outfit to got to the park.

   At Christmas a large box was delivered to Audery's mom's house. When she opened it was a large poster size picture in a gold frame of that picture in the corner Audery had written to the greatest mom ever. At the bottom of the frame was a small engraved plaque it read "INSIDE OUT- BACKWARD-COLORFUL"

December 20, 2019 17:01

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