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Fantasy Inspirational Mystery

It was a dark stormy night in the middle of {Castle Rock,} sitting at my desk in my dorm room and studying for my criminalize/journalist test.

When I {Raven-Wind} was suddenly looking through the universal portal door, my curiosity got the better of me; I {Raven-Wind} walked through regardless of my subconscious warning signs.

Surrounded by traps and mythological creatures, further in I {Raven-Wind}, walked for miles it felt and came to a clearing surrounded by "Dark Elves; startled, the head of the pack led me to a hidden cloth door that was another portal.

This portal had a creepy vibe; all you hear in the background was soft groans and a low growl, looking up at an owl pierced down with his beady eyes just looking at me.

Sitting around a fireplace, everyone looked at me with less curiosity, and some people feared.

Silence filled the room when the head “Dark-Elf” started to speak; some were in tongues, and others hurt with curiosity.

Head of the “Dark-Elves placed in my hands a scroll, I {Raven-Wind} read in little light from the fire. The other “Dark Elves” couldn’t keep their eyes off me for fear, and the floor opened up.

My instincts kicked in, I {Raven-Wind} started floating up, and then the whole room went dark; a thing appeared from the smoke and was everywhere.

Once the smoke cleared, I {Raven-Wind} was trying to get my thoughts in order, looking around the room for a switch or a candle and finding nothing.

Just then, I {Raven-Wind} started falling, found myself caught in a book and was confused.

Pages after pages, from miles around, just stood there looking out into space. Just then, a hand pulled me out of a suspicious portal, and now I {Raven-Wind} was in my dorm room sitting across from an old friend, “Rastlin {Shaman}.”

I {Raven-Wind}, didn’t care about the dorm rules then; a friend just saved me, staying up the whole night with the constant thank you and reminiscing about the good old days.

Woke early, leaving “Rastlin {Shaman},” asking for an extension on my easy, being approved, crept into my room, not trying to wake “Rastlin {Shaman}, was too late looking spaciousness and a cloud of smokey grey filled the room.

Make sense of the situation; a whisper came out of the shadows to get my attention. I {Raven-Wind} was about to move close to the shadows when something grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into the shadows, just missing a clue of what that cloud of smoke was.

Now that I {Raven-Wind} was in the shadows, a question comes to mind and says, “Who is there?”

Searching for a light switch, I {Raven-Wind}, found an owl parched in the ruff top and surrounded by mythological creatures.

Using my gifts that I {Raven-Wind}was born with to reach out to communicate to one or more creatures just then the back of my neck crawling with the chills, once again “Rastlin {the Shaman}, calls and says my name {Raven-Wind} answer!

Pushing my way through, trying to reach my friend, but the more I {Raven-Wind} tried to move, the space closed, and somebody cast a spell to free me.

Something went wrong with the spell, and {Raven-Wind} was transported into a book surrounded by scrolls, and every time I {Raven-Wind} tried to run, the pages kept turning blank.

Walking from page to page, I only saw nothing but scrolls; a flash of blue fireball appeared in the sky, with a hidden message from “Rastlin {Shaman}. Saying, “Raven-Wind,” trying everything to get you out!

Well, since I’m {Raven-Wind} going to be here for some time, I might as well make the most of it and start picking up the ‘scrolls, and nothing unusual happens. Just then, a shiny glow appeared out of nowhere and stopped my tracks.

Sitting in the center of the floor, a wave of power came across me. In other words, I {Raven Wind} was channelling “Rastlin {the Shaman}, and asking for the spirits to come.

If anyone can do that, it will be him. Any back to me sitting on the floor with the guidance of the spirits, don’t get me wrong, born with the “Gift,” it doesn’t hurt to double the power and get out of here!

Another flash of blue fireball with a message read, “How are you making out?” No way to tell him, I {Raven-Wind} found one of the blank scrolls, used a feather ink pen and wrote: {there is still some glow on some of the scrolls, but “PLEASE” get me out of here!}

Still thumbing through the scrolls, this particular one stood out; frantically opened, words magically appeared and said; {the way to escape from the book of forbidden Scrolls follow this riddle to the letter!} 

The puzzle goes as follows: {What can travel worldwide without leaving its corner? About to answer out loud, the answer is A stamp.} A cloud of smoke appeared and was magical in my dorm with “Rastlin {the Shaman} standing there with his mouth wide open, catching flies.” A cloud appeared, and I was in my dorm room.

Got talking about this <road to nowhere> thing with “Rastlin {the Shaman}, and we both conclude that misleading portals keep popping up? The mystery is afoot, trying to be funny. “Raistlin {the Shaman} said this is not the time or place to make jokes.

Suddenly, the lights went; looking for a flashlight or a candle, finding one, I {Raven-Wind} went to see if the whole campus was in darkness; it was, you would think that would stop us, nope, and a road appeared out of nowhere.

We had nothing to lose, so we started walking.

Walking for hours, a trail off the path, looking at each and said {“Why Not!”}

A portal appeared, forming a big cloud of smoke, standing in a line full of people moving forward. Confused, we just went with the flow and are now on a tour bus.

Once the bus stopped, the conductor said, “Everyone off.” 

On a Haunted Museum’s tour, {Raven-Wind,}and the {Shaman Rastlin} friends awaken an ancient evil and threaten to lead them on a continuous {Road to Nowhere!}

February 26, 2024 04:53

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1 comment

Ken Cartisano
07:17 Apr 04, 2024

I don't know... that seemed more like a writing exercise than a story. The 'I, (Raven wind) got old after the fifth iteration. Did it have a purpose? I had a feeling by the time I got to the end that their were probably several scenes that held coded references that I just didn't get or understand. I felt the plot could've been a lot clearer.


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