Emma woke up with a burning feeling in her hands. She bolted out of bed and rinsed her hands with warm water hoping it would help. The second the warm water hit her hands her hands stopped burning.  She stopped thinking about her burning hands and went down stairs. When she got down stairs her mom had already prepared some waffle with a butt load of whipped cream on the waffles. The but load of whipped cream  made the waffles a little soggy but Emma still comped the waffles down. When she was all done her mom asked, “Are you excited for your first day of high school?!” Emma had very mixed feelings about her first day in high school, she was nervous but also very excited. “I am very nervous and excited!”

Emma went upstairs to get ready for school. She put on a plain black shirt with some white jeans. She also put on some black and white checkered vans. The perfect outfit for the first day she thought. She went down the stairs and grabbed her backpack and went out the door. The cold snow smashed under her feet. Emma loved the sound of snow smashing under her feet. The feet started to soak her feet. At the bus stop she could not keep still or the snow would freeze her feet. 

The bus stopped in front of the school. All the snow fell off in a sheet. Her feet were now dry after the long boring bus ride so she could stop hopping around. 

When she got to her locker there was a green note sticking out of it. She grabbed it out of the slot in her locker and ripped open. All it said was meet me in the parking lot. Emma was a little disappointed that it did not say anything big or special. But she had to get to class so she stuffed the note in her backpack and made her way to class. 

All she could think about was that note that was in her locker. 

When  the day of over she bolted out of the classroom, down the hall and out the doors. She ran to the parking lot and when she got there she saw a girl named Sadie.  Emma walked over to Sadie wondering why she wanted to talk after school when she could just talk to her at school. “I know why your hands were burning this morning,” Sadie said in a little bit of a creepy voice. Then Sadie put her hands on the ground and the ground started to shake! Emma tried not to scream! “Wait! Can I do that too?”  Sadie started to smile. “Ya, that is why your hands were burning,” Emma was super super excited and nervous at the same time. Could she really do that with her hands. Make a whole parking lot shake! She was still trying to take in the whole idea of being able to shake the ground. “OK I want to know how to use my um powers?!” 

“OK, Emma I will show you but you have to promise me you won’t hurt anyone with your shaking powers,” Sadie said in a serious. 

“OK,” Emma said very nervous because of the very curious way Sadie said it. Sadie put her hands on the ground again. Emma took a few steps back and watched Sadie do her thing. Sadie looked so focused that Emma did not know if she should say anything. The ground started to shake and Emma got nervous again. Whenever the ground started to shake Emma got nervous and she did not know why she got so nervous but she did. When Saide finished shaking the ground she said, “Now you try Emma,”  Emma nervously put her hands to the ground and try to focus on making her hands shake. Nothing happens. She tried one more time. She put all her focus on the ground and on shaking. The ground shakes just a small bit and Emma counted that as a victory. “Good job Emma,” Sadie said in an excited voice. Emma was happy she made the ground shake a little, but she wanted it to shake like the way Sadie shook the ground. “Emma you should try it again to see if you can make a bigger shake,” 

“Um OK,” Emma felt like she could not do it. But Emma took a deep breath and put her hands on the ground. She thought if she could make the ground shake that would be amazing, then she could do it like Sadie. She took another deep breath and tried to shake. Then the ground shook so hard that Sadie fell backward and got knocked out! Emma ran over to where Sadie was laying. Her heart was racing. “Sadie Sadie wake up,” Emma took a deep breath and shook the ground just a little bit to wake her up. The second Sadie felt the ground shake  she popped up. “Oh my god sorry I must have hit my head on the ground and passed out,” Sadie said.

“No, it is my fault, I shook the ground too hard,” Emma said feeling horrible about what she had done. “I am so sorry,” Emma said and ran down the street. She started crying feeling horrible. She ran all the way home. 

When she arrived she slammed her door and cried into her pillow. She took a deep breath and stopped crying. She could not believe that she hurt her first friend on the first day of school by using her hands. She shoved her hands under her pillow and cried some more. She cried and cried until she heard a ding from her phone. Emma dried her eyes and checked to see who texted her. It was Sadie. “ Emma It is OK what happened it happened to me on my first try it is OK I forgive you”  She could breath now that Sadie said it was OK. She fell backward onto her pillow and fell asleep wonder now that I know everything is OK with her and Sadie, what next's?!  Now she knows why they call the West the Wild west!

January 18, 2020 04:42

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