Science Fiction Mystery Drama

Finally, pen down finished my final exam in Business administration and returned home. saw a dozen suits outside my father's room, it is irksome when I see these rebarbative suits. The maid ran to me and said that my father is sick. I asked the manager to take the suit to the conference hall. I went to see father, when he saw me he started murmuring something, I got my ears near to his words

"its time"

Then he started fainting, the family doctor suggested us to take him to the hospital for some test. after a day at the hospital, the test results said that he is histrionic by blocks in arteries. the doctor suggested that after the operation he might be salubrious. the next day after admission the operation was scheduled. the doctor is querulous but he seems risible to me at the same time irksome. the room allotted for the VIP's is big enough for 10 members to stay there. I stayed there until his operation I know the disease he has is baleful but I had no feel because he never stayed by my side in any situation. the doctor called me to his room, I was zealous to know his upcoming words standing next to the lachrymose manager. the doctor said that the operation went well and the father will be sent to the VIP room after getting his consciousness. for the next 3 days, we stayed at the hospital and returned to our home. the suits were feckless for the past 8 days as the net worth of the BB empire reduced by 2%.

I appointed three health professionals to watch my father for physical and mental care. Three days later I got my MBA result, it said that I had 90% I got the percentage to my father's ears, he suddenly canceled all the appointments for the eve and went for a meeting with the board members. I asked where he is headed to, he said

“Once and for all”

After his return, I asked about it, he said that the new product is to be launched in three days. The day before the event I was gifted with a costliest suit by my father and he asked me to wear it for the event. Again he came to visit me on the eve of the event and told me that I am going to take over his place. I was surprised and at the same time hopeless. the event was organized in an auditorium with 500 seats. As it is said to be a product release there will be a lot of press people so the manager asked me to walk slowly towards the stage, as that will be helpful for the press people to take photos for the cover pages of the magazines.

I was standing behind the door, the manager asked me to enter when my father calls my name from the stage. My father started his talk on the stage. my anxiety went up, as there will be a throng behind the door. I concentrated on his words as time went

“I hereby declare that the full authority of the BB empire will be taken by my only son Krishna Kumar”

The second I heard it, the bodyguard to the left and right opened the door, I saw 10 bouncers to the left and right making a path to the stage, hundreds of flash flickers from both sides, the flash increased as I moved towards the stage and energetic applause from the auditorium. Finally with all the push and pull I stepped on a pace. I can see the final 4 steps to the stage, when I placed my next step, suddenly everything around me went black.

I am falling from somewhere to somewhere, I was surrounded by black, I can't feel my weight, the coat is not waving as I can't figure out the air in the local, I am about to blackout, in the last second of my blackout I heard a husky voice saying “you might need this”, with the voice, I saw someone flying with me but he seems stable with his body, kept something in my hand, then my eyes went out.



After some time I opened my eyes, I am still falling and I ended up in a dustbin at someplace. I got out of the dustbin and saw a throng moving towards the auditorium, the auditorium is the same one I just left a few minutes or seconds ago. But the auditorium looked different than what I saw earlier. I wore the cap the husky voice man gave me and entered the auditorium with the throng. The security did not check my ticket as the cap I wore had the name of the auditorium. It seems the workers at the auditorium wear the same cap. I sat on the last row, waiting to see what is going to happen. The poster in the corner read “Entrepreneur award ceremony”. the award ceremony started and the series of awards were given to different people.

“next award is for the best generation entrepreneur for the decade”

And the officials at the stage started to announce the name

“ the best generation entrepreneur of the decade is owned by Krishna Kumar of BB empire”

I saw a man getting on to the stage, seeing his face I am hopeless, that can't happen, the man on the stage is me, not exactly me, he is somewhat older than me. After getting the award he returned to his seat. The man sitting next to me was writing the happenings of the ceremony. The date at the corner of the page is written as


I helped him

“sir you have written the date wrong, it's not 31 it's 21”

“No sir you are wrong, it's 31”

“I think you are not getting, its 12/03/2021”

“no sir, it's not 21, it's 12/02/2031, check the ceremony poster there”

The poster at the corner read “award for the decade 2021-2031”. its not that they give award at the starting of the decade for the decade.

That proves the one who looks like me is 10 years older than me and the same me. After the ceremony, a press conference is arranged for the award winners. I went to the press conference room, lifting a pack of water bottles wearing a suit. I sat at the corner,

The man near the door shouted

“the best entrepreneur of the year”

the man who got the award for the best entrepreneur of the decade came first, the reporters started triggering questions, most of the questions were about his popularity and his development in his work. After his press meet. To call the next award winner the man near the door shouted

“the next is the best generation entrepreneur”

The older self came in, the moment he came in the reporters started getting out, I barely saw 5 to 6 reporters sitting here and there just asked one or two questions to him, the session got over in just 3 min. I asked a reporter, why Krishna Kumar is not considered that much.

“oh Krishna Kumar, he just took his father’s place, that’s why he is not considered by the reporters”

Thinking about that, I got out and saw reporters rushing towards the best entrepreneur and not towards the best generation entrepreneur. I have shown the sadness in different situations but this time it penetrated every cell over the body. I placed my hands on the cheek and sat on the bench, roadside. The different thoughts in my brain started getting complicated and went out of control. I saw someone standing in front of me wearing white shoes, as my head raised I noticed white pant, red belt, holding his own hands, white full hand shirt, red tie

“you have used it wisely”

I heard the same husky voice and he pulled off the hat from my head. Again I started falling in the dark, I missed his face. This time without falling I stood on the first step of the stage, back in 2021.

The same flickering flashes and loud cheering claps. I took the next three steps, my father welcomed me by shaking hands and hugged me. My father's manager gave me a paper and asked me to read it on the mike. I went to the mike and saw the paper, it was written as “with all consciousness, I will be taking over BB empire”. I kept the paper inside the suit and started to talk.

“Thanks for the compliments and applause, this empire is too big, my father struggled for 40 years to build this empire, it's not easy to take all at once, I now ask the chairman of the BB empire to sign me a check of 10,000 INR as a father. I have to learn from the start, not from the top. In 10 years from now, there will be an event organized in this auditorium, at that time I will take over the BB empire not as a son but as a fighting empire, lets name my empire now, ok, let us name it after my name, KK empire. I hope the press peoples are not disappointed, as the exclusive is changed.”



After 10 years (14/03/2031)



I went to a different city with the amount of 20,000 INR, got a job with a salary of 25,000 INR worked in the same company for the next three years, built a company with the loan and the savings I had, with the balance 8 years I can't build the same as my father but I got up to 60 percent of it.

I organized a product release before the day of the award ceremony, my father was there and I officially took over the BB empire as the chairman of KK empire and my father was proud of me. As I can't handle both the empire on my own I gave 50% of my KK empire to charity. The next day at the same auditorium I got the award for the best entrepreneur of the decade, got the triggering questions in the press meet, and a lot of compliments from the people at the auditorium. I felt proud, which I know the one I saw from the past did not felt.

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