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People dreamt of the future or creating it, but I found myself in it. The future was bleak, unpleasant, even nightmarish. People from the old-time warned themselves of my future, telling the population the warnings of climate change, but they didn’t listen or didn’t care. Either way, my future was ruined, living in a country half of what it used to be, with the east and west coast both underwater.

"What do we do now?" That was an echo of the voices after the great raising tide. The world went into chaos. People didn’t know how to deal with the crippling depression that affected the vast majority of Americans. Morality and ethics were the main turning point, it began to deteriorate, things that were once morally frowned upon became normalized, like drugs, not like weed, harder, more deadly. People needed an escape, and new forms of media saved them. Made them happy or it at least ceased the immediate pain in their hearts and mind.

The real question was did it make us happy? Did we enjoy this new “media?” The answer for me at least was no; but at least it distracted me, made me complacent with what I had. It gave you a sense of how depraved we had become as a country. They called the new media the “Death Game.” It was a reality tv show with actual reality and consequences for your actions. I watched it every day, those who refused to do certain challenges would have to lose something, either a leg, arm or some other part of their body, some even lost their lives. The worst part of watching was seeing men on the show lose their private part. They all screamed, like being ravaged by wolves, torn limb from limb.

I despised this new form of media, it was crude and barbaric. I found little about it that I did enjoy, but I guess was a hypocrite for judging the show. The Death Game I hated so much, no matter how immoral I found it to be. I could not stop and turn my head away. I became enthralled by it, almost turned on by it. I slowly became a fan of it. I watched it every day on tv, that was until I got a letter in the mail. I was invited to the Death Game. I had a chance to join a game I would watch from afar. At first, I thought I was crazy and threw it away, but the thought kept scratching in the back of my head, it permeated in my thoughts and dreams. I couldn’t help myself. I read the letter and wrote back, telling them I would participate. 

Weeks went by. I waited at the door. I waited as I heard my mailbox open, it was a consent form, allowing me to participate. My hand shook, I was sweating. I knew once I signed it that I would have to participate or they would come to my house and force me on the show. I knew If they had to kidnap me I would get a punishment. I took a deep breath and signed it. They mentioned a prize of a million dollars that had never happened before.  I knew some dark things would happen if they were offering that much money, yet I still signed it. I was too curious not to join. 

When I made it to the Death Game I was nervous, sweating, and looking at the participants, it was extremely diverse. There were 5 groups of two. My teammate was a brunette, with sea-blue eyes, yet almost reflective like a shining star. I had no idea what the rules would be, each game had its own rules. Each group had coupling numbers given to us on a piece of paper. 

The girl I was with did not speak much, but I knew our number was two. “Take your number coordinated door and enter, that is where your game will start.” As we opened the door and entered I heard a whisper. I almost paid it no mind, but it was just loud enough to hear as the door shut. “Or end” I wasn’t sure what the message meant. All I knew was I had to win, no matter what. I thought nothing of joining the death game, it piqued my interest. I thought I had made a mistake by joining, but it was too late to back out. I had to keep moving forward. 

We stood in an empty, white room on all four corners, with a circular ring in the middle. We both pondered on what the rules were, was it a test? Were we supposed to wait?  We had no idea, as we thought to our selves the circular sphere raised, like an elevator rising, slowly. As it fully rose, it was clear what was shown to us, it was a blade, marked in dripping blood like it had just been used. We looked at each other. I didn’t know what to do. She was the first to run toward the blade. I panicked, not knowing what to do, and followed behind her, trying to tackle her.  “What are you doing?'' I asked. She kicked me in the balls, as I dropped. 

I heard her grab the blade. I tried to run, get my bearings together, it was too late. I felt a slice cut my neck. Blood began flowing from my neck. I turned, looking at her, wondering why, but I already knew the answer. I just need closure in order to feel like I died for the right reason. “This is the death game, honey. I promised myself I would win no matter what.” I chuckled, almost hysterically as I coughed up blood. It was a cruel fate, but a fate I chose for myself. They always said curiosity killed the cat and I was the cat. As my fleeting light began to fade and I saw my life flash before me. I saw a door open from the other side of the room. I saw her go through the door, but not before I died.

May 29, 2021 02:06

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Abood Balbisi
22:45 Jun 05, 2021

Can I post your story on YouTube with your name listed With some edits you can look at my channel https://youtu.be/3wjgHZWiXwo


Mathic M
04:37 Jun 14, 2021

you have my permission


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