There lived a beautiful young woman named Eshona Pearl alike the princess with her family and she was the real pearl with a kind heart. From her childhood, she had a great love for gardening and planted varieties of flowering plants and veggies in her garden.Whenever a new flower blooms in her plant,she prepared candies for the entire family to share her happiness. Among all the plants, she had a great crush over cosmos which is in vibrant colours.So,she planted cosmos in different colours.She spent most of her time among the garden from her childhood.One day,while watering cosmos,the dreamt life of cosmos came to her mind.

   The day she was attracted by a handsome boy named Harris Bond at the very first sight at school.He was not very handsome, but handsome to her eyes."Twinkle, He looks handsome,my heart fell for him" she said to her friend Joe Twinkle.Pearl looked at him and the boy too. "She is unique"said Bond to his friend Divin.He too felt some bond with her. They both fell in love with each other. He was a kind of guy whom Pearl dreamt of.

        Harris was also living like a prince in his family alike Pearl.Both of them had a mental connection.Their eyes talked each day as"You are mine"'. Everyday they came across each other in their school. Wherever they met face-face their faces were filled with delight."What's going on Eshona ?" her friend Twinkle asked."I'm in love with him dear" 

"is it ? Did you proposed to him?"

"No" she replied.Eshona decided to propose to him and the same Harris did. But Eshona was in fear because she hadn't talked with any of the boys previously. But, the love gave her some boldness to convey her love. So she planned to send him her heart through the Cosmos.

         As she was fond of the cosmos plant, she found that most of the cosmos have 8 petals in which she symbolises the eight letters as I LOVE YOU and from that day, Pearl took Cosmos, a yellow flower named as I LOVE YOU flower with her for Bond, "Let me give to him by today"she spoke to her heart, but she couldn't give him out of fear.Harris too came near to Pearl every day and he called "Eshona " and he went back after looking her eyes.One day Divin,the close friend of Bond said "Bond is in love with you "

"What ??? No. . ."

"Yes! he refused to say it out of fear"

"Fear ??? on me ???"

"Yes ! He fears that you may decline his proposal"

"I know. . . you too. . .are in love with him"

"What ??? What do you mean ???" Pearl hesitated to agree the love for Bond to his friend. She left the place without telling anything to him but she couldn't sleep that night out of her mistake.Even after knowing the conversation between Divin and Eshona,Everyday Bond gave any of pearl's favourite things" Eshona !"

She looked at him."Hmmm..here are few water apples for you.hope you'll love it" and gave a plastic bag full of water apples and made her smile. Because he loved to see Pearl wearing a smile always.One day Pearl gifted him a picture of the cricketer and the captain of Indian cricket team who was called as Dada of Indian cricket team Saurav Ganguly,whom Bond was fond of.Both loved each other from their soul.The days moved to weeks, weeks moved to months and month to a year. They haven't proposed at all but they talked with their eyes. Their eyes shared the love for each other. Pearl waited for his words even on the last day of their school."Twinkle . . . Will he propose to me today ?" She asked her friend with eyes filled with tears,but he never uttered a word to her.  silence made them miss each other but they didn't have any contact thereafter.

       Years rolled on. She started loving music more than anything.Bond too love music more and learned to play lot of musical instruments.Whenever they came across each other, Harris tried to talk with her but the thought "Pearl is well educated now.She would have changed her mind" stopped him.But Eshona had a deep love towards him and tried her maximum to contact him not infront of others but personally for years but fate made her not to talk with him and to be with him.Both of their life went in different directions.They met many characters in their life with lot of pain and sorrows but both missed their first love.

After fourteen years, 

        On 25th of May,while holding a cosmos,a man visited her house."Yes ! It's My Bond " she said to herself and fainted.

"Pearl ! Pearl ! What happened to you? her mom spilled few drops of water and she got up and found Bond,the man she loved the most stood near to her and her brothers,sister and mom were around her and she understood the situation and didn't utter any word.But,Bond understood by looking at her eyes.The family had a conversation for a while and he left leaving a smile to Eshona.It's like a dream for her.

  Next morning,her mobile started ringing ting a-ling ting a-ling ting a-ling and she was puzzled to know the unknown number on her mobile.She attended the call and said "Hello" and he said "Eshona !" 

"Ye....s. . ." The voice of Bond made her to blabber.By her voice,he understood her heart and he just spoke few words and disconnected it.They had a chance to become closer by music and burst to know the pain of their life.Later on, Harris gifted her music everyday to make her happy. "Pearl ! I composed a musical piece today " he said.Pearl was so happy in listening his musical pieces.Pearl gifted him a painting of nature that sounds music which Bond was fond of. Both of them found that, they had not stopped loving each other but never uttered the words.

Their bond led them to greater heights.The love of Pearl moulded him. Harris became one of the famous musician in the universe and Pearl became an artist and gave the meaning for their true love.

August 14, 2020 18:41

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E. R.
07:27 Aug 20, 2020

hi! i'm from the critique circle. first of all, i liked the fairytale-esque atmosphere you created with this story. i think it fit the prompt perfectly. i also liked how you showed that love can be expressed in many ways, not just verbally, like how eshona conveyed her love through flowers. however, i think there were some problems with the pacing. i wish the characters were more fleshed out so that it made more sense to the readers when they both fell in love with each other, because right now it just feels like they fell in love for no ...


16:22 Oct 25, 2020

Sure. Thank you for your comments.


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