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(The sister story is under my profile. This is from the view of one of the people living under the control of the mayor. Read either one first. The other one is titled, "No." I named it that because that's what the main character is thinking about the town. Hope you guys enjoy!)

My grandmother has been living in this little town on the outskirts of this city since the town was established. She was a very little girl, but is still able to recall things that they did early on or the first few towns people. She can nearly walk by herself now. My mom died in a car accident a few years ago. We were devastated when it happened. I was already an adult, but I think my mom would have wanted me to stay with my grandmother. My dad was never in the picture. My mom was a single parent until my grandmother had a fall. She called us and we've took care of her since I was ten. I love her, but her falls are very hard to pick her up afterward. Esspecially because I'm the only one helping her up now. My mom had it rough before her though.

The other thing about my grandmother is that she's deaf. She can say easy words, but not very many. It happened sometime after my mom was born. My grandmother has a hard time saying things because she doesn't know if she's saying something right. Easy short words she has down. But longer words she has a problem with. We do flash cards at night. They definitely help her, but they do not completely solve the problem. I have a full time job. And when I get home, I get more work piled on top of me. Care giving was never easy. I was paying for everything. Student loan, the house, clothes, food and taxes. But one day, there was a woman who came into the town. I was walking with my grandmother, as going out for a walk on the weekend was always good for us, when her strange car came into town. She bought the house next to us. We waved.

I made her cookies and welcomed her to the neighborhood. She was rather fine, except for how funny she acted around people. I thought she could be my friend. Quickly we befriended each other. Because I have so many friends and other connections due to my grandmother, She fit in very quickly with my crowd of people. One day we were talking about safety. I told her about my mother and what happened to her. I told her why I wished how the town could be safer. She got this glitter in her eye and it looked like she was a completely new person. Mayor elections were coming up. She told me she was going to run in the election. I was happy for her, having found something new she wants to do. But I was also afraid. The competition wasn't very fair. She also had no experience in politics. The day after the election the winner died. She took over, insisting that this was the best option.

At first, everything was normal. But then she became super disant. Last week, she didn't even say hi to me in the grocery store. The people who I made her popular with became like her inner circle, pushing me away slowly. She was like a new person. Then all of her inner circle started acting funny. One day she went door to door, shaking everyone's hand, telling us we would be safe. I went to bed. Nothing was wrong. But the next day we woke up. I didn't have any control over any of my thoughts. My grandmother could walk and talk like a robot, and that's what I did too. We knew that inside ourselves, we actually were still there. Eventually, a new woman came into the neighborhood. It was years after. We had so many things to protect ourselves. Our corners were round and our streets were soft we had a time we could be awake for, and this new part of us controlled us.

This became reality, and for two years the woman stayed. No one moved in, no one moved out. It became extremely odd. The thing is, the new woman looked confused by our strange ways. It was like she was the only one who was not controlled by our mayor. Probably because she was the only one who would be so extensive on not being touched. She wore plastic gloves and a lab coat in public. She asked people regular things. She's the only person who went in and out of the town everyday. She never believed what the mayor told us. I didn't, but I couldn't control myself. These safety measures were way to cautious. For someone who thought they were starting to take much too many safety measures, this was way too many. Until one day, when it stopped.

I felt so dependent on her though. It was like I couldn't stop myself from listening to her. Even when she told us not to go by the edge of town because the boogey man could give us the sniffles. I felt like this was the only way to be safe. That she was my lord and saviour almighty, and not just some mayor. Then, the next day, it was like the spell had lifted. I felt light. I felt free. I felt normal. I was so happy. I soon learned that the person who had helped us was the woman who had come here. She helped us rehab. Some of us needed to leave that crazy town. I wanted to, but then remembered my grandmother. I told her we were staying. Soon enough, she became our mayor. I thank god for that woman any more. She is our saviour. I am so happy I know what an amazing woman.

March 14, 2022 16:42

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