Fantasy Fiction Mystery

When we sleep, we frequently experience dreams. Our sleep, according to science, is divided into three stages. The first stage occurs when we close our eyes, followed by the intermediate stage of sleep, and finally, deep sleep. Our brain, it is also stated, remains working even when we sleep at night, taking only a quick break with us. While sleeping, we occasionally see something beyond this world, which is referred to as a dream. It always occurs when we are in the middle of our sleep cycle. It is stated that our brain has such a powerful effect on us during the day that when we fall into a subconscious state; it shows us or reflects something that only our brain knows about, but our bodies are oblivious to. Only a small percentage of people recall their dreams. What happens, though, when a person has a dream that is out of this world or does not exist at all? This is the story of a young child who aspired to be a magician and how he imagined himself doing so beyond this world. Disha, Udita, and Ridhima, as well as their boyfriends, Rohan, Daksh, and Armaan, all spotted a book with a recipe in it. They intend to build one at Daksh's home. They were famished, and Daksh's mother was unavailable owing to work obligations. They made one of the porridge recipes from the book. to satisfy their ravenous stomachs. However, as soon as they ate the porridge, they noticed an increase in their hearing capacity. They are aware of what is being said behind their backs.They were taken aback when they realized they had been bewitched by the food they had prepared. They are content with their ability to hear. However, after a few days, they discover the cookbook has been taken, and their hearing ability returns to normal, and they discover that everyone at their college has treated them rudely. They were taken aback at first, but they soon realized that the person who took their cookbook had cast a spell on them. Armaan was now working part-time in a restaurant owned by his friend Shashi and his mother, Mrs. Mittal. Mrs. Mittal is a novice for magic and spells, but she has a pantry under her restaurant. So the six of them went to her to ask for the herbs to restore order to their tumultuous environment. She recommended certain herbs and handed them to them. They take it back to Ridhima's house and cook spaghetti with it. It worked, and their obnoxious surroundings normalized, and people acted as they had in the past.They want the book as well because it was stolen. They went back to Mrs. Mittal to pick some herbs, then to Rohan's place to make spaghetti and pour the herbs on top. Unfortunately, it does not work for the person who they believe stole their cookbook.Because as soon as they apprehend the person they suspect of stealing their cookbook, the couple loses their love for one another, begins to detest one another, and becomes estranged from one another. They do, however, agree to seek for the cookbook as a team. They prepare some noodles with the herbs they acquire from Mrs. Mittal, but it turns out that they remind each other of their love for each other, but they don't get the actual portions to get back the book. They plan to dig for the book once more, but this time they will travel into the future to discover who stole the book and why. It was one of their neighbors who were wicked and wanted to use magic in a negative way. He wanted to destroy the world, and he was attacking these three couples because they were going to protect the world in the near future, and these things the couple knew as they returned home through magic portions and went back to the future to figure out why they were being attacked.They eventually find the correct section and are able to return the book. Soon after they return the book, they cast a spell on the scientist, causing him to forget about his destruction mission in the near future and punishing him now for his faulty thinking. As I mentioned before, there was a twist in the storey when a tiny boy who had always wanted to be a magician was actually dreaming about all of this one night, and this guy is the little Daksh who envisioned himself as a grown man with a lover named Udita. It is now unknown what is ahead for him in the near future, whether this girl would become his girlfriend or not; time will tell, and his other four buddies were also his imagination. Through his dream, he traveled to another realm.Nothing is impossible in a dream. We essentially witnessed a dream in our subconscious state where neither we are ready to sleep nor we are in a deep sleep, which is middle sleep, where the brain is still functioning since our bodies sleep first and then our brain sleeps after a few more hours. If our brain is resting as well, we never dream.Sometimes we have dreams regarding the things about which we are continuously thinking. Because the brain can repair everything, it sometimes recalls those events, but the body cannot distinguish between the brain and the body, which is why when the brain recalls something we are unaware of, it manifests as a dream while we sleep. Sometimes the brain shows us things from our former incarnations that do not exist in the present time, yet the brain has memories from its soul. The brain is one of the most powerful aspects of the human body, and it can go to any length. Everything is depicted. It can sometimes lead to some extraordinary memories. It has the potential to travel at an excessively high speed. That is why, in our dreams, we go quite quickly. We can go from India to America in one minute in our dreams. We cannot unravel the mystery of dreams in science, but we can conclude that dreams show us things that are beyond the cosmos.

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